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September 15, 2000

Those of you who have read my earlier articles, particularly "Measuring & Masking Economic Problems - A Parallel", are familiar with my attempts to put a huge problem, the Price of Gold (POG) suppression, in an even larger context.

Thirty Nine and Holding...Thirty nine trillion that is.  That's right, as we told you last Thursday, the 2Q '00 Bank Derivatives report has hit the street.  Well, in this case, the backstreet as we just never find mentio

September 14, 2000

When most of us think of financial centers that affect our investment portfolios, we think of places like New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and perhaps even Washington DC and Silicon Valley.

September 7, 2000

Holiday returning 'blues' . .

Once again gold tested the $270.00 - $272.00 an ounce support level and then rallied sharply. By Thursday gold was $278.30 an ounce, up $7.20 from its August 23rd bottom.

The late John Scarne, legendary card manipulator and gaming wizard, used to tell a story about how he and his pal, heavyweight boxer Jim Braddock, walked into a crooked card game and won a pile of money.

September 4, 2000

Just over two months ago, a study was published here at GOLD-EAGLE of the diamond formation that had been developing on the Dow Jones Industrial Index.

The price of gold is poised to explode because the world is poised to explode. The precious metals big bang theory in action.

September 3, 2000

FRANKFURT am 25 August 2000 -- At first glance it is indeed difficult to understand how a market, such as the gold market, which shows a chronic production deficit, is decaying over decades and how this results in prices

September 1, 2000

Holiday returning 'blues' . .

August 29, 2000
August 24, 2000

Hello everyone, this is Harry Bingham reporting on August 21, 2000. Our next scheduled update is September 5th.

August 22, 2000

Many analysts had originally anticipated that the Euro would pose a serious challenge to the Dollar simply because the population and GDP of the EMU pool of countries exceeded those of the US.

August 21, 2000

Everybody is talking about "the economy." It's doing great. It's strong. It's soaring, rising, bounding, booming. It's powerful, and nary a voice is raised in dissent.

August 19, 2000

The enclosed correspondence is self-explanatory. I wrote to the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) first thing Monday morning, to protest their arbitrary and obscene margin increases in their palladium contract.

August 18, 2000

Moribund price behavior . . . continued the drifting lower characteristics following several good upside days.

What is really sustaining bullish sentiment about the U.S. stock market and, propping up the dollar? When asked, everybody pulls the same trump card: Faith in the economy's superior qualities, and faith in the unique wisdom of Mr.

August 16, 2000

Every financial panic must have a catalyst, a lynchpin upon which the cascading effects of monetary disaster spreads across large segments of the economy.

As this essay has grown almost as bloated as the United States M3 money supply, it has been rent asunder and split in two for your own protection. The thrilling finale will be published next week.

August 10, 2000

As stock market indicators go, nothing beats an up-close examination of the market itself, especially the stocks of leading "blue chip" companies.

June 30 marked the second anniversary of the Tocqueville Gold Fund’s inception. Over that period, TGLDX has been the top performer in the Lipper Analytics universe of precious metals funds with a cumulative return of 15.71%.

August 7, 2000
August 4, 2000

Becoming accustomed . . . to repeated patterns?

August 1, 2000

While accounting wizardry may have helped to obscure a vast multitude of corporate sins and weaknesses during the 1990s bull market, the smokescreen is growing patchier each day as a burgeoning list of formerly high-flying stocks flirt w

July 30, 2000

Now that the Camp David talks have failed over the status of Jerusalem, it's time to look at the effect on the Precious Metals markets this fall.

July 29, 2000

By all standards, credit creation is the backbone of any bull market, and liquidity (i.e., trading volume) is the lifeblood. Both are interrelated and without the two no sustained bull market is possible.


July 28, 2000

Was Wednesday surprising? Not really for several reasons; including what already was clearly struggling rally behavior during the poor excuse for a turnaround on Tuesday, and air pockets so visible in many stock

July 27, 2000

Now that we've reached the half-year point in my tracking the cyclical pattern of gold trading, e.g., "Up overseas / Down in NY", it's time to examine that phenomenon a little more closely.

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