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November 26, 2001

Rumors about the demise of the Taliban and Mr. Bin Laden are greatly exaggerated as Mark Twain would put it; I would add official comments on the health of the global economy are even worse.

For the first time since the Roman Empire, legions across Europe are on the march for conquest under a united Euro banner.

November 22, 2001

An increasingly aggressive attitude . .

Let me begin by saying that I am a precious metals dealer. I have been such since November, 1977, and do not sell gold stocks, or any other stocks, for that matter. I have clients in all 50 states and Singapore, and enjoy what I do.

November 21, 2001

After a ferocious year terrorizing traders on Wall Street, the great bear has taken a temporary hiatus, and buyers have been allowed to mark up prices in the first significant rally in several months.

November 20, 2001

Government pronouncements notwithstanding, the ongoing bombing campaign in Afghanistan is all about oil (a point we recently emphasized in a GOLD-EAGLE editorial) and the stakes are as high as ever.

November 19, 2001

Interesting that the bond market got roughed up pretty well last week after having rallied sharply for the past several weeks.

A look at South African Gold stocks and Placer Dome
November 16, 2001

Relief and exuberance . .

November 15, 2001

We read much that is bearish on gold and gold stocks in the financial press, but little that is bullish in scope. When was the last time you heard an advisor or newsletter writer heartily recommend getting long of gold stocks?

November 14, 2001

The so-called "War on Terrorism" has so far none nothing to alleviate the constant threat of international and domestic terrorism, but has always been about the geo-politics and logistics of the oil economy.

What is $6 billion a week, you ask? $6 billion a week, is the number of dollars that are currently being inserted into America's money supply, not counting the actual deficit of billions per year over taxes collected.

Of the metals, silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity; consequently, it is used widely throughout industry. Including photographic demand, some 845 million ounces were used in 2000.

November 13, 2001

Even as the stock market was ascending to undreamed of heights, IAN GORDON warned our subscribers in our June 11, 1999 interview, that we were nearing an end of the greatest bull market in the history of the stock market.

November 9, 2001

Is everybody looking for a top . . . if even on a short-term basis? Or, is the idea that we won't drop because 'everyone' thinks we will, actually an excess of double-think?

November 7, 2001

"The case of Howe vs. Bank for International Settlements et al."

NOTE: This column has been revised, because one paragraph assumed that everyone knew I was a precious metals broker in 1980 and before, and could indeed refuse to sell to clients who requested silver when it rose to

November 6, 2001

Modern economic thought, encumbered as it is with traces of Marxism, tainted with the flaws of Adam Smith, and permeated with the fallacies of J.M.

Ciprofloxacin is said to be the best antibiotic for the treatment of anthrax. I am not in a position to deny this, but because anthrax-especially the deadly pneumonic version-is so rare, I wonder how this discovery was made.


"Execute unrestricted warfare against the forces of Imperial Japan" were the orders of the day for December 8th, 1941. America has now issued another unrestricted warfare edict after our second Pearl Harbor on September 11th, 2001.

November 5, 2001

While grieving over the horror of September 11, 2001, American investors must not lose sight of the investment implications of the new war on terrorists. It has been quite some time since the U.S.

November 3, 2001

During the course of any given week we receive a good number of questions related to gold, the stock market and economic affairs.

November 1, 2001

Words pale, if not fail, in the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy and continuing terrorism. These are not occasions to be used to promote self interests.

Panic psychology is beginning to manifest itself among the trading public in ways not seen since the Great Depression.

October 31, 2001
October 29, 2001

The talking heads on CNBC and the other official members of the American misinformation machine are trying to con investors into buying the stock market on the basis that it is now so cheap. This is of course a monumental lie.

October 27, 2001

During the course of any given week we receive a good number of questions related to gold, the stock market and economic affairs.

October 26, 2001

Techs continue dominating the action . . . as heightened domestic tensions show no tendency to reduce their impact on the broader economic conditions.

As the economy weakens, and almost exactly duplicates the horror of 1929-31, many rightfully blame a lot of the mess on Alan Greenspan.

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