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February 19, 2001
February 17, 2001

There is no way I can do proper justice to my trip to South Africa, but I will cover it as best I can. While it would have been better to write details down as the days went by, there was little time to do so.

February 16, 2001

After starting at $262.80 two weeks ago, gold rallied to the $268 level in reaction to the 50 basis point Fed rate cut on January 31, but has since declined to close at $259.90 on Friday.

No Saint Valentine's Day masscare . .

February 14, 2001

"Rather than representing a temporary slow-down in the growth of equity valuations, current market conditions threaten to make temporary bearish sentiments into an entrenched bearish reality."

February 11, 2001

With the price of gold at $260, the gold manipulators have succeeded in pushing the price of gold to a level not seen since just before the Washington Agreement.

No doubt about it: the Fed is in heavy panic mode. Having renamed BushLeaguer as Bushocio, it's only fair that Alan the Magician gets similar treatment.

February 10, 2001

The power to tax involves the power to destroy." Chief Justice John Marshall

February 9, 2001

Gloomy guidance reignited fears . . . that are somewhat correct regarding what is a litany of concerns that may continue to weigh-heavily on the equity markets.

About two years ago a few people in America accepted the fact that there is intervention in the gold market to keep the price of gold under pressure and proceeded to form an association that intended to expose this practice.

About two years ago a few people in America accepted the fact that there is intervention in the gold market to keep the price of gold under pressure and proceeded to form an association that intended to expose this practice.

February 6, 2001

The high octane fuel pumped into the stock market in a panic attempt by the Fed to keep the U.S.

February 5, 2001

Before I get to the deteriorating American economy, I feel duty bound to issue a few final comments about the child king. The man is a disgrace.

1997, 1998, and 1999 all had some dramatic times for the stock market. Each year featured days where the DJIA fell more than 500 points in a single day. And each year featured dramatic rallies after those drops.

February 4, 2001

I has often occurred to me, when encountering road construction while travelling, that the only way to appreciate what was being done would be to view the site from the air.

February 2, 2001

The recent decision on the part of the Fed to cut interest rates by 0.5% on top of a previous cut was a mistake, an assertion which will be borne out with unmistakable clarity in the months ahead.

February 1, 2001

Momentum precedes price . .

January 31, 2001

Comex net short positions soared by 50% in the week before the January 23rd Bank of England auction, the tenth in a series of 25 tonne auctions.

January 29, 2001

Sensing that our economy was about to overheat, Mr. Greenspan began to tap on the monetary breaks ever so lightly, during 2000.

January 27, 2001

The outlook across the overseas stock markets, while still long-term bearish, shows considerable improvement in recent months, with several countries offering great short- to intermediate-term profit opportunities.

January 26, 2001

Ahead of Greenspeak anxiety . .

January 25, 2001

First of all, the cruel depression of the 1930's did not begin with the stock market crash of October 1929.

For some time now, the price of gold has languished under the weight of a strong U.S. dollar.

January 24, 2001 readers will understand if I break into a rousing chorus of "Ding, Dong, The Wicked Witch is dead", from the 1939 movie "Wizard of Oz." The amoral opportunist child king Clinton is finally gone from power.

January 23, 2001

Our extremely useful forecasting tools will enable us to make money this year when others are losing it. Remember, with every crisis there is opportunity.

January 22, 2001

The three major indexes finished down in 2000, but that doesn't tell the whole story. The most interesting aspect of the year was the constant flow of money back and forth between "old economy" and "new economy" stocks.

January 19, 2001

Remember when everything was turning Japanese? In the 1980's corporations studied Japanese manufacturing practices and tried to emulate their superior ways. Remember when the American economy reined supreme?

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