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October 11, 2000

Ludwig von Mises once wrote that economics and finance are the youngest sciences and are still in their embryonic stages of development even at this time.

October 9, 2000
October 8, 2000

With equities yielding to the pressures of an economic slowdown, the heydays of the decade-long bull market appears to be coming to an end.

October 7, 2000

The pattern presently exhi

October 6, 2000

Downside follow-through . . . was viewed suspiciously enough to compel a reversal of what in fact was a homerun short-sale, as we anticipated a fairly serious effort to turn the market back up on Wednesday.

To be sure we are all sick and tired of many bankers and stock brokers belittling all types of gold investments. Long years of nothing more than platitudes, cliches and glib sayings.

"Soaring share prices and the massive U.S. trade deficit are the most worrying threats to the stability of the British financial system," according to the Bank of England its semi annual Financial Stability Review published recently.

October 5, 2000

The termination of the 18-year-old equities bull market that we predicted for the September-October time frame is coming to pass.

Republican Richard M.

October 4, 2000

The final phase of accumulation appears to be ending in the precious metals markets, and the prices of gold and select mining stocks should begin a sustained ascending phase in late October/early November.

Our next regular update will be on October l6th. Nothing is rotten in Denmark anymore. Danes have rejected the paper currency of a conglomeration of disparate nations.

October 2, 2000

The evidence that there is a conspiracy to hold down the price of gold could not be more clear. It also could not be more clear that this conspiracy has begun to fall apart.

On September 28, 2000 Salomon Smith Barney provided a very bullish report on gold titled, "Gold: Darkest Before Dawn?" Major pints made by the report were the following:

October 1, 2000

I invest in gold shares for a living. I manage a gold sector mutual fund.Despite this, I do not long for a return to the gold standard or wish to prescribe any particular solution for this or that economic ill.

September 29, 2000

Can Iraq's Policy Affect the US$ and Euro? 

Iraq decided to no longer accept dollars for oil... what do you think will be the effect on the greenback and on the Euro?"

Emphasizing the bear-trap risks . .

September 28, 2000

You have to wonder about the thought process' of the American people and their leaders. Are they so deluded they believe this stuff?

September 27, 2000

During the last few years, unyielding bears have squandered much of their credibility vainly trying to explain why the finale of the most spectacular bull market in U.S. history was supposedly just around the corner.

September 25, 2000

The popular press would have you believe that gold has remained weak because the dollar is strong.

Unbelievably, the US government has intervened the Energy Markets by releasing oil from the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve), the same way a Socialist or Communist regime would do.

It is a useful exercise to revisit periodically previously written articles to determine how they have aged, with a view to determining what has proven correct in the article and what was in error.

September 24, 2000

I confess: I enjoy daydreaming. Actually, it's at night that I do my daydreaming, in that wonderfully relaxed period between putting my head on the pillow and falling asleep.

September 22, 2000

When Achilles, the mythological hero of the Trojan Wars, was a baby, his mother attempted to make him immortal by dipping him in the sacred river Styx. However the heel by which she held him remained vulnerable.

Finessing the area of a bottom . .

September 20, 2000

Continuing strength of the U.S.dollar last week and hesitation before the next British auction on Tuesday led to a 0.4% easing in the dollar gold price to $272.30 an ounce on Friday.

September 18, 2000

Aggregate stock prices remain about twice as high as their long-term average based on PE ratios, replacement costs, and other traditional methods of valuation.

September 16, 2000

Projected corrective action . .

September 15, 2000

Those of you who have read my earlier articles, particularly "Measuring & Masking Economic Problems - A Parallel", are familiar with my attempts to put a huge problem, the Price of Gold (POG) suppression, in an even larger context.

Thirty Nine and Holding...Thirty nine trillion that is.  That's right, as we told you last Thursday, the 2Q '00 Bank Derivatives report has hit the street.  Well, in this case, the backstreet as we just never find mentio

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