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August 16, 2000

Every financial panic must have a catalyst, a lynchpin upon which the cascading effects of monetary disaster spreads across large segments of the economy.

As this essay has grown almost as bloated as the United States M3 money supply, it has been rent asunder and split in two for your own protection. The thrilling finale will be published next week.

August 10, 2000

As stock market indicators go, nothing beats an up-close examination of the market itself, especially the stocks of leading "blue chip" companies.

June 30 marked the second anniversary of the Tocqueville Gold Fund’s inception. Over that period, TGLDX has been the top performer in the Lipper Analytics universe of precious metals funds with a cumulative return of 15.71%.

August 7, 2000
August 4, 2000

Becoming accustomed . . . to repeated patterns?

August 1, 2000

While accounting wizardry may have helped to obscure a vast multitude of corporate sins and weaknesses during the 1990s bull market, the smokescreen is growing patchier each day as a burgeoning list of formerly high-flying stocks flirt w

July 30, 2000

Now that the Camp David talks have failed over the status of Jerusalem, it's time to look at the effect on the Precious Metals markets this fall.

July 29, 2000

By all standards, credit creation is the backbone of any bull market, and liquidity (i.e., trading volume) is the lifeblood. Both are interrelated and without the two no sustained bull market is possible.


July 28, 2000

Was Wednesday surprising? Not really for several reasons; including what already was clearly struggling rally behavior during the poor excuse for a turnaround on Tuesday, and air pockets so visible in many stock

July 27, 2000

Now that we've reached the half-year point in my tracking the cyclical pattern of gold trading, e.g., "Up overseas / Down in NY", it's time to examine that phenomenon a little more closely.

July 24, 2000
July 23, 2000

Ultimately, the only way to make money in an investment is to buy low and sell high. Comparing gold and stocks, now is clearly the time to move 5% to 10% of your assets into gold.

July 21, 2000

Multiple concerns . .

Government is about stealing. And about lording it over other people. Money and power, in other words.

July 20, 2000

The mainstream financial press never ceases to remind us that "our problems are behind us" in the way of the equities market.

July 19, 2000

In a stunning outcome that captured headlines around the world, six very ordinary people rendered a $145 Billion verdict against US tobacco companies.

July 17, 2000

The gold market appears ready for another high volume lift- off within the next few days.

July 14, 2000

Expecting improving breadth on Wednesday . .

Ordinarily, the Atlantic Ocean off of the coast of the Caro

July 9, 2000

This article is a follow-up to both my ongoing look at how trading in the New York gold markets cancels out any overseas buying pressure, and my last article which introduces ideas on why Americans will not buy gold.

July 6, 2000

A combination of ingredients left investors bereft . . . of optimism Wednesday, despite what in several ways is data that supports a longer-term optimism towards the market.

July 5, 2000

The stock market is headed moderately lower this summer, but you can expect the worst of it to occur by no later than August.

July 3, 2000

The 23rd Annual FT World Gold Conference: The Emperor Has No Gold - Or, The Dog Did Not Bark ("Harry Schultz")

Despite the appearance of a marketplace unencumbered by government controls, it has become in recent years widely apparent that the U.S.

July 1, 2000

Dow Jones Industrial Index. Weekly close. Last = 10405 (28-06-2000)

There is symbolism both in American politics and economics. In neither case, is the symbolism positive. First, the spiritual and political symbolism of the Elian Gonzales case.

June 30, 2000

A "selling wave" . . . in the wake of a rate-change "pass", was the expectation here late night as you know, although the way it began left one wondering for awhile if it really was going to occur.

June 27, 2000

The transition from 1999 to the Year 2000 was a smooth one. Contrary to the calamitous expectations and dire forecasts of Y2K "scare-mongers," the lights stayed on and the world didn't screech to a halt.

June 26, 2000

Spot Gold $283, down $2.40

Spot Silver $4.94, down 2 cents

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