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April 28, 2000

In another stunning display of a metals market going out of control, the New York Mercantile Exchange's April Platinum contract entered the Commodity Hall of Shame this week.

April 27, 2000

With the mainstream financial press tossing around the word "inflation" like a hot potato, it is no wonder that the investing public has been deceived into thinking inflation (specifically, consumer price and wage inflation) is a factor which could have a cons

April 24, 2000

It's the fiat money stupid. Exactly what will it take for the American people to see the linkage between fiat money, inflation, political and economic corruption?

Cisco Systems is one of the world's most successful companies. You may not own it, and I don't suggest you buy it. But you should know what is happening to this company if you really want to understand what the market has in store.

April 22, 2000

[Note: What follows is an installment series based on the 1932 book, "A Bubble that Broke the World," by Garet Garret, and its application to our present financial environment.]

April 20, 2000

Forecast dynamic upside continues . .

In recent weeks we have outlined our view that we stand on the cusp of a nearly 10-year deflationary period which will wipe out the values of numerous assets, most notably stocks, commodities (excepting gold), and real estate.

April 18, 2000

Let me stick my neck out here - I think that the news of Handy & Harman's bankruptcy is among the most important events in the silver market of the past fifty years, up there with the US removing silver from coinage, the Hunt Brothers, and Warren Buffett.

April 17, 2000

There were a series of movies made in the 1940's and 50's chronicling the adventures of a fictional American "hillbilly" couple called Ma and Pa Kettle.

April 16, 2000

A news brief appearing on the front page of the April 13 Wall Street Journal reported the recent findings of an experiment to discover that elusive quality that gives the jellybean its distinctive flavor.

April 15, 2000

It is only on days like Friday that I can stomach a few minutes’ worth of the drivel that passes for market wisdom on CNBC.

April 14, 2000

Not alleging conspiracies . .

[Ed. Note: Following is part 5 of a 5-part installment series on Robert T. Patterson's classic work, "The Great Boom and Panic," which examines the stock market crash of 1929, and its application to today's trading environment.]

April 13, 2000

One can hardly read the financial press these days without being deluged with exuberant praise for the wonders of the technologically-based "New Economy." Technology, being the backbone of the modern U.S.

April 12, 2000

The Irrational Economist

To: Paul Krugman, NYTimes

From: Jude Wanniski

Re: The Crazy Stock Market

April 12, 2000

"Blue Skies" was the most popular song in 1929 - all across the land, but especially in Wall Street.

April 10, 2000

We're said to be in a culture war, characterized, among other things, by an assault upon traditional values. That is clearly exemplified by our use, or misuse, of language.

It started to look like October 1929 all over again in the equities markets this past Tuesday. Stocks were falling like rocks tossed off the Empire State building. It really was beginning to look like doomsday! Then, like clockwork, it happened again!

HERE'S THE standard put-down of gurus who have been saying for years that the bull market is about to end: Even a broken clock is right two times a day.

Treasury Bulletin ( contains the Exchange Stabilization Fund's balance sheet and profit and loss statement for the

April 8, 2000

You have to admire the organized reassurance effort underway in the media. CBS' MarketWatch highlights the NASDAQ's implosion and then recovery yesterday as "NASDAQ gets its Sea Legs." Sea Legs? No.

[Ed. Note: Following is part 4 of a 5-part installment series on Robert T. Patterson's classic work, "The Great Boom and Panic," which examines the stock market crash of 1929, and its application to today's trading environment.]

April 7, 2000

Remember the Plunge Protection Team? That was a rumored Washington "financial rescue" working group, about which everyone has been very secretive since the first musing about such a structure for potential intervention were first surf

April 4, 2000

The Grand Democratic Experiment is over in Russia. It has been deliberately ended in abject failure with the election of the KGB monster Putin. Mr.

We and others have been watching the Office of the comptroller of the Currency Quarterly Derivatives report with great fascination!!

My last few articles have generated much greater volumes of e-mail than usual. The vast majority have gone unanswered by me. Invariably, I am asked which mining stocks should be bought, based on their hedge position.

April 3, 2000

It was a tumultuous week in the financial markets. With credit spreads again widening sharply, all indications continue to point toward a serious financial system dislocation.

Those articles showed that there was a distinct pattern in the trading of spot gold in each 24-hour trading cycle.

April 2, 2000

In a personal letter dated January 19, 2000, to Senator Joseph Lieberman (Dem., Conn.), Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan responded on behalf of the Fed to questions raised by GATA in an ad placed in Roll Call, the Congressional weekly newspaper, on

March 31, 2000

[Ed. Note: Following is Part 3 of a multi-part installment series on Robert T. Patterson's classic work, "The Great Boom and Panic," which examines the stock market crash of 1929, and its application to today's trading environment.]

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