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December 17, 1998

Over the past year or so, I have observed a marked increase in the references made about leasing in regards to the precious metals markets.

December 16, 1998

This January marked the 150th anniversary of a major event in American history: the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill, California. Fittingly, gold made news again this year by dropping past $300 an ounce to hit its lowest price in nearly two decades.

December 15, 1998

To briefly review where we left off in part III of Gold In A Deflationary Economy, wholesale prices are used to measure Commodity Prices (the Index is called "CP") since there are consistently well-recognized wholesale price indices available since 1790, and si

For many younger investors, the potential for political and economic events to lead to a demise in our national economic well being seems unlikely because they have never experienced such events.

December 11, 1998

Our headline says it all as far as the current state of the gold market. Gold has idled in a net sideways pattern now for nearly an entire year. Technically, this consolidation can only mean one of two things: accumulation or distribution.

Bobbing around like a corked bottle adrift at sea. .the stock market, at least as defined by the Senior Averages, wasn't able to resolve the rangebound activity of the past couple of sessions.

December 10, 1998

At the outset today, I want to say - absolutely unreservedly - I am optimistic about the prospects for gold in the new millennium. That I represent the world's largest producer is almost incidental.

December 7, 1998

I confess upfront this is not an analysis de rigueur. Nonetheless, it really does not require a doctoral thesis to compare the relative investment merits of 'Dreams' vs 'Reality' at the current market levels of each.

December 5, 1998

December 4, 1998

Icebergs floating around a sea of lust . .

December 3, 1998

Although our own database goes back 200 years, the Jastram study is the best to use not only because it contains data back to the year 1560, but because Jastram was able to keep the basket of commodities he used consistent from 1560-1976, and because I am able

After spending most of October and November in a relentless runup, the Dow Jones Industrials may finally be losing steam.

November 30, 1998

Although fear and greed usually drive the stock market, they took a back seat to investors' third deadly sin in mid-October, when brash certitude reared its ugly head among the bears.

In his 1841 book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Charles MacKay describes several investment schemes gone awry, including Tulipmania, the Dutch flower frenzy that redefined European garden styles while making and breaking huge fortun

Summary: The global equities markets have enjoyed and extremely bullish rise from early October to the present, with many market indexes retracing 100% of their previous losses or more.

Contemplate the enormity of the following. There are 1.2 billion Chinese, 1.0 billion Indians and 1.1 billion Arabs in the world. That represents nearly 60% of the world's population. Your response might be, "SO WHAT?!" …Well, here's the WHAT!

November 27, 1998

A short-term market top? That's the most obvious interpretation of this week's push against a rising-tops continuation channel, simply as both a straight-line shot above previous highs argued, and as the most-likely outcome for a market conditi

November 25, 1998

November 23, 1998

There is no common definition of the terms "inflation" and "deflation" and certainly not much agreement even generically as to what they are. Most consumers feel inflation is when they must pay more for goods and deflation is when commodity prices decline.

Our currency, the beloved Federal Reserve Note, is printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing on 15th Street in Washington, D.C., and in Pyongyang. The Pyongyang printing is unauthorized, and small-time---only about 20 million yearly.

November 21, 1998

November 20, 1998

The last two months in the U.S. equities market have been nothing short of nerve wracking, especially for investors of a bearish mindset (as we have maintained throughout).

Joining the "shooting stars". . .light parade in the skies, a number of high-flying Internet stocks are at risk of suffering the same fate as the meteor particles, at least in the fullness of time.

It is widely known the crushing debt of Southeast Asia caused its demise last year when their currencies, stock markets and economies were totally devastated - with only the behemoths China and Japan being able to stave off the inevitable.

November 18, 1998

Ah, those incomparable Canadian junior gold mining stocks. Where else in these troubled financial times replete with deflation, volatility and falling prices can one find such comfort, such joy, such amazing profit potential for so little?

November 17, 1998

It is widely recognized that the roaring engine of the U.S. economy is showing the signs of wear and tear from its high octane performance over the past several years - and almost certainly will slow down in the coming months.

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