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November 21, 1997

November 20, 1997

Back in 1966 when he was still a member of his mentor's (Ayn Rand's) Court, Greenspan penned an essay entitled, "Gold and Economic Freedom," which explained the staying power of gold.


November 18, 1997

November 15, 1997

To understand the world financial situation is to understand the difference between reality and illusions of reality. It is to understand that the basis of all financial failures is the inability to pay debt. Debt is repaid from income or profits.

November 10, 1997

November 6, 1997

Financial Tsunami Looming in Land of Setting Sun


November 3, 1997

The present turmoil in the Asian Markets reveals the first significant cracks in the post-Bretten Woods international monetary system.







October 31, 1997

Here are some interesting snapshots to show the "RAMPING" of share prices taking place. This has been done consistently since Wednesday, with the worst of it being done on Wednesday morning.

October 30, 1997

(*) novus ordo seclorum: meaining "new world or secular order"

appears on the back of US One Dollar Bills

on the eve of the Hallowed Eve...October 30, 1997

October 26, 1997

October 20, 1997

October 13, 1997

October 10, 1997

Honorable and most polite american economist George Cole call it "Bond Madness," but where sun is born we call it "CHINESE MONEY." Many 1000s YEARS CHINESE HISTORY prove paper money soon lose all value.

October 7, 1997

October 3, 1997


North America's only profitable pure silver play -

October 1, 1997

Summary, update from the early 97 study:


September 29, 1997

September 22, 1997

September 15, 1997

September 11, 1997

Dear Fellow Thinker:

September 9, 1997

"Money is coined liberty" -- dostoevsky

September 8, 1997

August 31, 1997

Global Financial Turbulence Intensifies

In a previous article entitled "Is Gold Still a Store of Value" I concluded with the statement "I am willing to bet that the money supply will be increased to whatever level it needs to b

August 25, 1997

The best description for the hypothesis of this essay is a paragraph borrowed from the internationally acclaimed Australian newsletter, THE PRIVATEER:

FOMC Stands Pat; Teamster Victory; Credit Demand Surging

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