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August 31, 1997

Global Financial Turbulence Intensifies

In a previous article entitled "Is Gold Still a Store of Value" I concluded with the statement "I am willing to bet that the money supply will be increased to whatever level it needs to b

August 25, 1997

The best description for the hypothesis of this essay is a paragraph borrowed from the internationally acclaimed Australian newsletter, THE PRIVATEER:

FOMC Stands Pat; Teamster Victory; Credit Demand Surging

August 18, 1997

Is the 1985 gold chart trying to tell us something?

August 17, 1997

Domestic Economic News Remains Favorable; UPS Strike Continues

August 16, 1997

The movie was childish, zany, gross and moronically hilarious. OK, I admit it - I loved it.

August 11, 1997

"He who knows nothing, doubts nothing"

August 10, 1997

The following rhetoric is quoted from "The Bullish Case for An Imminent Gold Rally" -- as taken from the WWW.


August 6, 1997

When most people think of amassing a horde of bullion gold or silver, they only think of nicely polished coin sized pieces issued by one of the many governments in the bullion business.

August 3, 1997

The world monetary system moves closer toward Total Collapse -- an all encompassing collapse that will destroy debts, businesses, financial institutions, and most important of all, it will bring down governments.

August 1, 1997




July 27, 1997



July 21, 1997

"Strange things are done 'neath the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold..."

July 18, 1997

The Australian government appears to have been caught off balance by the fall in the gold price following the announcement on July 3rd that the country's central bank has sold 167 tonnes of gold, two-thirds of the official holdings.

July 14, 1997

DISCLAIMER: You should be warned upfront the following hypothesis may only be the theory of the writer... and perhaps a select few. Although there is ample foundation for the idea, some critics will undoubtedly claim it to be a Financial Fairy-tale...

July 7, 1997

Dear Fellow Thinker:


The following analysis are not the original thoughts of this writer - credit must go to Randall W. Forsyth, who in early 1996 first discovered the uncanny relationship between foreign Central Banks increased holdings of U.S.

July 6, 1997

Evidence of Slower Growth, FOMC Stands Pat

Evidence of Slower Growth, FOMC Stands Pat

July 5, 1997

(July - 1997)

July 1, 1997

Dear Fellow Thinker:

June 30, 1997

Astrologers, perhaps even more so than other kinds of analysts, believe in cycles. Some of these cycles, like those of the Moon and the fast moving inner planets, relate to daily, weekly, and monthly turns of events.

June 27, 1997

It has recently been postulated by some media commentators that the Japanese government would be loathe to selling U.S. Treasuries, because "such a course probably would be regarded as a financial Pearl Harbor by U.S.

June 26, 1997

India is the world's largest consumer of gold, but does not produce any gold of its own. The ever increasing demand for the precious yellow metal, subject to high import duty, is fueling a multi-million dollar gold smuggling racket.

June 24, 1997

"Only Solution Is To Dump U.S. Treasuries and Buy GOLD!"


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