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30 Days 1,337.38 -72.79 -5.44%
6 Months 1,236.22 +28.37 +2.29%
1 Year 1,164.46 +100.13 +8.60%
5 Years 1,642.33 -377.74 -23.00%
10 Years 596.74 +667.85 +111.91%

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Factors Supporting One More Quick Low For Gold Prices

In our August 12th market update, we noted the slowing momentum in precious metals as the gold miners made a marginal high without metals. It appeared distribution was taking place throughout the mining sector into that August high and we...

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The Current Gold Price Is A Gift

Two millennia ago according to the bible, three wise men came to offer Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The peak of the Roman Empire is considered to be at the time Jesus was born although it took until 476 AD until the Western...

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Gold Prices Are Entering The Buy Zone

Gold, silver and miners are quickly approaching their respective buy zones. Moreover, an exceptional bottom is rapidly approaching. The move down into an intermediate cycle low is often terrifying. Investors that are unfamiliar with cycles are...

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Gold Forecast: The Next Great Buying Opportunity

My June forecast predicted precious metals and miners would rise throughout August and into September. However, since then, gold prices have deadened, and I'm beginning to reevaluate the situation. After hours of analysis, I believe I found a...

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The Five Key Drivers Of The Price Of Gold

Gold has been the best performing asset since the start of this year. Year-to-date the price of gold has increased from USD 1074.61 to USD 1279.47. That is a return of over 17%. In this article, I will discuss the five key drivers of the price of...

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Gold Price Articles

Higher Gold Prices On Global Trade Slowdown – HSBC

HSBC’s respected chief precious metals analyst James Steel has written a note pointing out that the global trade slowdown will likely lead to “higher gold prices” as reported by Bloomberg.

Gold Price Quiets After Chaos

Yes, 'tis another title of understatement, Gold having just completed its narrowest trading week of the year -- only 20 points between high and low -- a week ago having put in its widest, downside-biased week of the year of 79 points in range....

Gold Price And Silver Price Updates

Gold sector is on a major buy signal. Cycle is down, trend is down. Correction continues. COT data is now favorable for a recovery. Silver is on a long-term buy signal. Short-term is on sell signal. Correction continues but can end soon. Silver...

Will India Cause The Gold Price To Reverse Directions?

India is a very important nation when it comes to gold. In general the country boasts one of the highest levels of demand for the precious metal. However, this year has been a bit different. Nonetheless, things are changing, and it could put a...

Gold Prices Continue To Fall...For Now

The price of gold has been on the decline for a little while now, and for good reason. Economic conditions in the United States and around the world seem to be picking up. As a result, safe haven investors are pushing away from the precious metal,...

Gold Price: Deflation Ends And Inflation Begins

The world is undergoing a major economic transition from deflation to inflation. Sadly, very few retail investors are correctly positioned to benefit from this exciting change. In the big picture, the transition means that gold stocks will...

September Payrolls Effect On The Gold Price

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose only by 156,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Analysts expected 168,000 jobs created. Thus, the actual number was a second disappointing payroll report in a row, after 167,000 revised job...

Gold Price…Commitments Of Traders – Hedge Fund Longs Liquidate

Fortunately for traders, the Commitments of Traders report did at least catch the big move lower on Tuesday of last week so we were able to get a peek inside the market to see what happened to those massive hedge fund long positions during last...

The COT Report Is Playing Out As Usual, Implying Lower…Then Much Higher Gold Prices Coming

This year’s recovery in precious metals prices – and the sudden spike in gold/silver mining stocks – convinced a lot of people that a new bull market had begun. Last week’s brutal smack-down scared the hell out of many of the same folks.

Gold Price And Silver Updates

Gold sector is on a major buy signal. Cycle is down. Our modest positions were stopped out with small losses. Silver is on a long-term buy signal. Short-term is on sell signal. Silver is more volatile than gold, manage your risk.

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