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USD 1,299.99 -13.27   -1.01%

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30 Days 1,294.19 +5.80 +0.45%
6 Months 1,248.67 +51.32 +4.11%
1 Year 1,335.00 -35.01 -2.62%
5 Years 1,771.70 -471.71 -26.62%
10 Years 734.45 +565.54 +77.00%

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Gold Price Is Headed To $1,500 By Year End

A confluence of factors has been pushing the price of gold higher over the past few weeks and I believe it is headed for $1,500 by the close of 2017. After hitting a low around $1,200 in July, the price of gold has since advanced by more than...

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Alert: Gold Price Breaks Out To New 2017 High

Gold’s naysayers and doubters came out in full force earlier this summer as sentiment reached its nadir. The mid-year pullback in prices did, too. There can be no doubt about it now – gold has broken out of...

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Major Gold Market Indicator Shift: Trouble For Future Supply

One of the major gold market indicators experienced a major shift in 2017.  If we look at this gold indicator over the past several years, this recent trend reversal suggests something has fundamentally changed in the gold market… and in a BIG...

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The Five Key Drivers Of The Price Of Gold

Gold has been the best performing asset since the start of this year. Year-to-date the price of gold has increased from USD 1074.61 to USD 1279.47. That is a return of over 17%. In this article, I will discuss the five key drivers of the price of...

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Gold Price Articles

Is Bitcoin A Commodity?…Gold And Silver Price Report

Carl Menger, father of the Austrian School of Economics, showed the world that money is not the product of the state. He did not mean that government is intrinsically incapable of decreeing something to be money while other groups, organized...

Gold Prices This Week And Next Week's Forecast

Last week we forecast that the gold price would correct to $1,300 or so and form a bottom sometime after Wednesday. The primary reasons for this forecast concerned the fact that momentum had turned downwards after gold became sharply...

My Views Regarding Prospects For Gold Price

The Chinese have announced that they have perfected a scheme, to be launched formally in the market by the end of the year, by means of which exporters of oil to China will accept the Chinese currency, the Yuan, in payment for the oil; for...

August Inflation, Retail Sales And Gold Price

Consumer prices rose 0.4 percent last month, while core CPI increased 0.2 percent. The latter index was in line with expectations, while the former even surpassed them. Actually, the move has been the biggest upward change since January....

Gold Prices This Week And Next Week's Forecast

The gold correction  we’ve forecast started last week. However, the ongoing geopolitical issues with North Korea have “muddied” the waters.

Gold Price Update

Gold sector is on major buy signal since early 2016. Major signals can last for months and years and are more suitable for long-term investors.

Gold Price Up, Markets Fatigued As War Talk Boils Over

This year North Korea has launched a dozen missiles. With the latest one it has threatened the U.S. with ‘ashes and darkness’ as Kim believes it ‘should be beaten to death like a rabid dog.’

Gold, The Dollar And Gold Equities

My last update on gold was the break out above $1300 in late August. I commented that I believed the next target was $1360 to $1400 where there would be some resistance in that area. We seen a test of $1360 last week and since my call of a...

Looks Like The COT Report Wins Again, As Gold And Silver Prices Fall Sharply

Eventually physical demand for precious metals will swamp the games being played in the paper (i.e., futures contract) markets. So every time the commitment of traders report (COT), which tracks those paper games, turns bearish while gold and...

Reverse Head-and-Shoulders Pattern In Gold Price

Last week, we received quite a few messages in which readers asked about the long-term reverse head-and-shoulders pattern in gold and related ratios. In today’s alert we discuss this in greater detail.

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