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USD 1,343.15 +3.89   +0.29%

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30 Days 1,314.94 +28.21 +2.14%
6 Months 1,118.27 +224.89 +20.11%
1 Year 1,085.05 +258.10 +23.79%
5 Years 1,627.16 -284.01 -17.45%
10 Years 633.33 +709.82 +112.08%

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Gold Prices: Short-Term Correction Should Finish This Week

Last week it looked like gold and silver were dropping into a quick half-cycle low before turning immediately higher. However, this correction is lasting too long for a simple half-cycle depression. Therefore, we are more likely to be forming the...

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Gold Prices: Headed Higher Into Late Summer

The non-farm employment numbers arrived at 287,000 jobs created last month versus the expected 175,000, ample figures. Gold and silver dropped on the news, but quickly recovered those losses. Surprisingly, the destitute May estimate of 38,000 jobs...

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Gold Prices: The Road To $10,000

Anyone who follows my work knows that I've been hesitant to approve the December 3rd $1,045.40 low as the official 8-year cycle bottom. Nevertheless, the price of gold closed the second quarter (Q2) above my long-held benchmark (16-Quarter MA),...

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Gold Price Forecast: After Brexit, Where Is The Precious Metal Headed?

Now that the market has had a day or two to settle after the initial sell-off started by the Brexit decision, gold investors are left wondering one thing: where do we go from here?

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Is The Price Of Gold Going Ballistic?

This past Friday, April 29th, 2016, GOLD entered its “first phase” of its new long-term bull market. This has created a whole new world of opportunity, for my subscribers. The global Central Banks opened the floodgates encouraging us to go on a...

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Gold And Silver Price Targets Of $3,000 And $75 Per Ounce

Precious metals have posted their best quarter in nearly 30 years and mining stocks are soaring from oversold multi-year lows. Those that were willing to buy when everyone else was selling have been handsomely rewarded in 2016. But we believe the...

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Views On Silver And Gold Prices

Early on Monday morning (Arizona time), silver began to rise. From its close on Friday of $15.46, it ran up to $15.82. Then it began to slide, eventually dropping to $15.17 by midmorning on Wednesday. Then…

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Gold Price Prediction: Is The Final Low Already Behind Us?

Gold moved substantially higher in the past few months, rallying from $1,045 to well above $1,250. Gold stocks and silver stocks rallied as well and many investors and traders claim that the decline in gold that started in 2011 is now over. The...

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Gold Price Articles

Gold And Silver Prices This Week: Lower Due To Surging US Stock Market

Precious metals were generally seen lower this week as a surging US stock market and easing fears post-Brexit caused selling in certain safety assets.

Debt Addiction Will Drive Gold And Silver Prices Higher…Guaranteed

All is not so well within the elite’s New World Order. Their tried and true template of Problem-Reaction-Solution is in full gear as chaos reigns throughout the globe, which is exactly how the globalists like to see events unfold.

Not Everything Is Bullish For The Gold Price

There are quite a few bearish indications that suggest lower precious metals prices are just around the corner. Let’s take a look at a few of them

More And More Wild Gold Forecasts Are Popping Up

Gold Price Soars 25% In First 6 Months Of 2016

The two first quarters of 2016 were excellent for the shiny metal. Gold was one of the best-performing assets at that time. It gained about 25 percent, much more that the US stocks, which rose just about 3 percent (as one can see in the chart below).

Gold Price, Trump And Rates: Bank That Foresaw Rally Flags $1,500

Financial Market Strategists are advising their clients to “buy gold on dips”. “Gold has seen four major bull markets since 1970: this is another one,” Benjamin Wong, foreign exchange strategist at the Singapore-based bank’s Chief Investment...

Gold Price And Silver Price Updates

Gold sector is on a new major buy signal. Cycle is now down. Investors can cost average in at the next cycle bottom. Silver is on a long term buy signal. Short term is on buy signal. However, silver is vulnerable to a multi week correction which...

Gold Prices: Explaining The 6-Month Gold Cycle

Many things in life have a cyclical cadence to them. In nature, you will find that water has a cycle, a dominate nitrogen cycle…and even a carbon cycle. Unquestionably, economies have a cyclical nature to them as well, fluctuating between periods...

Gold Price And Silver Price Updates

Gold sector is on a new major buy signal. Investors can cost average in at the next cycle bottom. Silver is on a long-term buy signal. Short-term is on buy signal. However, silver is vulnerable to a multi-week correction which is long overdue.

Still Wrong On Gold Price Is Jason Zweig

Jason Zweig, who a year ago called Gold a “pet rock” is doubling down. He reiterates his belief, albeit a misguided one that Gold is a pet rock and justifies it with the usual anti-gold bug propaganda. Unfortunately, Zweig along with many gold...

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