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USD 1,327.86 -7.23   -0.54%

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30 Days 1,317.54 +10.32 +0.78%
6 Months 1,234.95 +92.92 +7.52%
1 Year 1,132.19 +195.67 +17.28%
5 Years 1,656.85 -328.98 -19.86%
10 Years 599.48 +728.39 +121.50%

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Gold Prices: Timing The Next Bottom

This article is a follow-up to my Gold Forecast: The Next Great Buying Opportunity posted a little over a month ago. At that time, we noted how gold and silver prices had diverged as the miners made new marginal highs. There were also discrete...

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Gold Price: Gold-To-Commodities Ratio Signals Breakout Pending

Our technical model for gold shows that the $1,045 per ounce low seen in late 2015 was of similar magnitude to the $700 low of late 2008. Consequently, a multi-year advance in price is now in the beginning stages of emerging. The situation in the...

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Gold Price Prediction Based On The 1983 Analogy

Before we discuss the all-important similarity between the current gold price path and what we saw in 1983, we’d like to discuss why focusing on such similarities makes sense if it seems that gold’s price movement is simply based on the news –...

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A Bit More Downside Potential In Gold Stocks

Last week we projected 5% to 10% downside in the gold stocks. Well, not to butter my own bread but GDX and GDXJ both lost 9% on the week. That being said, I believed that the weakness would be limited and miners could rebound to new highs in...

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Gold Prices And Miners Are Dropping, As Expected

A couple of weeks ago, I released an article titled Gold Forecast: The Next Great Buying Opportunity. Gold prices have since broken down as expected - and appear to be following the provided scenario. Investors that missed out on the 6-month rally...

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Gold Price Likely To Go Much Higher On Safe Haven Demand

Gold has been climbing in the market throughout the year…and for good reason. Global economic conditions, central bank experiments and volatility in the market is all leading to strong safe haven demand. The big question is whether or not this...

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Gold Price Articles

Gold Will Likely Soar To A Record Within Five Years

“Gold will likely soar to a record within five years as asset bubbles burst in everything from bonds to credit and equities, forcing investors to find a haven”, reported Bloomberg last week, quoting Old Mutual Global Investors’ Diego Parrilla.

Gold Price And Silver Updates

Gold sector is on a major buy signal. Cycle is down. Investors stay patient and wait for the correction to complete, then cost average in at the next cycle bottom.Silver is on a long-term buy signal. Short-term is on buy signal. Silver is in a...

Gold Price Around US Presidential Elections

In previous articles, we examined gold's performance in the presidential election cycles. The only relatively reliable conclusion we were able to draw from the long-term analysis is that the post-election year is the worst for the price of gold...

Gold Price, Fed Rate Hikes And The Return Of Big Deficit Spending

All Said and done, confidence in central banking's confidence game remains the prime mover of gold prices, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. Because as the New York Times put it in 1999, with no shred of irony or historical awareness, who needs...

Gold Price And Silver Price Updates

Gold sector is on a major buy signal. Cycle is down. Investors stay patient and wait for the correction to complete, then cost average in at the next cycle bottom. Silver is on a long term buy signal. Short term is on sell signal. Silver is in a...

Gold Price Under Pressure As Economic Fears Continue To Subside

Gold was recently riding on highs. In fact, it seemed like nothing could bring the price of the precious metal downward during the first half of the year. However, more recently we've been seeing declines. At the moment, the price of the shiny...

Gold Prices: A Little Further To Drop

Our Buy Zone analysis is on track. The next signpost we are waiting for is a price break of the recent common cycle lows. When that occurs, I expect selling pressure to intensify, and prices should finally enter the upper portion of the Buy Zones.

Gold Price Continues Down For 5th Straight Day

Gold had an incredibly strong start to the year 2016…and for good reason. Economic conditions around the world proved to be concerning, leading to incredibly strong safe haven demand. However, more recently, we've been seeing volatility as the...

Gold Price Dives As Fed Rate Hike Concerns Weigh

Gold has taken a ride recently. After falling from highs reached earlier this year, the month of September was off to a good start. However, recent comments from key Federal Reserve members have led to some concerns. As a result, the price of gold...

Explaining The Moves In The Gold Price

If you read some gold-focused web sites you could come away with the belief that movements in the gold price are almost completely random, depending more on the whims/abilities of evil manipulators and the news of the day than on genuine...

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