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China's Gold?

Much speculation abounds regarding China's gold holdings. They officially claim 1,054 tons as of April 2009. We suspected they might "re" announce their holdings again last year at this time as it was five years after their last announcement...

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Central Bank Gold Buying Soars To Near A 50-Year High

During 2014 country Central Banks bought 477 tonnes…close to a 50-year high…and that’s equivalent enough to buy 75 Boeing Dreamliners planes. This is at once astounding as well as revealing vis-à-vis a slowly dropping gold price since late 2011.

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Gold Price History In 16 Major World Currencies During The Past 10 Years

During the past decade the gold price performance has truly been amazing. To demonstrate this we will show gold’s percent appreciation in 16 major world currencies since 2005. This will be compared to the performance of 15 major world stock...

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Gold Price Articles

Gold Price Targets $1,300 Next Month

The price of gold made a weekly reversal candle and closed above the 10-Week average. It appears to be setting up a move higher over the next 4-6 weeks likely targeting the $1,300 level.

Gold Price Will Likely Bottom This Week

Today we completed step one in the possible rollover scenario, with price making a confirmed high. Before we get too excited charts make confirmed highs/lows all the time, it just one step in a potential trend change or correction. The next step...

Gold Price Is Consolidating

Governments Plan to have Totalitarian Control of Currency is a good Reason for Depositors to Allocate some of Their Funds to Physical Gold and Silver. Although the price of gold staged a minor rally on Friday, the advance has been capped at...

Gold Price History In Major World Currencies vs Stock Performances

Since 2001 the gold price performance in all major currencies has left major stock markets virtually dead in the water. It is the inevitable triumph of real money over fiat paper currencies. The following charts clearly demonstrate gold’s...

Gold Prices: The Big Picture

It doesn’t cease to amaze us to see the ongoing consistency in price moves over the years. Gold has phases and as each one comes up, we watch it closely to see if this time repeats a similar pattern.

How The Gold Price Will Defy Skeptics And Stage A Huge Comeback

The dollar has staged such a stellar performance since the start of the year there is now an almost universal acclamation of its strength and a consensus that parity with the euro is very close. A strong dollar means a low gold price, or does it?...

Gold Price Report

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee’s Meeting takes place this coming Wednesday, March 18th. The question in front of the Fed is whether or not to remove the word “patient” which would imply a move to begin normalizing interest rates will...

Gold Price: The Good News

I’m hard pressed to remember a time where the morale of the Western gold community was much lower than it is now. Regardless, some very good technical and fundamental news for gold enthusiasts has suddenly appeared.

Gold Price & Silver Price Trading Alert: Decline Continues

In our opinion speculative short positions (full) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. We are keeping the stop-loss levels at their current levels, which means that we are effectively keeping some...

Gold Price & Silver Price Gain After Pre-QE Smack-down In Prices By Central Banks

Gold Prices In 2015

The Jobs numbers on Friday (3/6/15) created a large down day for gold. Consequently, we thought it necessary to update readers to our current views regarding gold prices in 2015. Below we give three possible scenarios as far as timing and...

Gold Price Not Bold, Instead It Is Sold On 'Dollar Exceptionalism'

Look folks, who can make this stuff up? We've endured months of FinMedia doting upon so-called "dollar strength", which in true context begets a snicker. Oh but wait, for now 'tis great: "Dollar Exceptionalism Reinforced", they say; "The dollar's...

Gold Has Never Been More Valuable Than Today!

While doing an interview a few months back with Turd Ferguson at , he made the comment “gold has never been more valuable than it is today”. This is so true and correct, I’d like...

Gold Price: Bull Run Or Bear Trap?

Gold has been on an upward tear these last few sessions, suggesting that there is every possibility that a bull phase has begun for the monetary metal based on certain macro-economic factors. But does the current move portend a trend? Or is this...

The Price Of Gold And The Art Of War (Part IV)

After the 1999 gold crisis, bankers could no longer force the price of gold lower by loaning central bank gold and selling it in the open market. In 2001, as demand—and the price of gold—rose, the bankers were forced to flood markets with...

Gold Price Trend Forecast 2015

There is no metal quite like gold as history shows that humans have a special attraction towards gold as this metal like a parasite has held power over humanity far beyond any rational importance as a resource, even to the extent that hundreds of...

Gold Price 2015: Forecasts And Predictions

We offer in this article a comprehensive overview of different forecasts and predictions for the price gold in 2015. We hasten to say that our own stance regarding predictions remains unchanged. We have written several times before that ...

Gold Price Forecast Of Plausible $12,600 By Year 2020

Since 1967 the gold price has enjoyed two secular bull markets: The first began in 1967 and ended in January, 1981. The second began in 2001 and is still in progress.

The Price Of Gold And The Art Of War (Part II)

The 1999 gold crisis was the turning point in the bankers’ war on gold. Intended to disguise the falling value of fiat paper money, a lower gold price signaled that monetary distress caused by the removal of gold from the international monetary...

The Price Of Gold And The Art Of War (Part I)

Only fools and the ideologically impaired believe that today’s capital markets are free. In free markets, prices are determined by supply and demand. In capital markets, supply and demand considerations are subordinated to capitalism’s...

The Truth About Where Gold Price Is Headed

I will be honest, it has been a long time since I have been excited about gold, but I am starting to like gold once again. I had grown too bored to care what gold did. With the bull market top in 2011, and four years later price continues to...

Why Gold's Base Price Should Be North Of $2,000

Even though present Geo-political events in Iraq have now pushed up the price of gold due to Brent Crude hitting a new high in 2014, the value of the yellow metal relative to oil is still way below its historical average. Currently, the price of...

Central Banks Will Help Forge The Future Price Of Gold

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