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CAD 1,624.87 +1.02   +0.06%

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Gold Price Performance

30 Days 1,571.05 +53.82 +3.43%
6 Months 1,614.43 +10.43 +0.65%
1 Year 1,728.41 -103.55 -5.99%
5 Years 1,593.64 +31.23 +1.96%
10 Years 811.49 +813.38 +100.23%

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Major Gold Market Indicator Shift: Trouble For Future Supply

One of the major gold market indicators experienced a major shift in 2017.  If we look at this gold indicator over the past several years, this recent trend reversal suggests something has fundamentally changed in the gold market… and in a BIG...

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“Mother Of All Bubbles” Keeps Gold Price In Focus

Today I want to discuss reports that global debt levels are at all-time highs, and what this means for your investment decisions going forward.

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The Five Key Drivers Of The Price Of Gold

Gold has been the best performing asset since the start of this year. Year-to-date the price of gold has increased from USD 1074.61 to USD 1279.47. That is a return of over 17%. In this article, I will discuss the five key drivers of the price of...

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Gold Price Articles

Gold Prices This Week And Next Week's Forecast

Gold had a solid week rising 2.4% on fears of a potential armed conflict between the United States and North Korea. The move brought the precious metal within spitting distance of its 2017 highs set in early June.

Gold Price Update

Gold sector is on major buy signal since early 2016. GLD is on short-term buy signal. GDX is on short-term buy signal. 

The Battle For Control Of Gold And Silver Prices

There was some important price action in the Precious Metals Complex this past week as both gold and silver each tested important overhead resistance again. Always keep in mind that time is relative when it comes to the size of big patterns vs...

For Gold Price We See Firmness; For Stocks…Oh My Goodness!

For the tenth time in the last four calendar years, gold again has settled out a week in the 1260s, in this case closing yesterday (Friday) at 1264. Not that betwixt and between price has been staid: since 24 January 2014 (gold then 1268), the...

Gold And Silver Prices Are Beaching It Up

Summer is rolling on…and stocks have taken to the beach for the most part, so we should follow. The metals were looking fine…but are now acting choppy. Consequently, I’m reducing some miners, but still...

Gold Price Update

Speculation is rising from a multi-year low. Our proprietary cycle indicator is up. Gold sector cycle is now up. We are...

Surprise! Gold Prices Have Beaten the Market So Far this Century

Spot gold finished July up more than 2 percent, its best month since February, when it returned 3.7 percent. The yellow metal responded to a struggling US dollar,...

Gold Price: When the Market and Gold Move Together

The economic headlines the past few days have not been about worry or tumultuous politics—but instead, about just how well things are going. Yesterday, the opening of the Dow Jones set off exulting headlines about how well stocks have...

Gold Price Is On The Move

I was looking for some excellent earnings numbers this past week and in the week to come. To be sure they’ve been lacklustre.

Gold Price Attempts Breakout…Yet Caution Warranted

Since gold’s all-time high of $1,923 per ounce in September 2011, the nearly 6-year decline that this week has brought prices back to $1,270 has been broadly defined by a falling linear trend of selling pressure. This declining trend is being...

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