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Andy Schectman: Increased Gold, Silver Volatility A Sign Of The Moves To Come

December 13, 2023

A week after seeing gold reach a new all-time high above the $2,100 per ounce mark, the price has come back in and is hovering right around the $2,000 level as of Tuesday morning.

Yet one of the things that stands out about the trading we've seen in recent weeks is the magnitude of the moves the market is seeing, in both directions, and the possibility that we're entering an era where we start to regularly see bigger swings in the price, much like gold analyst Jim Sinclair often talked about.

Even despite the decline, we're still looking at a $2,000 gold price, in the face of a continued move by eastern nations to de-dollarize, while in the west the major debate remains around when the Fed will finally begin cutting rates. Which has left the major banks writing research reports that almost universally call for a higher gold price in 2024, only varying by how much of an increase they expect.

So in today's show Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin talks about the latest price movement in the metals, as well as the developments that are in place to drive gold and silver going forward.

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