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Bank of England Pivots Right Into the End Game

October 1, 2022

Good news everyone! Two weeks to flatten the curve is back! Except this time it's the British yield curve, and it's the Bank of England that says it needs two weeks to flatten it! The FT reports: "Central bank to spend £5bn a day for 13 days over material risk to UK financial stability."

Today it's the Bank of England and the pound. Tomorrow it will be the Fed and the dollar. It's only a matter of time, and not much at that.

Meanwhile, absolute deflation of the money supply (not of prices!) has continued for 14 straight weeks, the longest deflation since the Fed began keeping records in 1980. This will likely lead to a stock market collapse of epic proportions by November.

And finally, are we at the beginning of a new precious metals bear market like in 2013? Rafi says most likely no, and shows three big reasons why.

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