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Chisum Meets Godzilla

July 22, 2002

The stock markets are starting to resemble a dying man fighting off the vultures. The lies that fed the economic illusions of the last decade are being revealed plainly now. The pride, arrogance and greed are on full display for even the true believers now. The system is a fraud. The people leading us are liars and cheats. The media pundits are whores without their makeup or seductive clothes, pathetically begging us to believe the lie just one more time. The illusion is over. All that is left are the shattered dreams and hopes of a generation of Americans who bought into the lie our leaders sold us. God damn Mr. Magoo. God damn him to bloody hell for what he has done to our once great country. God damn Enron, WorldCom and the lot of them. May they rot in hell for the pain and grief they have caused. Treason trials and summary execution are too good for these traitors who have deceived the people and led us to economic ruin. Where there is no vision the people perish. And now the perishing is shifting into 2nd gear, gaining speed and momentum as it hurtles onward out of control.

Did America think it could repeal the laws of economic gravity? Did we think when we leaped out of the 50th story economic building we wouldn't go splat? Oh, the arrogance and tragedy of it all would require a better writer than I am. It would take an Euripides or Shakespeare to get it right. I'm just a doom and gloom essayist and my modest talents aren't up to the task. I can tell what happened and describe it, but the soul of a nation that has played the economic harlot is beyond me. What were these people thinking? I see the results, but the motivation escapes me. Deception to be sure, but the delusion of an entire nation and its ruling elite? We are mad I think. Our souls have gone mad and the gods have struck us down for our folly. Like Icarus we have tried to fly to the sun; only now our economic feathers are melting. It will not be pretty. It will be poetic justice to an arrogant people led by fools. The universe is balance and harmony sustained by chaos. One day we will recover the Greek's golden mean, but for now all we have is the chaos.

The only word for what happened on Friday, July 19th 2002 is panic selling. No other word applies to the kind of savagery unleashed upon the markets. The result of what happens when a U-boat penetrates an unwary convoy; namely, a slaughter. Not a slaughter of the innocents, since nobody in the United States is innocent anymore. We live in a country where 5 year old girls are kidnapped out of their driveways and then raped and murdered. The judgment of the Universe is upon us; we deserve it.

I take no joy in correctly predicting what would happen this summer way back in January. My only claim to fame is I tell the truth as I see it without flinching. Stephen Crane once wrote a poem in which he said truth was a fleeting thing that he once barely touched. I have touched it often in my essays I think. Unfortunately, it has touched me back and the experience is not a pleasant one. Still, my destiny in this life is to write what I think the truth is and let the grenades fall where they may. If some of them roll back on me, that's part of the process too. I simply don't understand people who think the system will last much longer. The signs are so obvious that anyone who is looking can see them. I guess people just prefer not to look. And that's okay since they are undoubtedly happier than I am. On the other hand, I have touched the clouds, felt the mists of truth on my face and drank from the pure stream of wisdom as much as I can. It is said that a man who thinks he is wise can't be; yet, I try and both see and understand the best I can the events of our age. And that, I think, is the essence of wisdom. Maybe not to succeed, but at least to try. Quite honestly, few Americans have the stomach to even try and understand what is going on in our world. They prefer the life of the herd of sheeple: at least until the wolves come amongst them. For that I pity them, since I want to know all the truth the universe has to offer me. There is no other way to live in my opinion. Try it, you'll like it.

I once saw a John Wayne movie called Chisum that had a cattle stampede through a town as its climax. The other cool scene was when the bad guy was thrown by John Wayne through a window onto a pair of Texas Longhorn antlers. Mr. Magoo and his cronies will no doubt activate the plunge protection team on Monday. They will no doubt try to crush the gold rally. They will no doubt try and halt the dollar's collapse. They will no doubt try. Unfortunately for them, events are beyond their control. The dollar collapse is the result of foreigner's losing confidence in the entire American system at all levels. What will Mr. Magoo do about that? The stock market meltdown is the result of the similar loss of confidence in the American economic system. What will he do about that? I'm afraid Mr. Magoo can't wave a wand and make people believe the United States isn't a fraud and our leaders arrogant liars. The dollar will continue to fall. The foreigners will continue to pull their money. The herd will continue to realize the system is rigged. Since that is the case, I propose that the panic seen today isn't a sign of "capitulation" as the bulls are now whining. Rather, it is the point man of even more economic chaos headed our way. If you do the math, the total comes to a 34 trillion dollar debt at all levels of government, business and consumer. If you do the math, the debt service comes to over 70%, 7 trillion dollars, of the entire ten trillion dollar United States economy. This is what Lyndon Larouche says and I think he's correct. The only way out of this mess is to declare bankruptcy and start over with new ideas and new leadership. And since that won't be allowed to happen by our current leaders, well then things could get very interesting. You see the rampaging cattle herd in Chisum simply ran out of town and then wandered around. In the case of the stock market, this American herd of sheeple will run into the jaws of an hungry Godzilla. The debt must be either repaid or defaulted. If it is repaid, it will doom us to a life of slavery and want. If it is defaulted, the chaos unleashed will shatter our planet into a new dark age. However, if it is bankrupted in an orderly fashion we have a chance. Not a good chance, but at least a chance.

I'm on record for a DOW 5000 and a NASDAQ 500. These numbers are getting closer every week. I just wonder what the economic system, political system and the cultural psychology of the United States and the world will be when they are reached. It is my destiny to speak the truth in an age of lies. It is my destiny to stand on the brink of anarchy and say we still have a choice. It is also my destiny to understand that the day will soon come when we will not have any choices. On that day, the only choice will be how to die with honor. The times are dark, but that does not mean I don't savor the light. Take care of yourself and remember to include enough lead in your precious metals portfolio. The time is coming on this planet when the ultimate precious metal will be the brass and lead of a bullet. Live well, enjoy life and when the time comes die on your feet and not on your knees.

"Therefore, by objective standards, the leading managers of the
U.S. economy...are collectively, clinically insane."
Lyndon LaRouche

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