Commentary on the New World Order

April 23, 2001

It's only fair since the term is tossed around so much I tell you what I think it is. My explanation may not be the one you expect, but then I'm eccentric and proud of it. The idea of the New World Order goes back, way back into the mists of history. The idea is simple: a few people get together and figure out a way to screw the rest of the people on the planet. Now is that a great definition or not? OK, the modern term comes from that bastion of mental stability called Adolf Hitler. In fact, the terms "The Third Reich" and "The New World Order" are simply extensions of the same idea. The Third Reich was Germany; the New World Order was the rest of the world ruled by Germany. Now, no member of the Trilateral Commission or whatever will admit any linkage with Nazi Germany, but those are the recent historical facts.

I have no intention of being derailed into discussions about ancient history, the Masons, Illuminati and the like. I don't care. I'm merely interested in the current expression of an old idea that has been carefully planned and executed for generations. If you argue there has been a systematic effort, conspiracy if you like, to gain global control, I won't argue with you. Certainly, one can look at the history of America and see the pawprint of the globalists in specific acts, laws and situations. No doubt the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, United Nations and numerous unconstitutional foreign treaties all represent the New World Order in action. However, my main focus is the year 2001? What are the global oligarchs up to right now?

First, exactly who are these oligarchs who would reestablish the middle ages and turn us all into serfs and slaves? I have no idea. Lenin once commented he would only need 300 people to overthrow Russia, and I think he was right. The oligarchs at the top are very, very few and we have no idea who they are. Nor do we even suspect who they are. The people in the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations and those who go to Davos, Switzerland are high and mighty to us peons. However, they are mid level flunkies and toadies to the real leaders who are never seen in public and are content to pull the strings from behind the curtain. In fact, there may only be a dozen of them at the top of the food chain. Maybe even fewer than that I think. At any rate, the people we associate with the New World Order: the Kissingers, Powells, Soros and the like are mid level managers of a global enterprise bent on dominating everyone and everything on Earth. Well paid flunkies to be sure, but flunkies just the same.

If I don't have any idea who the real Wizard of Oz is behind the New World Order curtain, I'm more sure of what they plan for us and why they plan it. Actually, I do know who is the real power behind the New World Order is. His name is Satan and the New World Order is simply the physical expression of his original spiritual rebellion. Fundamentally, this is why I'm not worried about the New World Order. It will be crushed by what we call God in our finite language. Anyway, the reason the New World Order wants control is because they are dedicated to a single idea. The idea being it is their right to rule us peons. It used to be called Divine Right and was claimed by kings and monarchs. Why is it their right to make us slaves you ask? Silly, silly serf: it's their right to rule us because they say it is and have the power to do it. They have planned their eventual triumph for many, many generations. Like the famous quote about climbing mountains, "because it's there", they want us slaves because that's what they do. The New World Order is the logical result of evolution and Darwin's theory: survival of the fittest. Personally, I call it survival of the sneakiest, but I'm biased. Morality has no function in the New World Order you see. The idea is they rule us for their benefit. They screw us because they can. They screw us because it's their birthright. They are predators and we are the prey. The why of the New World Order is brutally simple. It's about power. It's about who can accumulate the most toys during their tenure on planet Earth. And if innocent people get hurt or killed in their power mad games to gain power, fame, wealth and status, what do they care? It's about them and not about the rest of us.

Now that we have some idea of why the New World Order wants to make us slaves, exactly what will they do and how will they do it? The what is also very simple. The NWO is an oligarchic(rule of the few) group which means to control all spheres of human conduct with two, three or four dominant corporations, groups, parties or entities beholden to the system which put them in charge of their individual area. A pretty simple idea really. Fleece the sheep with the help of the sheepdog and then send a large portion of the profits to the corrupt shepherd. The current system is rigged to provide payoff to the elite in the form of status, money, power and fame. The mere fact the elite rules us is a form of payoff for their depraved egos. There is a certain type of human being who derives pleasure from controlling other human beings. This control of others is their sexual orgasm and reward for playing the game. I imagine at the very highest levels of the New World Order this power orgasm must be quite intense. At least this is my opinion after having come in contact with numerous junior level power mad flunkies. A free thinker like myself really, really enrages them since they can't control me. People in charge hate a smart aleck, but they really despise a smart, smart aleck.

A common mistake is to confuse the New World Order with a specific political system, say Capitalism or Communism. In reality, the NWO is apolitical and is merely interested in looting a country using whatever political system in place. This fact is verified using what I call the limo test. No matter what country, political system or continent involved, the top one percent elite is recruited by the global NWO and given fancy cars to drive around in. The goal of the NWO is to loot whatever natural or human resources a country has for the economic benefit of the global economic elite. Isn't it interesting that Russia, the so called "worker's paradise" and America, a capitalist country; both South American and African military dictatorships all have one thing in common? Regardless of their supposed political and economic differences, all of these countries rulers have allowed all political, economic and cultural power to be seized by the top 1% of the people. Whether we are talking about a military dictatorship, a western democracy or a communist state, the results are the same worldwide. The local elite is bought off by the global elite. The local elite screws their own people in return for the crumbs the global NWO sends their way. It's really the medieval feudal system perfected and modernized for the 21st century. The NWO global elite gets access to a specific countries natural resources and buys off the locals. If the locals aren't willing to be bought off, they are killed and replaced with someone more pliable. The global NWO gets the loot and the local leaders get the Mercedes Benz limos, the IMF loans, Swiss Bank accounts et al. As for the common people, they get very little. A brilliant and effective system for those at the very top.

Understanding the medieval feudal system gives us an overview of the NWO. You have the few kings at the top along with their court hangers on. The court hangers on correspond to the government, military and corporate blob used to maintain control. Followed by the Lords and Nobles and their retainers, corresponding to our media, educational and corporate elite. Then there is the guild and crafts, which correspond to our middle class and skilled workers. And finally, there is the rest of us, the vast majority of people who are serfs and affectionately called "human resources" in NWO lingo. The more things change, the more they stay the same. If you get nothing else out of this essay get this: The New World Order seeks to reestablish the Middle Ages with it various classifications of people permanently locked into their place. Their place is at the top and our place is at the bottom. They get the wheat and we get the chaff. The NWO simply seeks to reverse the Magna Carta, American Constitution and all labor, health, environmental and religious law. The recent Senate Bankruptcy Reform is a prime example of this. The Senate in all their corrupt glory decided to reestablish the debtor prison system made famous by Charles Dickens.

It should be obvious the NWO needs to maintain belief in the status quo among the world populace, otherwise the 95% would rise up against the 5%. Now, there are all kinds of theories about how they do this: ranging from mind control, brainwashing, implanted chips, biological or chemical agents. Hmmm. I'll pass on all those and stick with the simple ones of mass communications and propaganda. Maybe they are beaming high frequency waves at us with subliminal instructions. I just don't think they need to do that when they control all the radio and television stations, magazines and newspapers. The only communications the NWO doesn't control is the Internet and the talk radio, yet. For a while longer anyway. But enough for one essay on the New World Order. Next time I will explore propaganda and cultural control and how the NWO uses it to maintain the status quo.

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