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Couldn’t Be Angrier Or Less Worried

August 23, 2016

It’s early morning – in what is typically the slowest volume week of the year, aside from Christmas through New Year’s Eve.  So slow, I have just eight articles in my “horrible headline notes” from the past 48 hours, as the entire Western world is on vacation.  That said, those eight articles alone, in a freely-traded market, would be more than enough to send Precious Metal prices higher, such as the complete implosion of the tell-tale Vancouver real estate market – down 20% this month, and 25% in the past two months; and a ceasefire in Nigeria, which caused oil prices to plunge this morning.  And no, last night’s PM raids had nothing to do with it, as gold and silver’s losses occurred long before oil prices moved so much as a penny lower.

Let alone, a story so ominous, and terrifying, it’s nearly inconceivable in a first world nation.  In my view, on a par with Francois Hollande’s now eight months old declaration of a French “economic emergency” – which, I assure you, is far worse today than in January.  I mean, can you imagine the financial market reaction if Barack Obama gave a primetime address to tell the TRUTH that the U.S., too – “exceptionalism” notwithstanding – was in a state of economic emergency?

Well, yesterday morning, mere hours before the Cartel followed up Friday’s PM farce of a raid – which was launched in the ultra-thin Thursday night Globex session, and followed up with prototypical “2:15 AM” and COMEX-opening blitzkrieg attacks, amidst not a shred of “PM-negative” news (as if there ever is)…

…it was reported that the German government is about to warn its entire citizenry – this Wednesday afternoon, following an emergency meeting – to stockpile at least ten days of food and water, due to a potentially imminent terrorist threat.  Again, can you imagine the financial market reaction here if Congress issued such a warning?  And no, I’m not exaggerating, per this article.

This is how the Cartel followed up Friday’s farcical raid, with not a single other market budging at the time, for the 154th Sunday night of the past 160 weekends; including 29 of 31 this year, in which PMs have been the world’s best performing asset.  Which they of course followed up with the 685th “2:15 AM” attack of the past 788 trading days, including the past 15 in a row.  In both cases, well into the “sixth sigma” realm.

My friends, do you believe a single ounce of physical silver changed hands on a sleepy Sunday night of “premarket” Asian trading – during which all other markets were flatlining?  Or, for that matter, more than a handful on Friday, on one of the year’s slowest trading days?  Let alone, as the “  The Ugliest Economic Data I’ve Ever Seen (Part 2)  ” had just been reported?

Let me make this easy for you, by answering the question with a resounding NO – just like a year ago, when on an equally sleepy summer Sunday night, the Cartel executed “Sunday Night Paper Massacre II” – taking gold $52/oz lower in five minutes.  Which, per the title of my subsequent article, did in fact lead to a significant physical metal shortage immediately thereafter.  Or heck, the original “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre” on May 1st, 2011 – when heck, the Chinese market was closed for a holiday.

Why do I detail such heinous acts of criminality, cowardice, and desperation?  For the same reason as always…to chronicle the truth, spread it over the internet, and empower you to see the “forest” of economic (and physical market) reality, through the “trees” of paper market rigging.  Hopefully, this will help you make sound long-term decisions – about Precious Metals and financial markets in general.  As when the “end game” of total manipulative failure arrives – perhaps, much sooner than you can imagine – if you haven’t already protected yourself, it will already be too late.  As I wrote this weekend, I know it feels really, really frustrating, demoralizing, and rage-inducing now; but in the big picture, we are winning, and won’t be stopped.

To that end, I was about to finish this article, when I saw an MSM article “explaining” why PMs were smashed – of how Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said this weekend that, “an interest rate hike was still under consideration for this year, and that economic growth would accelerate” – “fueling speculation” that Whirlybird Janet will utter something “hawkish” in Friday’s Jackson Hole speech.  In other words, exactly what a dozen other clueless, biased Fed governors have said all year long, as the economy has dramatically worsened, per the last three quarterly GDP prints, “double seasonal adjustments” and all, of just 1.4%, 0.8%, and 1.1%, representing the weakest economic “growth” since the 2008-09 financial crisis.  Not to mention, as global monetary easing has gone parabolic – with even the Bank of England lowering rates, expanding QE, and dramatically reducing its GDP forecast last week, despite the Brexit having “no effect” on economic activity.  Heck, San Francisco Fed President John Williams started 2016 by predicting three-to-five rate hikes; but last week, advocated negative interest rates, a raising of the Fed’s 2% “inflation target,” and the targeting of nominal GDP as an official Fed policy!

My friends, I cannot implore you more vehemently to see said forest through the trees – as the “powers that be” day of reckoning is coming, and right soon!  And you’d better be ready for it when it does, lest you and yours might suffer the same, horrific financial fate as billions in nations without “world’s reserve currencies” already have!

Andrew ("Andy") Hoffman, CFA joined Miles Franklin, one of America's oldest, largest bullion dealers, as Media Director in October 2011. For a decade, he was a US-based buy-side and sell-side analyst, most notably as an II-ranked oil service analyst at Salomon Smith Barney from 1999 through 2005. Since 2002, his focus has been entirely on precious metals, and since 2006 has written free missives regarding gold, silver and macroeconomics. Prior to joining the company he spent five years working as an investor relations officer or consultant to numerous junior mining companies.

It is estimated that the total amount of gold mined up to the end of 2011 is approximately 166,000 tonnes.
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