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Crash Wave Z: Time Compression Alone Predicts Panic on July 25th!

July 24, 2022

This is what I'm reading on the charts below. The first graph (of 3), is a 15 min. bar chart of the S&P 500 from July 14 to July 22. In the first graph, I notate the waves according to obvious greater and lesser degrees.  This is the graph I finished last. There are 2 irregular waves (Y's of lesser degrees) that went up higher than the BIG Y (which is, itself, an irregular wave) on July 20th. July 20th is the orthodox top of BIG Y and the beginning of Crash Wave Z of an XYZ E-Wave Pattern. Wave X ended on June 30th (see the charts below for the hourly and daily records).

According to the "Original Works of R.N. Elliott", 2 waves (in a 5 Wave, or A-B-C Wave) must tend toward equality either in time, price or both. BIG Wave X, was three days long  from June 27-30 with an intervening irregular wave called "y'' (on June 28) and finished as an 'x-y-z' wave, which is normally bullish (see daily chart below).

July 20th to July 25th is three trading days! July 25th is the exact 6 month cycle from January 24, 2022, 2 days before the FED announcement (keep that thought). The FED meets again on July 26/27th. Coincidence? I think not.

Everyone is geared up to expect a huge raise in interest rates. I don't think that is going to happen (go to See it Market). I didn't deduce that based on what See It Market said (kudos), but what I saw coming was by understanding Elliott Waves, Gann and Astrology.  Please Read Chart 1 about "Time Compression" (B.R. Gudgeon) and the "Equality of Waves Principle" (R.N. Elliott)

Chart One: End of Day July 22, 2022 - 15 Minute Chart

On this chart, one can see the first rising wedge pattern (the second one is graphed above) as well as the unfolding XYZ Pattern

Chart 2: Early Market Hours, July 22, 2022 - Hourly Chart

This kind of pattern (X down, Y up, Z down) is a normal bullish pattern in a bull market, not a bear market! What is going on here?!!

Chart 3: End of Day July 22, 2022 - Hourly Chart Panorama

Conclusion: It's All About The FED!

Why would the FED scare people over the past few weeks into thinking that another 3/4 to 1% raise in rates was inevitable when as "See it Market" (the FED must have the same data) points out, rates are peaking, not going up?

I look at all kinds of data: Technical, Gann Cycles, Astrology, and yes, Elliott Wave Theory. I see a large drop on Monday to around 3505 SPX and then a large rally to around 3636 SPX on Tuesday and then a drop on July 27th to retest the lows. I know this by E-Wave Theory, Gann Theory, Charting Techniques & Astrology. I see a large rally from July 27 to August 1 and even August 11. What would cause that rally? Obviously, the FED is going to go easy now. They never planned to raise rates at all! It was all a scam!

This weird, normally Bull Market signature XYZ pattern forming in a bear market has to do (in my opinion) with currency manipulation. I have seen these waves in FOREX trading on both sides. By scaring people into thinking they were going to raise rates at this coming meeting, the elite bankers can set up an event(s) to crash this market (the astro aspects become extremely heated early Monday morning when normally safe Venus in Cancer squares Jupiter in aggressive Aries among many other gathering astro-aspects: big socio/geo-political gyrations, tumult in banking, heat waves increasing, intense storms, earthquakes and volcanoes ahead may be expected as we approach Aug 1-7, Source: Ray Merriman).

I saw how they set up the COVID crash of Feb/Mar 2020. I saw the early signs (read the waves) in Sept/October 2019 and how they pumped up the market so they could crash it and cause fear. Then they came in as our saviors (more like a Trojan Horse!).

A move from 1% to 1 3/4% in June was a gigantic 75% increase in rates!  We can't compare raising rates by 3/4% (as some are doing) to the 1980's when rates were much higher to begin with. It's absurd!

I have no idea what is going to be the "proverbial straw" that breaks this camels back. The aspects were full of turmoil even last week. On the bright side, markets tend to climb the wall of worry and will likely do so again into August 11 before we hit yet another wall.

So why would the power elite crash the market? There may be many answers. Fear is one, control is another, but there must be more to this story. There always is.

My guess is that they need more money to finance the war of the Ukraine against Russia. By causing the stock market to fall suddenly, it causes the dollar to rally, hence, bringing down the price of commodities (like oil, hint, hint). This takes the pressure off rates and the swamp creatures' problems out of D.C. (it's the election stupid!).

Then they can reflate outside the stock market through more debt creation [see the pattern?]. Much of that money (you know) will come slinking back into the stock market (keeping their cronies happy no doubt) over the next couple of months and when that runs out...???) and finance their pork without going into political ruin (or so they think). And God said though Kim Clement, "Summer take it, so that Fall can do its work, for many will fall in the Fall" 'The Two Presidents Prophecy': Return of Trump late 2022, and the fall of many politicians on both sides of the isle.

Two other things: There is a mild to moderate "solar storm" hitting the earth this weekend. These often times cause people to get negative vibes and  these have been known to occur around moderate to severe sell-offs. Also, it is no coincidence that most crashes or panics happen on Monday. I believe the reason is:

 Keep in mind that on Sunday evening, futures volume is light and so is liquidity, so they can manipulate the market more easily.  That is why surprise crashes always come on Mondays!

Like the wise man once said: "We shall see in the fullness of time". Yes, we will!!! "For nothing is hidden that won't be revealed, Luke 8:17


Brad Gudgeon


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