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Dancing on the Edge

September 28, 2002

Mr. Magoo is starting to resemble Gollum of Lord of the Rings in his single minded obsession. I also believe he will share the warm embrace of Mt. Economic Doom's volcanic heart. Unfortunately, the entire global economic system will follow him into the molten sauna. For a culture that has sown all its wild oats, we sure are having a hard time accepting the fact we will be eating oatmeal. The vegetarian version of the Old Testament's choking on quail after whining about manna in my opinion. My unified reality theory tells me that it is only our refusal to face reality that is keeping some slight wisps of fantasy fluttering in the media wind. People are going quite mad. Take the aptly named Mrs. Toogood who was videotaped pasting her daughter. I'm not sure which is more barbaric: the mother beating her daughter or the culture hypocritically viewing the tape repeatedly. Personally, I have not seen the tape. It did slip onto Good Morning America and I saw the first second or two before I shut the television off. I'm a doomer and without a doubt a bit of an asshole, but fuck these idiots who call themselves Americans these days. People think the economy can be separated from people like Mrs. Toogood, but it can't. It's all jumbled together in one big stew of stupidity. Economics, politics, the culture: it's all one big happy family.

Many of the points I've been making these last 4 years are now bearing fruit. The current atmosphere is rancid, nasty and more than a bit over the edge. What passes as normality is in reality a form of insanity that has camouflaged itself very well. For instance, you would think the mainstream press would have figured out there is a stock market collapse going on by now. After watching a 9% decline in June, another 10% in July, followed by an August "rally" that has now collapsed to 4 and 6 year lows in September, you would think the law of averages would show at least half of them would have got it. Nope. Our elite is going to ride this one into the ground. Slim Picken's in "Dr. Strangelove" riding the A-Bomb comes to my mind. The NASDAQ has lost nearly 4000 points and they still don't get it. The DOW over 3000 points. All stock market valuation since 1996 and 1998 has evaporated. The total GDP for the thirty months since March 2000 is nearly 25 trillion dollars. The stock market losses, 7.5 trillion, represent nearly a third of ALL ECONOMIC ACTIVITY IN THE UNITED STATES IN THE LAST 30 MONTHS. When people e-mail me that I'm just a doomer and too negative, I often smile to myself and think that I'm not negative enough. Oftentimes, I feel like Oskar Schindler in "Schindler's List" when at the end he says "I didn't do enough." I have no power, but at least I howled and pissed into the wind as much as I could. The blood is on our leaders and on the greedy fools who bought their lies. I die with my honor intact. It ain't much, but it's very important to me personally.

In my spirit there is a sense of the twilight of an age. I just enjoyed 2 weeks of vacation, the weather is absolutely stunning up here in Portland and I've seen people I've not seen in decades. All in all, there is a feeling of fullness, ripeness and what the Scots call gloaming. Gloaming is the exact moment when the twilight peaks and darkness begins. This feeling has become almost overpowering to me at times in August and September. Whether it's related to Iraq and the suicidal war Bush is going to get, or the economy or just the general global insanity, I don't know. The war with Iraq will unleash forces that few can comprehend, much less explain. All I can say is people who think the current political and economic reality has much longer to exist are hopeless deluded. You will understand when the Weapons of Mass Destruction come into play. Not that we need WMD, a good flu epidemic could kill 500 million people quite easily. Read history and then tell me how negative I am. When Good Morning America has a headline that 50,000 people are dead in St. Louis, or a Marine division got wiped out in Syria, you didn't think Bush would stop in Iraq during his push for a Middle Eastern Empire did you?, we shall see the doomer case put to the test. When the NASDAQ close is 500 and the DOW 5000, we shall put all these fantasies, illusions and myths holding the United States together to the acid test. The gutless chicken hawks who are leading the United States into a bottomless pit of open ended war with 1.2 billion Muslims, have no idea what's going to come out of this Aladdin's lamp.

It's all on the table now folks. Oil supply cutoff. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Nuclear exchanges between Israel and Iraq. Unending terrorist attacks inside the United States. A globalist fascist dictatorship trying to impose control. Civil War and counterrevolution against it. Economic collapse and chaos. Just don't expect to see any of this openly discussed. For that, we will have to wait for the nuclear exchanges. As if any rational person expects Saddam to go down quietly, or not do a first strike on Israel. Is everybody so brain dead that they don't understand what is likely to happen in the next six months? Or maybe that's why the economy sucks right now? Nah, if that was the case I'm sure Maria Maria of CNBC would have told me right? Right after she got done with the latest stock to buy in the buy the dips club. Guess I'm just getting a case of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I saw advertised on TV the other night. Got to go now and get my PAXIL. Be happy; Don't Worry. SOMA, SOMA, SOMA. Wait a minute, if everybody has GAD and everybody is on PAXIL, then.......

"The end of democracy, and the defeat of the American Revolution
will occur when government falls into the hands of the
lending institutions and moneyed incorporations."

Thomas Jefferson

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