A Dangerous Spring

February 28, 2001

Unless the trends change instantly, the United States is facing a series of crisis' by Easter. It's ironic that exactly one year after armed government thugs terrorized and kidnapped Elian Gonzalez, who now is Fiddle Castro's prize exhibit in his glories of Communism exhibit, the United States faces both a Middle Eastern war and stock market meltdown. The moral perversion of the United States and its brain dead populace actually has spiritual consequences that work themselves out in real time. The current misadventures of our former child king being a prime example. Judgment for rigging the stock and gold markets, among other crimes, in my humble opinion. The Rich pardon is small potatoes if GATA can get a fair hearing in March. We'll see how well the globalists control the court system soon. Personally, I think their control is fraying at the edges as the Lord of Chaos makes his move. I'm sure the elite has planned their takeover well, it's just true what the Russian Generals say about war. Plan all you want, but after the first shot you're on your own. Sounds like life to me.

Speaking of global war, the MidEast is very, very close to a regional war. The dazed and confused American people, distracted by PardonGate, stock market and economic troubles, are blissfully unaware of the seething emotions threatening to explode by Easter. WorldNetDaily.com claims that Israel had Neutron bomb equipped warplanes in the air on Thursday, 2-22-01 to counter Iraqi missile and armor deployments next to Jordan and Syria. Of course, you heard none of this on lapdog media. Wouldn't want to panic the American consumer into not buying a SUV would we? Suffice it to say, Syria, Iraq and the more radical elements of the PLO and HAMAS, are quite willing to go to war to regain Jerusalem. For whatever reason, the West and its peoples simply don't seem to understand that. I'm afraid we will be severely shaken up once the Arab "street" passions explode into a wave of sustained violence. Israel has nuclear weapons; Iraq and Syria have chemical and biological ones: it should get very interesting over there.

As for the state of the American economy, by the time Maria of CNBC figures out the NASDAQ is having problems it will be at my predicted 750. Without overdoing it, all I can say is the signs are there for anyone to see. Even the lapdog press is starting to report the wave of layoffs, earnings reductions and general economic stress out there in Ma and Pa Kettle land. The NASDAQ, my favorite target, is showing severe signs of duress. I think I told you a few essays back that a sustained break below 3350 on the Index would be trouble. Well, that indicator is now around 2000 and the NASDAQ itself is heading towards 2000, from 5150. Funny, maybe Maria of CNBC has been kidnapped, replaced by a robot programmed to lure as many true stock believers to their doom as possible. Or then, maybe she, and her fellow analysts, have always been robots. I won't hold my breath waiting for thoughtful insights into the current NASDAQ situation. For that to happen, the lapdog press would have to admit they've been co-conspirators in the biggest political and economic fraud in American history. Fat chance of that, until the firing squads are looming.

The American people suspect, but are unable to prove, things are going to get very bad in economic terms. Their suspicions are correct. Every once in a while, the lap dog press actually reports some economic news that reflects reality. Not often, but every once in a while the true state of the American people in economic terms seeps into the New World Order controlled press. I'm starting to notice radio advertisements about bankruptcy lawyers. Television ads about preparing responsibly for retirement. A sea change in psychology towards economic prudence, paying down debt and in general being a good financial steward. Sounds good to me, even if Mr. Magoo realizes economic prudence is the death knell for the fiat follies. By the way, recent economic events in Turkey are giving Mr. Magoo indigestion. Anyone remember the fall of 1998 and Russian bond defaults? HMMMMM!

The good news is the American people are starting to wake up to the economic implications of excessive debt loads. The bad news is that it doesn't matter. Assuming you're on a plane that is crashing, the fact you have just woken from your nap won't affect your imminent death. Quoting from a lapdog press article of 2-21-01, buried in the Oregonian Business section's Briefcase column, we find the following headline: Savings among American families low and getting lower, report says. The story, from Washington , DC, that bastion of economic prudence, goes on to highlight the following points: 1. Over 50% of American families live from paycheck to paycheck. 2. Many have seen their assets erode during the last decade of economic "boom". The Consumer Federation of America, using Federal Reserve Data came to the conclusion the "typical" American household has net financial assets of $9,850. The sum total of the typical American family assets, including retirement saving, after debts are subtracted is under $10,000 for the most recent year available,1998. That's for the rich people and middle class, minus their cars and houses. Since one half of all new vehicles are leased, and home equity loans have diteched home value, $10,000 is about it. The report comments about low and moderate income households having a total of $1,000 in net financial assets. The middle class has $10,000. The working poor have $1,000. The rich have their millions and billions to be sure. Unfortunately for Mr. Magoo, a mass consumer economy without the masses isn't much of an economy.

As the United States enters a period of unprecedented political and economic instability, it's the least prepared to deal with it. A sober look at the present situation shows clearly the United States is lurching into the abyss. It's actually reported the U.S. Army has suspended training both with its 9mm pistol and M-16 basic infantry rifle due to ammo shortages. The U.S. Navy has around 300 ships total, of which the submarines have been turned into tour boats and can't surface without sinking 190 foot fishing boats. As for the Air Force, most of the bombs used in Iraq recently failed to hit their target. Unless the United States has some Tesla weapons stockpiled somewhere, it looks our regular forces will get their asses kicked in a conventional war.

By all means, feel free to disregard this entire essay. The general trend in both economics and the MidEast is clear, even if my timing is off. I've often felt that the true legacy of the child king would be war and depression. It just looks like my timing was off a little.

In 1792 the U.S. Congress adopted a bimetallic standard (gold and silver) for the new nation's currency - with gold valued at $19.30 per troy ounce

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