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Dave Kranzler: Dollar Rally Is Due To Credit Market Concerns (Rather Than Confidence In The Dollar)

July 8, 2022

DaveKranzler: #Dollar rally is due to credit market concerns (rather than confidence in the dollar).

The dollar has rallied to its highest level in 19 years, although rather than it being due to some inherent strength, analyst Dave Kranzler points out how it’s instead a reflection of concerns in the credit markets.

Dave has been warning for months that the US was headed for a recession, and now that it’s here (why couldn’t the Fed have seen that?!), he shares what else he seeing in the markets.

And in particular in #gold and #silver, which have sold off sharply this week, yet still have bullish contract positioning factors at their back. So to find out the latest developments in the dollar, gold, and silver markets, click to watch this interview now!

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