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David Brady: Fed Hikes Are Starting To Break The Markets

September 29, 2022

The Federal Reserve has been hiking interest rates all year in hopes of bringing down the rampant inflation that has soared in the US and throughout the world.

Of course the only problem is that after a decade of 0% rates and swollen debt loads, the rate hikes are now putting a lot of pressure on the US and the foreign markets.

The British currency and debt markets are now falling into chaos as the Bank of England tries to keep up with the Fed, and the credit markets are starting to feel the stress of the Fed's interest rate policy as well.

Fortunately former professional money manager and current Sprott Money writer David Brady joined me on the show to share what he's seeing, and why he agrees with Morgan Stanley's recent commentary that 'something is close to breaking,' and how this is set to impact the gold and silver markets.

David also talks about why despite the Fed's continued insistence that it's going to keep raising rates to bring down inflation, he still thinks they are going to be forced to pivot soon.

So to get a detailed view of the latest developments in the financial markets, click to watch the interview now!

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