Death of the US Dollar and the Rise of Gold

May 23, 2023

This fireside chat, entitled “Death of an Empire – Scary Insights,” discusses the changing dynamics of the global financial system, with Asia becoming increasingly independent from the West. There is too much debt in the world, particularly in the US, and central bank policy has become addicted to postponing the hangover through more debt. The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency, but recent policy decisions and the weaponization of the dollar have caused other countries to consider breaking ranks and moving away from the dollar as a reliable trade currency and payment system. Additionally, Matt and Alasdair proposed gold as a solution, as it has historically remained constant in value, unlike paper currencies. The establishment has a vested interest in not understanding this perspective, and it will not happen without accidents.

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Matt began his finance career as a transactional attorney before launching his first hedge fund during the NASDAQ bubble of 1999-2001

Thereafter, he began investing his own and other HNW family funds into alternative investment vehicles while operating as a General Counsel, CIO and later Managing Director of a single and multi-family office. Matthew worked closely as well with Morgan Stanley’s hedge fund platform in building a multi-strat/multi-manager fund to better manage risk in a market backdrop of extreme central bank intervention/support. The conviction that precious metals provides the most reliable and longer-term protection against potential systemic risk led Matt to join MAM.

The author of the Amazon No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail, Matt is fluent in French, German and English; he is a graduate of Brown (BA), Harvard (MA) and the University of Michigan (JD). His widely respected reports on macro conditions and the changing behaviour of risk assets are published regularly at

Throughout history the ruling class has always sought to own gold and silver because they represent purity and longevity.
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