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The Delta Turning Points

May 31, 2006

The Delta turning points tell us when the highs and lows will occur for various markets. There are intermediate, medium, long term, and super long term Delta turning points. A Super Long Term Delta turning point lets us know what the major trend is. Within the major trend there are waves and corrections. Delta does not tell us price. However:

"Time is more important than price; when time is up price will reverse."


Few wave theorists know that every Elliott wave, however large or small, must end at a Delta turning point. The combination of Delta turning points and Elliott Wave Theory is a very powerful tool.

Gold bullion and the HUI have a long term Delta high due in October 2006.

The Delta long term high for the HUI is a # 1. The biggest moves tend to occur on either side of # 1.

Silver has a long term Delta high due in January 2007.

The second half of this year has the potential to produce substantial moves in gold, silver, and their shares.

Ron Rosen



Soon, we were sitting in Jim's living room chatting and I was scheduled to catch the 5:30 flight back home.

"How long will it take to show me your discovery?"

"Not long," said Jim, "but first if you wouldn't mind, I would like to tell you how this thing, Delta, came about."

"Is that what you call it, Delta?"

"Yes. Delta is a Greek letter derived from a word meaning door, in this case a door to the unknown. It also means for me the word diagnosis, a diagnosis of the markets. A few months ago I began thinking about the markets in a way that was different for me. I attempted to find out if there was some kind of order in all markets. I visualized the markets as being a hologram. Do you know what a hologram is, Welles?"

"Yes, a hologram is a projection in three dimensions."

"Right." Do you know how one is made?"


"A hologram is made by projecting laser light through a holographic negative - much like a photographic negative with normal lighting. However, if one looks at the holographic negative with normal lighting, it looks like mass confusion."

"When laser light is projected through the negative, then the three-dimensional hologram appears and the confusion is replaced by perfect order."

"This was my approach to finding order in the markets. Suppose the holographic negative was the markets. If I could find the right laser to shine through the negative, if there was order there, it would be immediately obvious. He asked me to come into the kitchen and sit down at the table."

"Here is a bar chart of the last nine months of Gold. It's mass confusion. Now look at this same market with this Delta overlay on the chart. Just study it for a minute."

I looked at the chart. It was overlaid with colored lines and numbers. It took about five seconds for it to hit me. I could not believe the answer was that simple. I suddenly felt a sense of awe seeing something like no one else had ever seen. I felt like the person who had spent his life searching for something, and ended up finding it in his own backyard.

Delta is not a market follower; it is the reason for all cyclic market phenomena. When the study was almost finished I called Jim and invited him to come to my office for a week to verify my findings. When Jim arrived we both worked night and day on the project. Jim went over every chart in detail. He also worked out the Long-term Delta for the rest of the markets.

Long Term Delta

How would you like to know that a market is going to move up for the next four months and then down for the next three months? Most people would just laugh at such a suggestion. They will jeer and say, "Nobody could ever know anything like that!"

Before the Delta Phenomenon was discovered, they would have been right. But now, a few traders know that this is not only possible, but they have seen it happen so consistently, time after time in market after market, year after year, that they take it for granted!

The Long-term Delta turning points were discovered and locked in concrete in 1984. They are just as accurate now as they were then.

Proof of the Hidden Order

I asked a mathematician to make the following calculation.

If there is not perfect order in the markets, what are the chances that One could know in advance that T- Bonds would make the highs and lows (in high/low rotation) as shown on the chart? The answer is one chance in 322 billion! To be exact, 1 in 332,687,692,541 that the turning points on the chart could have been known before they happened.

Do investment bankers and financial institutions worldwide know this?

Yes, some do, but try to tell this to your average banker and he will think you are some kind of a nut! I know, I've tried!

But I have heard from a few people in major financial institutions (mostly in Europe) who read this book and believed it In fact, they used the knowledge in the book to find the order in the European currency, bond and stock markets.

Are these bankers telling anyone about the Delta order? Not hardly! They have something that gives them an edge in competition with other financial institutions. They are not about to let anyone else in on it! So, how else can this information help you to trade the markets? Perhaps this sounds like a dumb question, but maybe I can point out some ways that you haven't already thought of.

[1] At every Long-term Delta turning point, there will be a coming together of Medium- term and Intermediate-term Delta turning points to pinpoint the major turn. This allows you to get in the market at the beginning of the move with a reasonably close stop.

[2] Trade only in the direction of the major trend. If you know that an up trend is going to last for the next three months, then take only long trades.

When Jim Sloman finished the last Delta chart back in 1984, he looked up from the table and made a statement that I will never forget. He said, "Welles, it's like having a road map into the future. What an incredible advantage to those who have it."

The actual highs and lows are indicated on the chart using # to indicate when they arrived. The numbers in the circle at the edge of the chart, top and bottom, indicate when the highs and lows are due. The next Delta medium turning point for gold is a high due July 12. The range for arrival is between June 28th and August 9th. In a strong bull move the highs tend to arrive late. You can see that there was a very powerful move up to the recent # 1 high. The reverse is true for powerful down moves. The colored vertical lines are the "Laser" light that Jim Sloman discovered. They produced the Holographic effect that allows us to know when the highs and lows will occur. The number of turning points is different for different groups of commodities and stocks. The four vertical colored lines repeat ad infinitum. The number of turning points between the vertical colored lines remains constant for each commodity, stock group, and index as far into the future as you want to go. There always are the same number of turning points between the colored vertical lines. The Delta turning points are truly an amazing discovery. They are not perfect accuracy. They give us the perfect order of highs and lows within an approximate period of time. The period of time has been researched using a massive computer study and going back 200 years.



The Precious Metals Market Timing letter includes the short, medium and long term Delta turning points for gold, silver, the gold and silver shares, the HUI and XAU. The letter is posted twice a week and updates are posted when market action warrants. The Precious Metals Market Timing letter is listed under services offered by the Delta Society International.

For information about subscribing to the Ron Rosen Precious Metals Timing Letter and the Delta Turning Points, contact:


Stay Well,

Ron Rosen

Disclaimer: The contents of this letter represent the opinions of Ronald L. Rosen. Nothing contained herein is intended as investment advice or recommendations for specific investment decisions, and you should not rely on it as such. Ronald L. Rosen is not a registered investment advisor Information and analysis above are derived from sources and using methods believed to be reliable, but Ronald L. Rosen cannot accept responsibility for any trading losses you may incur as a result of your reliance on this analysis and will not be held liable for the consequence of reliance upon any opinion or statement contained herein or any omission. Individuals should consult with their broker and personal financial advisors before engaging in any trading activities. Do your own due diligence regarding personal investment decisions.

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