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The End of Innocence

October 2, 2001

A quote from my 2-26-2001 essay called "A Dangerous Spring"- "I've often said the legacy of the child king would be war and depression." Now then, as we deploy tens of thousands of combat troops into Central Asia, send National Guard troops to police our airports and create the fascist sounding "Homeland Defense" anyone doubt my predictive abilities? The war is here and the depression is soon upon us. If you ask people who were alive in the 1940's, they will tell you America changed after Pearl Harbor. Likewise, the American Republic ended on September 11th, 2001. New York and Washington DC are already police states. The rest of America will soon follow. They actually threatened a commercial airline pilot with arrest because he was carrying a pair of fingernail clippers to his plane. Fear and hysteria will kill off what little remains of the American ideal. Our global masters have pulled off a coup-de-tat and there will be no turning back now. The New World Order goals of a global military, global central bank, global currency, global government and a microchipped, docile and completely monitored populace will be reality by the end of this decade. Remember what America was like on September 10th, for you shall never see her again. And mourn for her quaint idealism, lost innocence and self confidence never to return in our lifetimes. America was a shining ideal hijacked and raped by our Imperial Lords who will now try and recreate the Middle Ages again. The New World Order is the Taliban with technology.

Since March of 1998 I've written nearly 70 essays here at and in them I have attempted to explain to you the reader what I think is happening and why. Until the Internet is shut down under expanded anti terrorist laws I will continue, but you should understand hate crime laws will be used to silence pests like me and Mr. V. I have much to say about September 11th and will write more about it as time goes on, especially why I now believe the Biblical period called the Tribulation is imminent. I'm now convinced that the NWO philosophical foundation of thesis, antithesis and then synthesis (create the problem, provoke the reaction, provide the solution) is now being used to create the reign of antichrist. However, there is much to discuss on economics first.

It's obvious the global economy is collapsing. The lap dog press is everywhere full of recession talk, layoffs, unemployment and the like. A few comments about the unemployment rate and numbers first. The government magicians have added 155,000 jobs created to the official monthly job losses for several years now. What this means is that for July 2001 the official job loss of 207,000 was the after number and not the before one. For 2001 job loss numbers have been staggering indeed, but they are faked numbers. The real job loss numbers for January through August are the official numbers plus 155,000 times 7. Even though few, if any jobs were created, the government said over one million were. This is why people felt things were a lot worse than the whore media and the government said, even though the company line was there was no recession and keep buying stocks. The reality now is, as I predicted it would be, job losses will destroy consumer confidence, spending and the entire economy with it. The absolute destruction of corporate profits since 1997 has now borne fruit. The terrorist attacks are simply the coup de grace to a debt soaked group of Titanic survivors looking at shark fins getting closer. Between 1994 and June 2000 total credit and debt creation totals nearly 9 trillion dollars, nearly the entire Gross Domestic Product for last year. The actual GDP rose only 2.720 Trillion in the same period according to Dr. Kurt Richebacher of Daily

While the stock markets have been heralded by the press as having recovered, readers aren't that stupid or naive to believe it. I'm on record as predicting a Dow 5500 and a NASDAQ 500 by the way. The Dow is 8800, the NASDAQ 1500 and the S; P barely 1000. Funny, didn't Abby predict an S;P 1500 by now? Still a ways to go on the downside in my humble opinion. The depression we are facing will be unlike any we have faced. The war we are now in will be unlike anything seen since the Middle Ages and its 100 years war. We are looking at a level of economic chaos that modern America is simply not mentally prepared to deal with in my opinion. We shall see.

I suggest you go back and read my essays earlier in the year. I was off on Y2K, but damn I got this one nailed. As society collapses around me, at least I can take a scholar's pride in excellent work. No one who has read my essays this year can plead ignorance, surprise or not being aware of what America will face. Many of you didn't like them since they were so negative as you put it. Well, then you are going to love the rest of this years and 2002's.

It is said "the world wants to be deceived; let it be deceived". Not as long as I can wield my pen it won't. Destiny, it seems, awaits all Americans. Our leaders are fools. If America is to seize its destiny, the people must do it themselves.

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