The End Is Near! (Of Gold Price Manipulation, That Is...)

January 1, 2015

The gold manipulation has been nasty and severe, bringing investors to their knees. This is exactly what TPTB wish to accomplish. They wish to discourage all precious metals investors, have them sell all they have and put it into the stock market.

Do not be persuaded. For the prince of darkness roameth about seeking all whom he may devour. And for the once noble US, with all its freedoms and virtue, it has been sold to the highest bidders and controls our Congress. 

They may even push gold and silver to the lowest of lows in 2015. But it can't stay there and a grand reversal HAS to happen. Here's why.

In a transcript of an interview with Jim Willie, he says, "The suppression of the gold price has been the norm for 20 years, the constant cancer on the body financial, the enabler of unbridled debt and monetary growth. 

The methods are many to control the Gold price, which cannot be all listed, since to be honest, some are extremely hidden and are managed in secrecy.

The basic methods are to conduct naked shorting of the gold futures contract, selling paper gold, never delivering it, and perpetuating the process with more naked shorts. The sleepy compromised CFTC does not enforce any laws, certainly not against contract fraud. Since June 2012, the gold futures contracts have been settled in cash, giving their full bloom of the synthetic name. No lawsuits come, since the players would be banned from the COMEX criminal arena.

"The SPDR Gold Trust (aka GLD Fund) is an exchange traded fund. It supplies gold bullion to the COMEX in surreptitious manner, by basically robbing the investors of their base inventory. They produce certificates, short the shares, use all kinds of devices, and walk away with the metal off the ramp.

The GLD Fund has been systematically drained for the last five years, its inventory under 800 tons. Great debate stirs over the actual effective zero level being around 700 tons

Great debate stirs over the actual effective zero level being around 700 tons, since gold in motion from the mining firm output is counted in the fund (Jackass suspicion). Worse, the legitimate investors of GLD, even with sufficient number of shares according to the prospectus, are being denied a conversion to gold bars from the GLD shares. The conversion of shares is an exclusive Wall Street bank privilege. The source from the fund might be dry.

To be sure, Wall Street is running out of deep source channels. They have been using their Langley alliance to steal gold, like in Libya (144 tons) and in Kiev (33 tons) and elsewhere, maybe soon in defenseless Chad. The big untold story is the US Govt thefts of Saudi gold in Swiss banks. The royals are being tossed under the bus, no longer useful, except for photo opps. Despite the extraordinary measures, even with wars and disruptions, Wall Street is running out of deep source channels.

Many are the FOREX derivative devices that keep the Gold price down. The main centers for control of the Gold price are four. 

  • The Basel Switzerland hive with the Bank for Intl Settlements is a major control center, home of the uber-bankers.
  • The London site for the Goldman Sachs gold desk is another major control center, next door to the scandalous Gold Fix. 
  • The New York Fed is another major control center, which also specializes in stealing official gold accounts. 
  • The JP Morgan Chief Investment Office is another two-sided major control center, with vast tentacles to all important markets. It has offices in New York and London.
  • A hidden office could be in the Rome hive, which might contain more telephone and teletype messages than actual market orders.

The pattern of banker control to the Gold market has a deep vulnerability. They cannot use unlimited paper gold contracts, since some degree of attachment to gold collateral is required. In other words, 

The gold suppression requires some gold bullion as basis.
The Great Gold Game cannot be continued in perpetuity, since the paper gold requires an inflow source of actual physical metal gold in the form of gold bullion.

The reported ratio of paper gold claims to the actual gold supply within the banking system is around 100 to one in ratio. It grows worse (higher) every year. The Great Gold Game cannot be continued in perpetuity, since the paper gold requires an inflow source of actual physical metal gold in the form of gold bullion.

The New York hive is running low, if not close to empty. The GLD source is running low, if not close to empty. The London hive is running low, if not close to empty. It has actually been drained of 1000 tons gold per month since March 2012. The other sources are more nebulous and difficult to assess.

The Basel hive might not be running low on gold bars, but they might be close to their limit on willingness to provide gold to the system, which redirects it to China. The Rome hive might also be low on willingness to provide gold to the system. Both Basel and Rome might be in the process of negotiating a role in the next chapter after the Global Paradigm Shift is completed.


Deep disturbance comes from a sudden (possibly overnight) doubling of the Gold price, done in Shanghai. They run an honest shop and they seek to establish a fair Gold price. It will be based on equilibrium between Supply & Demand of the physical gold metal. 

What a unique concept, totally lost to the Western bank centers and the entire Western financial structures. The stubborn Gold metal cannot be printed, nor converted from iron or lead in alchemy. Despite strong relations with Beelzebub and the nether world, the bankers cannot tap the alchemy laboratory formulas and produce gold.

The Gold market cannot be fixed by paper gold on a repeated basis, surely not in perpetuity. When the Shanghai shock comes, all the Paper Gold structures will fall, all the FOREX derivatives will collapse, all the control rooms will go into panic mode. It would be fun to watch, except the vile bankers will cause more wars and release more designer viruses."

The Harbinger

In conclusion, the title of this story may not be wrong, as the end of everything may also be near. I was turned on to a great video about the book "The Harbinger", which I never got around to reading this year. So this 40 minute video was short and sweet, well-more like SHOCKING and indisputable.
According to these prophecies, which coincide with the Blood Moons coincidentally happening  all this upcoming year on Jewish Holidays, and the date of mid to end September 2015 when this next catastrophic event will happen, is shocking!

Apparently the occurrence of these "Blood Moons" that are when the moon scientifically turns red, hasn't occurred on Jewish Holidays for hundreds of years. I didn't memorize the facts, so just take a listen for yourself. Trust me, this can't be a conspiracy with all the facts presented that coincide with the Bible. Take a listen. It may change your outlook on things: ******** 

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In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 which outlawed U.S. citizens from hoarding gold.
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