Fed Pivots & Precious Metals Explode Higher

MBA, Market Analyst & Author @ The Mining Stock Journal
December 15, 2023

Yesterday was a big day in the financial markets, as the Federal Reserve finally gave the announcement that so many have been waiting for.

The Fed held their latest policy meeting this week, and in addition to using less hawkish language in their statement, their summary of economic projections now forecasts 3 rate cuts in 2024 (as well as another 4 in 2025), which sent the stock and precious metals markets wild.

Gold is back over $2,000 an ounce, while silver has rallied from under $23 at the time of the announcement, to over $24.50 as of Wednesday afternoon. And in today's show, Dave Kranzler checks in to review what happened at the meeting, and why the latest developments were extremely bullish for the precious metals sector.

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Dave Kranzler spent many years working in various analytic jobs and trading on Wall Street. For nine of those years, he traded junk bonds for a large bank. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago, with a concentration in accounting and finance. He currently co-manages a precious metals and mining stock investment fund in Denver. My goal is to help people understand and analyze what is really going on in our financial system and economy. Dave publishes the The Mining Stock Journal a bi-weekly subscription newsletter that features junior mining ideas as well as relative value ideas in large cap mining stocks.


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