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Francis Hunt: What Happens When Gold Breaks $2,000

October 27, 2023

In the past 3 years we've seen the gold price break the $2,000 level on several occasions. Yet each time it's come back in, leaving many wondering what it will finally take for a decisive breakthrough that finally leaves the $2,000 level in our rear-view mirror.

So in today's show we talk with Francis Hunt, who in addition to being a sound money advocate, is also an active trader who looks at the technicals, and talks about the recent trading patterns, and what he feels is required for the gold price to finally move above $2,000 and not come back.

He talks about where he sees the gold price going once it does go over the $2,000 for the last time, and what kind of pullbacks he sees along the way. He describes why there has been strong demand for gold even during a higher interest rate environment, and what is really driving the gold market at this point. And of course he also looks at the silver chart and talks about the key levels that he sees in silver, how silver will respond as the gold price moves higher, and some levels to watch for in the gold to silver ratio.

So for a more in-depth look at the technical levels in the gold and silver charts, and what to expect next, click to watch this video now!

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