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GATA Hosts Gold Conference in Durban, South Africa

April 19, 2001

Gold producers around the world have been invited to the GATA African Gold Summit in Durban, South Africa, on May 10.

In the past, when asked about the manipulation of the gold market, many gold producers have told their shareholders that they have found no evidence of gold market manipulation. That is about to change. The conference in Durban will be their opportunity to review the evidence first-hand from a variety of experts.

One of the speakers will be Frank Veneroso of Veneroso Associates. He will reveal documentation that the central bank gold loans are two to three times the official estimates. These loans have been used by the Gold Cartel to hold down the gold price to the detriment of so many. Since the mainstream gold world admits to only 5,000 tonnes of central bank gold loans, Frank's presentation will make clear that something is severely amiss.

It is what the Gold Cartel does not want you to know.

A portion of Frank's awesome Power Point presentation may now be viewed at web site under "South Africa." The exact address is:

Gold and gold share investors have been the laughingstocks of the investment world for many years. That should not have been the case and would not have been if not for the irresponsible and in some cases illegal actions of certain banks.

The conference in Durban is the opportunity for the gold industry and affected parties, such as the South African miners, to turn it all around, as we will offer an action plan pursuant to our presentation.

Once the politicos and mainstream investment world realize what has actually happened, the price of gold will rise sharply. It goes almost without saying that the benefits to gold and gold share investors will be extraordinary.

The summit committee has invited many of the gold producers to inspect the evidence. The day of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" must end. It is time that action is taken on behalf of the shareholders instead of the bureaucrats and bullion dealers.

Since some of the gold producers may not be able to attend, we are asking them to pay for what it would cost to send one or two people to review the documentation that will be presented. The information will be forwarded to them and I will be available over the next month to field any questions.

The preparation and cost of the Durban event are extensive. We need their support.

In addition to our support staff in Durban, five people with a combined 150 years of experience in the areas to be discussed are taking days out of their busy schedules to make presentations that can change the gold industry forever.

What could be more important to a gold producer's chief executive officer?

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee asks for the support of shareholders around the world. Please contact the companies invited to the conference and urge their attendance and review of the evidence.

The following companies have already confirmed that they are sending representatives, so they need not be contacted:

Avgold, Durban Deep, Harmony Gold Mining and JCI

We are waiting for responses from:

JC Gold Mining

Caledonia Mining

Gold Fields

Randgold Resources

St. Helena Gold Mining

Sub-Nigel Gold Mining

Witwatersrand Gold Mining

(Two executives from Western Areas and Anglogold cannot attend, so we are re-contacting them to see if someone else from those companies can take their place.)

Agnico-Eagle Mines


Barrick Gold

Bema Gold



Campbell Resources

Dayton Mining

Echo Bay Mines

Freeport McMorRan Copper and Gold


Glamis Gold


Gold Reserve

Golden Star Resources

Homestake Mining

Kincross Gold

Lihir Gold

Meridian Gold

Newmont Mining

Normandy Mining

Placer Dome

Richmont Mines

Rio Tinto

Southwestern Gold

World Gold Council

All gold producers are welcome. If you know of any that would like to attend that we have not invited or that wish to receive the information presented in exchange for a contribution, please contact me at [email protected].

This is a one-shot affair and can make a lasting difference. The more the gold industry participates, the greater the success it will be.

Investments in gold company shares can become the investments of a lifetime if only the chief executive officers will come and listen.

The gold price should be $600, not $260. It will be $600

once this information is understood and disseminated.

It is the hope of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee that gold shareholders everywhere will seize the day by contacting the world's gold producers. Ask them to review Frank Veneroso's presentation at the GATA web site and then urge them to attend the conference.

The gold whistle is blowing. It's game time. Please send this email to every gold company, every gold site, and every gold shareholder you can think of.

This is your call to arms. We all can make it happen. Let's do it!

When you go to, please allow some for downloading the Veneroso presentation, as the graphics are extensive.

The melting point of gold is 1337.33 K (1064.18 °C, 1947.52 °F).
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