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Gold’s Cup And Handle Forecast

April 19, 2019

Gold completed a lengthy 3-3-5 Flat pattern, a corrective move from 2016, within a large degree rising trend. This Flat is wave 2-down shown in the chart below. Starting last summer, Gold began what will be a huge rally leg, wave 3-up. It completed the first subwave 1-up of 3-up, and over the past few months here in 2019 it is working through subwave 2-down of large degree 3-up. 

What is most interesting is that this subwave 2-down is forming the “Handle” portion of a Bullish Cup and Handle pattern. Once this wave 2-down completes, this pattern will be complete, and a powerful wave 3-up of 3-up will begin.

Next is a close-up for this Handle pattern decline.

There is a well-defined declining trend-channel for Gold’s wave 2-down move. If Gold chooses to target the bottom boundary of the trend-channel, then Gold could drop toward the 1,225 area. It does not have to reach that level. A breakout above the upper boundary of this declining trend-channel would indicate that the correction is over, and a powerful rally toward 1,600 is underway.

Confirming this gold forecast is another Bullish pattern evident, a huge inverse Head & Shoulders bottom. It has a defined upside price target of 1,600. A breakout above the neckline, above 1375 would be very Bullish.

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