Gold’s Massive, Bullish Cup And Handle Pattern

May 10, 2021

Gold has formed and nearly completed a Massive Cup and Handle Bullish pattern that started at its September 2011 peak and has continued through now, May 10th, 2021. This ten-year pattern is nearly complete. This pattern has a minimum projected upside price target of 3,000. Gold closed Friday, May 7th at 1,831. This pattern is forecasting a nearly 1,200 point, 64 percent, rise from current levels – at least.

A Cup and Handle chart pattern is where we see a drop in the price after a significant high (such as we saw back on September 2011) followed by a rise back up to the original peak value, which is then followed first by a smaller drop, and then a rise past the previous peak. It is an indication of bullish sentiment in the market and likely further price increases. It is a continuation “pause” pattern in a long-term Bullish trend. Gold started its long-term Bullish trend back in the 1970’s, and temporarily topped on September 6th, 2011 at 1923.70. It then fell into a late 2015 bottom on December 3rd, 2015 at 1,045.40, then rose back to approximate 2011 levels last August 7th, 2020 at 2,089.20.

The unique shape of this pattern, typically, is a rounded bottom like the bottom of a tea cup. But what is important is that this pattern needs a “Handle.” After prices return to their original high (such as occurred in August 2020), once they rise back to that same approximate level, a decline must form that is fairly short in both time duration and depth, relative to the steepest decline into the Cup’s bottom. Once this “Handle” bottoms, prices should break out higher back to the original high. Once prices rise above that original high level, it is off to the races for prices.

Below is an example of this pattern from the Technical Analysis Science of Market Forecasting Textbooks:

Now we can see that Gold may have just finished its decade long Massive Bullish Cup and Handle pattern here in May, 2021, as it has nearly completed the final portion of the pattern, the Handle.

Check out this next chart as of Friday, May 7th, 2021:


But does this pattern actually accurately forecast future rising prices for Gold? Well, it sure did back in April 2019. At that time, we saw this same pattern, but at a smaller degree of trend, a Bullish Cup and Handle pattern that we presented to our Subscribers at that time.  Based upon this pattern, we forecasted a strong breakout higher for Gold. Here is the chart for that smaller degree Cup and Handle back in April 2019:


By June 2019, a few months later, Gold had risen out of its Handle and was ready to explode.


Then, over the next fourteen months from June 2019 to August 2020, Gold rose approximately 800 points, or 64 percent! How is that for forecasting accuracy?


Great news at long last for Gold bugs. Probably not so good for the stock market, hyperinflation, or for world peace and security, as this Gold pattern is warning trouble could be coming. 

At Dr. McHugh’s we track the short-term waves that make up these larger degree trends, and chart them in our forecast newsletters, and have developed several proprietary Buy/Sell indicators that help us identify when the next significant move is starting for the major stock indices, as well as Gold, Silver and Mining stocks, and in which direction the move will develop. We publish these indicators in every Newsletter to subscribers. We offer education on how to trade markets up or down, based upon these indicators, patterns, and the overbought / oversold conditions that they identify.


The periodic symbol for gold is AU which come from the Latin for gold aurum.
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