Gold Price And Commodities Weakness Ahead

October 3, 2016

Gold is in the process of beginning a multi-month correction. Since one more run up in price is still likely at this stage, we are targeting the high $1300 area as a top. Subsequently, we expect a correction to last into the first half of 2017, where a significant bottom will occur.

We are expecting other markets to correct over the coming months, including global stock markets and peripheral currencies as the US Dollar once again becomes the go to currency.  We have included our oil forecast this week as this pair have been treading the same waters for some time now and both show the probability of weakness ahead.

Our oil forecast has been showing for some time that we expect a new bear phase to begin shortly. Although we didn’t get our $60+, you can see from our previous forecasts on our website, we have been targeting this next correction for some time.

Taking patterns in nature that repeat over different time frames like fractals as the basis for the forecast methodology, our forecast patterns can last for months and years. We create a most probable long-term fractal pattern…and then continually test and model it over multiple time frames to ensure the pattern remains a probable event.


You can follow our short term forecasts on our web site.

Ken Ticehurst is the publisher of forecasts for a wide range of markets at he has a BSC (Hons.) in Industrial Design and decades of experience as a data analyst. Having used technical analysis during over ten years of trading, he became frustrated with how backward looking it is and set about creating a logical mathematical approach to analysing future prices.

Ken Ticehurst been a gold trader for over a decade and is currently developing a unique gold price forecasting system using fractal analysis and unique algorithms. He creates forecasts using different patterns that occur over daily, weekly and monthly time frames. In his view news does not move prices over the long-term, but rather that prices move news over the long-term. Human nature demands an explanation for every price move. It is his philosophy that day to day and even week to week moves are just noise disguising the long-term trends.
Ticehurst has a BSc.(Hons.) in Product Design from the University of the West of London with a commercial background in data analysis and research. Ken has been involved in markets as diverse as classic cars, construction and real estate.  He has seen bubbles grow and deflate time and again, subsequently giving birth to his galvanizing interest in the underlying sentiment that drives the fear and greed phases.  Ken’s website is:

The term “carat” comes from “carob seed,” which was standard for weighing small quantities in the Middle East.
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