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Gold Revaluation And New Global Debt Records Ongoing

November 25, 2019

Below is a quick 10-minute update covering how gold bullion is continually accounting for our fiat financialized world having now made new record-sized promises much of which will not be delivered in full, if at all.

Back napkin calculation w/ updated
record Global Debt Levels per the IFF.

In 1999, total physical Gold was worth 1/100th of the then total global debt.

In 2019, total physical Gold is worth 1/28th the now 2.5X'd total global debt.

Will physical gold values account for over 1/16th by 2030?!

How about over 1/8th by 2040?

That is the pace we are on.

Last week in our gold market update we looked at the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet having ballooned almost $300 billion since the middle of September 2019 when the NY Fed’s REPO Loan program started.

This week we go back to hear yet more US congressional testimony from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell who was speaking to US Congressional Joint Economic Committee. 

On November 13, 2019, the private central bank Chairman Jerome Powell essentially told US Congress the few paying attention, that they're too technically inept to understand the then over $3 TRILLION in lent fiat Fed notes since middle September 2019 (less than 60 days of time).

The size and scope of the potential problems underlying are hard to fathom indeed, especially when all we get are fractional truths and obfuscation at best from bank bailout artisans. Congress appears too self-interested or simply too obtuse to dare ask pointed adult questions that are merited. 

This current round of NY Fed Repo loans looks like it will again lead to mega-bank bankruptcies. This time may not be bank bailed out though, but rather bank bail-in via supranational law.

An easy hedge against all this and central planners who want you stuck in their systems is to buy bullion - a prudent sized physical position for the medium and longer-term in your direct ownership.

The math simply bears out that a prudent bullion position makes investment and financial sense, especially when living under an increasingly unstable full fiat currency system.

The bottom line is we bet short this fiat financialization fraud filled system with physical bullion. Gold bullion and other physical precious metals are going to account for decades of lies compounding.

James Anderson

Buy Your Gold & Silver from the Doc”

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James Anderson has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets before the 2008 global financial crisis. His twitter handle is @JamesHenryAnd and he authored SD Bullion’s complementary '21st Century Gold Rush Book.'

The 1849 Gold Rush sped up California's admission to the Union as the 31st state in that year.
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