Huge Stock Market Rally Monday, Gold Price Drops?

August 25, 2019

It has been a while since I have posted. I believe after the huge stock market drop on Friday that we have even a bigger move up Monday like +4%. The mining shares GDX could fall -12%.

This is quite a prediction and a bit ball-zy I know, but my system (astro,cycle,wave,technical analysis) seems quite clear to me. It may be the G7 Meeting, it may be something else, but that is what I see.

The charts below of the SPX, GDX, GLD and SLV gives my perspective for the short-term into Sept 3 for the stock market and out to 2024 for GDX, gold and silver.

As you can see, I believe this expected stock rally Monday will be termed a bear rally as I believe we should be near SPX 2424 by Sept 3. Yes, I’m looking for a crash. The Sun/Mars conjunction due Sept 2 and the numerous trines that weekend with all the astro-planetary dealings in Virgo dealings up until August 30 with the new moon and my current e-wave look, wow.

Anyway, enjoy the ride ahead! There is a lot going to happen between now and late next year I see; lots of trading opportunities in both stocks and the precious metals both up and down.

Brad Gudgeon

Editor - BluStar Market Timer

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