HUI 365 - Sooner Than You Might Think

October 12, 2005

I apologize for not writing an editorial for the last few weeks. We had a fire in my dental office on 9-12-05, and I have been working 20 hour days to put things back together. With the help of Dr. Vronsky, I decided to take a few minutes to write a short update on the HUI fractal because I believe we are sitting at an important juncture.

It seems that many analysts are currently getting rather negative on the Precious Metals and the Precious Metal stocks. I do not share their pessimism at this time. In fact, I think that the HUI will likely explode upward in the very near future based on the "fractal" that we discussed in our initial editorial. Our call for a bottom in Silver a few weeks, ago, when some were depressed over a "breakdown" in the Silver chart was only one day early. We still believe that Silver will continue to climb toward the $11.50 area, and that Gold will likely continue to seek the $540ish level.

The recent break of the 20+ year resistance line by Gold was a historical and momentous event. The Gold stocks have not yet been revalued upward based on such an important break of resistance………………."You ain't seen nothing, yet!"


Enjoy the ride.

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