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It's GAME OVER…The Dollar Is DYING!

January 2, 2015

US Sanctioning…Russia Is Backfiring!

I disagree that the US is driving down the oil price. I also disagree that the Russian economy is in tatters. 

You can’t believe Reuters or Bloomberg. The ruble goes down, and the oil price goes down. This is the news: There is no change in the oil price in ruble terms.

My contact in Russia, who has a son in Moscow, asked him how the import prices are affected. They have sudden moves up to 10%, but they go down in a couple of weeks.  That means the Russians are cleverly managing their reserves with 160 down to $130 Billion in Treasury Bonds to manage the foreign imports that they pay for with dollars. 

The Russians have no change in their oil revenues in ruble terms, while they use dollars to assure their imports, and manage the import prices so that they are just little speed bumps. 

Russia is NOT in tatters. Putin is sitting right next to a KILL SWITCH.

By C Serpa

The kill switch would be to require, if he chose, all Russian exports of energy and metals to be paid in either rubles or yuan. Or he could do something that he’s already indicated: All major FOREX currencies that are being used to pay for Russian exports are immediately converted to gold. 

The Russian economy is neither in tatters nor is it on the verge of falling. Instead, they are converting all kinds of foreign revenue into gold.

And what does the US Press say? That they’re spending their hard-earned gold to manage the ruble crisis, when it’s the EXACT OPPOSITE, according to this article. 

Russia in not weak. They’ve got over 25,000 tons of gold and NO EXTERNAL DEBT. 

What does the US have? No gold, not much industry and $18 Trillion worth of government debt. Which country is weak? Which economy is in tatters, the Russian, or the US?

Don’t believe for a minute “official gold data”. Russian and China each have OVER 20,000 TONS of gold!  
Don’t believe that the US have 8,500 tons- they have ZERO tons!

They are robbing the GLD fund, which is what MORONS invest in, thinking they own gold. And JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are robbing it blind to give gold to meet the COMEX obligations. They are running out of gold and the game is coming to an end in 2015. 

I have not said the system is going to break in Mid-February. I have said that the Chinese New Year is in mid-February. I said to look for a lot of aggravated pressures and more evidence of the system breaking by February going into March. 

It could come with a big rise with the gold price or it could be a European phenomenon where they announce they no longer want to engage in exclusive dollar trade, which will not just be gold-backed, it will be silver-backed. The rise in the silver price will be DOUBLE or MORE the rise in the gold price. 

Acceleration of Death of the Dollar

The faster the world can get away from the dollar, the more likely it is that we get some sort of global improvement. If we stick with the dollar we’re going to get global recession and depression, followed by the NWO global, fascist state. 

Interviewer: And World War III.

Willie: No, we’re not going to get WWIII. 

Interviewer: I say that not as an alarmist, but as a transition from one currency regime to another, which is usually accompanied by some big conflagration. 

Willie: I just don’t buy the argument.  In 10 months of the Ukraine war, we haven’t had any escalation. There’s only one thing I’m worried about, and that’s a nuclear accident like Chernobyl. There is a worry about that in Ukraine. 

I give Putin credit. He is our hope to get rid of the dollar, along with the President of China, without a conflagration of World War. I don’t think we are going to get any nuclear exchanges. 

Putin has done another clever thing. He said he’s not going to supply gas to any country that has hidden CIA torture center prisons. He’s courted Turkey, converting the Southstream Gas Pipeline to the Turkstream. Turkey is on the verge of abandoning NATO. 

Sub Prime Shale Bond Failure

The falling oil price is doing far more damage to the US economy than it is to Russia. We are eliminating the entire shale industry. It’s going to be totally dark in a month or two. That is the marginal employer and producer in the economy. 

When the shale industry dies completely down in a month or two, you will have a sub-prime sale bond failure. It’s going to catch fire across the US bond industry. It’s all going to force Russia, China and 140 plus BRICS alliance nations… 

You have all these reports about the dollar being strong and crude oil falling in price. Crude oil is not falling in price. The dollar is dying.

In nominal terms, the crude oil price is going down, yes.  Don’t focus on the numbers in the price, but the dynamics that are pushing it down. You’ve got lower demand  and a universal broken petrodollar system.  The stock market is going up – it’s crazy! It’s not reflecting value or profitability. All these things are going up in value because they are being fed on the paper mache side- the paper funnels coming from the Fed and all the other central banks, except the Bundesbank. 

This confluence of rivers is going to force the Russian and Chinese hands to “hurry up” and come up with their alternative and I think they’re first move is going to be a follow-on for all the different Chinese swap facilities. The first RMB facility was with Brazil in 2006, now they’ve got RMB facilities with London, Germany and Australia in their bilateral trade.

They are not dealing with dollars AT ALL. You have about 23 different nations, some of them minor, but many MAJOR, that have RMB (renminbi) swap facilities. 

We are now in the preliminary stage of avoiding the dollar now. They are going to work toward Letters of Credit that are gold trade notes. The US has blocked all attempts to return to the gold standard. The other countries are going to come up with a ‘trade solution’ to the gold standard. Then all these nations that participate with the new system are going to realize that they don’t need their Treasury bonds anymore as they are only causing problems. 

This is the Russian–Chinese plan. They are going to get a back door to re-install gold as the standard in trade. When that happens the dollar will totally be discarded and no one will want it. 

Then the US will not be able to import items and pay with Treasuries.

The US has set itself up for failure by getting rid of its industry by outsourcing. Now, the other nations that have the industry that are supplying the US economy are participating in the BRICS alliance and they are lined up with this gold trade note system. 

Russia and China have set up a new SWIFT banking system, a new gold trade system with letters of credit and they’ve got their own debt-rating services that are going to declare the US government TOXIC junk bonds.   They’ve also got their own credit cards. They don’t need VISA and Mastercard – they have Union Pay. There are more customers using Union Pay than Mastercard in the world. 

The US is going to qualify as a third world nation and we are going to see Russia as the leader in Europe. I can’t say enough about the positive strategy of Russia. They are working toward gold standard platforms. 

Interviewer: "We’ve had some significant things happen in 2014. I was saying that they can’t stop QE, and it appears from the overt standpoint, that they haveInterest rates have stayed down. Is that the trend we’re going to see going into next year?

QE Did not End, It Just Changed Offices

Willie: I think so, and what we have is these twin towers, the dollar and the Treasury Bonds - they’re toxic. People think the dollar is strong now. But that’s wrong. The dollar is toxic because we’re printing somewhere like a minimum of $30 Billion a month to maybe as much as $300 Billion a month. We’re covering the US government debt, which is TOXIC. This is what third world nations do. 

We’ve got these twin towers of toxic money and bonds. And they’re leaking, so the whole world is damaged. 

They TALKED about ending QE, and then the next thing you know, the Bank of Japan announced unlimited QE. 
That’s your indication that QE did NOT END. 
It just changed offices. 
We’ve stolen the 1.2 Trillion dollar Japanese pension fund.

East Asian Currency War

The Japanese are doing something clever, which I didn’t expect. They’re dropping their prices, so they don’t have such a big impact on their neighbor competitors. They are reducing their revenue stream. But they can’t avoid the currency war because the Japanese Yen is not done going down. 

Economic Growth-We're in a Full-Blown Multi-Year Recession

I don’t believe for a minute this Q3 growth story, they make me laugh! So you’ve got all these retail chains, companies like Cisco announcing lay-offs, Sears and WalMart in trouble, all these companies are going down, yet the economy is rising. What I think is there’s an acceleration downward in the GDP for about 4 consecutive years. I am talking about a 20% reduction in the US economy. That’s what a depression does. We fixed nothing. 

It’s a full-blown multi-year recession.  

Clash in Statistics

We’ve got a 4-fold rise in the money supply and a 4-times more balance sheet at the Fed. They are the holder of last resort for these toxic Treasury Bonds, so they’re wrecked! That’s why they sold the controlling interest to China. 

Here’s the clash: The money supply is UP 4-fold, but the money velocity is DOWN 50% since 2007. You NEVER see that in growth times. NEVER. In fact, it if drops 10 or 20%, it’s called “on the edge of a depression.” So what if it’s down 50%? It’s a full-blown multi-year recession.  

Here’s the consequence to the currency world: If you’ve got this 4-fold increase in the money supply in the Central Banks holdings of the toxic US government debt,  the propaganda comes out that there’s not enough gold to cover all this money. We can’t go on a gold standard. Which I say is a bunch of BS.

 Because you increase the gold price 4 or 5-fold to 5 or $6,000 oz. to compensate for the 4-fold increase 
in the dollar money supply. 
That’s the kind of thinking Wall Street doesn’t want to hear. 

They will never stop the zero percent interest rate because it feeds the system for the long term Treasury Bond demand. This is GAME OVER!

Interviewer: Do you see the death of the dollar in 2015?

I see several rivers converging and they’re all for wreckage. The dollar rising is a systemic breakdown. You have entire nations that are hunkering down into the dollar, because their own currencies are in trouble, as they cannot print money. The nation that prints the money is seeing the benefit - only in their currency. The dollar is rising, because the whole system is breaking.

This is when the US is going to be in a tremendous quandary: When they must come up with gold to back a gold-based currency, or they fall into the third world. I think they are going to come up with an artificially gold-backed currency and they are going to be forced into an internationally approved audit. 
And they are going to fail the audit. 

There’s deep storage gold that shows up on government ledgers all the time in their accounting. It’s loaded with Evergreen contracts from Barrick, ownership rights on Nevada and Colorado and Alaskan properties  -  it’s unmined gold, and that does not qualify to back a gold-backed currency. 

I’ve been asking my sources, will the Eastern ancient families that have been around for thousands of years, China is awakening - and these families are taking control. I asked them, will these families supply 10,000 tons of gold to the US so they could have a legitimate currency? 

Because they don’t want the US economy to go to hell in a handbasket. They want it to be part of the global economy. They want exports to the US. It's a big part of their economic equation. And the answer is no, under the current system and regime and the people operating the US. 

So I asked another question: 

Will the robbers, who pilfered Fort Knox, namely Clinton, Bush and Rubin – will they be forced to reproduce and repatriate the US gold? And I have not gotten an answer. I think they used it for other purposes that I don’t want to get into, like a lot of weird things like underground cities. 

I believe most of the US gold went into the gold market and financed a lot of secret projects for Langely. Langely is a city in Virginia with the headquarters of the Central Intelligence agency is located. They have stolen US gold, which is only $500 billion worth of gold. They also have narcotics money that helps fund their projects: They get more than $500 billion every single year from Afghanistan heroine. 

This is the year that the whole globe comes to the realization that they must move quickly away from the dollar. 

People need to get out of the dollar system before they lose their money: your CDs are not safe, your stock account, or money with corporate bonds.

European Central Bank QE 

Interviewer: There’s a lot of talk that the ECB is going to institute QE at their next meeting, and that the Swiss are going to institute negative interest rate policy on the very day. Is that something you have thought of? 

Willie: The Swiss are in a unique bind. Since 2011, they have been maintaining a 120 peg.  The money was seeking the Swiss hills and it jettisoned it upward. So the Swiss National Bank has been printing money and that is about to break. They may announce they are going to print a bunch of money, as it’s overloaded with Euros.  

The Swiss are printing money and never stopped. I think they are the big focal point right now, depending on if Prince Draghi remains at the post. The conflict is between the Bundesbank and the Euro ECB. The Germans have told Draghi they are going to leave the Euro if they print money. 

Germans on the Verge of Leaving the Euro

Germany doesn’t like the NSA spying, the Russian sanctions, the absence of return of their repatriated gold, or the European Central Bank printing money.

If they print money, it will weaken the Euro and bring about capital destruction. You lose your profit margin, and the Germans don’t want to see that. They do not want Draghi to print money.

Germany is at war between the Bundesbank and the European Central Bank. If they go ahead with QE, then the Germans are going to abandon the Euro. 


80% of the mainstream press in the US about the global financial system are lies, yet  80% of the news on the internet is true. I am using it far more lately, like the Russian  RT News, the BRICS Post, Xinhua out of China, India Economic Times, even Al Jazeera is more competent than Reuters and Bloomberg, which puts out trash!


This is what fascists do: They wreck economies, do bond fraud, steal central bank gold and wage war. World War II didn’t defeat the fascists. The US invited them, called “Operation Paper Clip”. They took over the banks, Goldman Sachs and the Treasury Department of the US government.

They conducted 9/11, they stole $100 Billion in gold bullion from the World Trade Center, $100 Billion in diamonds. Wake up, people, it was a bank robbery! The largest bank center in the world was the World Trade Center. It’s not a tourist center! 


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