The Ma and Pa Kettle Depression

March 13, 2001

Look what the global elite has gone and done. Look at the mess the best and brightest have gotten all of us into. Mr. Bonner of comments that there is smart money and dumb money; then, there is money so stupid it requires euthanasia. Watching this pathetic globe as it lurches into the new millennium, one wonders if his wit applies to entire economies, political systems, nations and even planets. For sure, it applies to what's left of the NASDAQ. The elite has obviously freaked out over the nearly 60%, approaching 4 TRILLION DOLLARS, equity loss in the NASDAQ in the last year. Not that Mr. Magoo has any idea what to do about it, except possibly whine that banks need to actually loan more money. Mr. Magoo missed his calling: he should have become a comic. Honestly, between McTeer and Magoo, these Fed guys are turning into first rate comic relief. Assuming Mr. Magoo doesn't get impeached and/or imprisoned, he can always make a few bucks appearing on Saturday Night Live.

Today is the one year anniversary of the NASDAQ's greatest moment of glory. Like Hitler's advance into Russia, the NASDAQ almost made it. The oil rigs of Baku were in sight, before the little excursion called Stalingrad altered things. I'm sure the Germans freezing to death during January of 1943 thought they would be relieved. I'm sure they believed in the Führer the same way bulls pay homage to Abby Cohen and her cohort of illusionists. It's just it can't change objective reality. In this game called stock market poker, reality trumps illusion.

The reality is Lucent has lost $200 billion of investor money. The reality is Amazon's CEO Bezos is under SEC investigation. The reality is Intel is cutting jobs and slashing earnings estimates. As are Cisco, Microsoft et al. The reality is 250,000 thousand German troops deployed into Stalingrad in the summer of 1942. The reality is 150,000 of them were killed. The reality is only 6,000 of the 100,000 who surrendered made it back to Germany in the mid 1950's. Now, we were discussing the future prospects of this poker game called the NASDAQ? Siberia and dysentery anyone?

God is good in that he allows me little glimpses in the mind set of the elite without defiling myself too much by coming in contact with them. So it was with some bemusement I noticed the local New World Order mouthpiece the Airgonian highlighting the NASDAQ's plight. In graphic Saturday front page detail I might add. Just noticed did you guys? Boy, Sherlock Holmes has nothing on our elite journalists. There is always a reason for anything that appears in the whore press of the corrupt oligarchy ruling this planet. There is a reason for something not appearing. There is a reason for the timing, display and emphasis of whatever the whore press is pushing at the moment. Isn't it interesting the whore press is reminding the American people they've lost 4 trillion dollars in the NASDAQ right now? Isn't it interesting the global elite is kicking the American economy at the precise moment it is already reeling? Isn't it interesting the global elite is sending a massive wave of negative thought energy into the American people's crumbling psychological optimism right now? Now, why would they do that?

I think they are making their move to create a global crisis and seize open control of the planet. We are on the verge of a MidEast war, probably by Easter. I believe Britain's foot and mouth epidemic was a terrorist act of revenge by Saddam Hussein. The global economy is crumbling before our very eyes. Throughout the world, on every front of human activity unprecedented chaos is happening right now. The global elite is preparing for the collapse of the Reichstag economy, Reichstag political system and Reichstag social order. Once our political, economic and social systems are reduced to rubble, the New World Order will move in. Planet Earth as their own personal little sandbox to loot and pillage for fun and profit.

If this sounds a little too conspiratorial for you, there is always the Bush tax cut theory. The ultra rich can make a lot of money if they panic the herd into stupid tax breaks for the billionaires. Our economy is bad so we need to give Bill Gates an estate tax cut from 55% to 0. Our economy is so bad we need to have Bush interfere with the Airline Mechanics Union right to strike. Our economy is so bad we need to spend trillions more on an obsolete defense strategy. Do I personally think Bush and his allies would try to panic the American sheeple into taking economic actions beneficial to our New World Order masters. In a word, yes. Bush is simply the mouthpiece of those global forces seeking to turn the United States into region 10 of Star Trek's Federation. Hey don't laugh, the Marines are even showing off their own version of a Phaser.

The point of the Oregonian front page article was obvious to Ma and Pa Kettle. It's all over for the NASDAQ except the rigor mortis. I've been following the lapdog media as it scrambles all over itself to regain credibility. The same lapdog press that attempted to subvert the Presidential election, covered up Clinton's crimes for eight years; lied about the nature of the economic boom, is now breathlessly telling us the economy is in bad shape. Truth is said to be the first casualty of war. The Republicans use this to get tax breaks for the rich. The Democrats use this to increase the government blob. Neither one will admit the system has failed and is now in the final phase of a fiat meltdown. If they did that, they would have to admit GATA is right about gold market manipulation. The lapdog press would have to admit they are coconspirators in deceiving the American people about many, many things. Of course, no chance of that happening until the people wake up to the nature of power and how it's used against the masses by the elite. Eventually the people will wake up, but it will be too late.

I think Ma and Pa Kettle are starting to get scared. The economic statistics are sending a confused signal. Interest rates are down and consumers are responding by going in debt more. The interesting thing is the increase isn't showing up in retail sales or car sales. Retail sales were very threatening to Mr. Magoo in February. Auto sales were even more disturbing to Mr. Magoo I think. The lapdog press spin is mixed. The press is inclined now to trash both the NASDAQ and Mr. Clinton, but they are not willing to be tagged as causing a depression. The NWO press wants to herd the American people not stampede them into serious reform. Outside of the Internet and AP there has been very little discussion of the following data. It's amazing the wealth of data available to peons like myself. Eight pages of sales data from all 23 auto makers is at my fingertips for your edification. The result shows why the United States is not merely in a manufacturing recession, it is in a manufacturing depression. This manufacturing depression is now spreading to the entire economy and combining with the collapse of the NASDAQ to destroy consumer confidence. Once these three things converge, consumer spending will collapse in order to repay excessive consumer credit card, home equity, stock and mortgage loans. Presto, we have an economic depression.

But the statistics you say. A caveat says that the 2001 report period included an extra day than last year. Another one says that the statistics are divided both into Big Three, European and Asian car companies as well as cars, trucks and total vehicles. Even with that the stats are pretty bleak for the American economy. Big three car sales were down 5%. Big three truck sales were down 7%. Big Three vehicle sales were down a whopping 10% from February 2000. I don't care if that was a hot month and there's one less sales day this time. 10% is a depression level production cut. The fascinating thing is some Asians are doing quite well with a 5% increase in vehicle sales. The Europeans are losing some market share, but not anything like the Americans. Before your eyes start to glaze over, I'll give you some facts that show why Mr. Magoo is foaming at the mouth. General Motors car sales down 9%. GM truck sales down 10%. GM vehicle sales down 10%. Year to date GM declines are 7%, 9% and 8%. Ford car sales are down 8%. Ford Truck sales are down 12%. Ford Vehicle sales are down 11%. Year to date shows declines of 13%, 10% and 11%. The rotting corpse that used to be called Chrysler showed a 13% car decline; a 10% truck sale decline and a 10% decline in total vehicle sales during February. Year to date totals were down 17% for cars, down 12% for trucks and a 14% decline in total vehicle sales. At least now you understand why the German buyers are executing people in Detroit.

The upshot of all this economic detail is the United States is entering a multiphased economic Depression. We will not collapse all at once since each sector has its own independent sequences of boom and bust. Manufacturing is in deep collapse and headed lower. A rise in the index from 41.2 to 41.7 does not tell me economic nirvana is here. The transportation sector is headed into collapse as consumers stop buying stuff. America doesn't really make stuff anymore; we import it and transport it around the country. This phase of our economy is also collapsing. The stock, real estate, derivative and credit markets are in the early to mid phases of collapse. Agriculture has been in collapse for most of the decade. All in all, the only thing keeping our economy afloat is market manipulation and massive fiat money and debt creation.

The United States is like the mythical airline pilot who has to shut off, i.e. "feather" all his four engines. We are facing a global economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression. Japan is a basket case as the recent public comments of its economic minister show. Europe will be devastated by both mad cow; foot and mouth disease. China will soon devalue its currency, the Yuan. After that, the global economic system will collapse.Those who do not have some precious metals set aside in preparation for these economic storms will regret it. At least this is my advice, but you are responsible for your own butt.

According to the Talmud you should keep one-third of your assets each in land, business interests, and gold.

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