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Mayan Calendar Revisited

April 2, 2005

It is a matter of absolute fact that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21 st, 2012.

There are two ways of looking at this:

  • Either the Mayan Calendar was carved on an oval disk of finite size, and the person carving the calendar merely ran out of space, or
  • There is a logic to this date that needs to be investigated.

Reference to the following web site ( gives rise to an understanding that there was indeed a logic to the Calendar, and that logic was based on precise mathematics as applied to astronomical observations.

The following "chart of the heavens" shows that on that precise date, the Winter Solstice Sun will be perfectly aligned with the "dark rift" in the Milky Way.

Diagram 1:
The sky on December 21st, 2012 A.D.
showing a rare astronomical alignment -
the winter solstice sun is right in the
"dark rift" in the Milky Way.

So what?

According to this particular article, "the Mayan Sacred Book, the Popol Vuh, is all about setting the stage so that the Hero Twins' father (One Hunahpu) can be reborn, thus beginning a new World Age". i.e. We are not facing an "end of days", but rather the beginning of a new era.

Ever since I saw the chart below (source: I have been fascinated by the confluence of events that we appear to be facing:

This is a 600 year graph of silver prices and silver/gold ratio from 1344 to 1998 as shown in 1998 dollars, and "Blind Freddy" can see that the trend of the price of silver - when measured in inflation adjusted numbers - has been pointing down for over 500 years.

Now, if Blind Freddy can see this, then "Dumb Brian" can also draw a conclusion that - eventually - the price of silver will become worthless (zero anyone?)

In the past few weeks I have been putting myself to sleep by re-reading - a few pages a day at bed time - a book entitled "The Creature from Jekyll Island", by G. Edward Griffin. This extraordinarily well researched and well thought through book tells the story of the US Federal Reserve, and explains that the Institution which most people think was established to protect the US Economy was, in fact established to entrench the vested interests of a cabal of private bankers.

Mr Griffin seems to have concluded that inflation was an unintended consequence of the establishment of the Fed, and that inflation is just another way of saying "a reduction of the purchasing power in the US Dollar". Perhaps I have misunderstood him, or perhaps I haven't yet gotten far enough into the book (for the second time), but my own view is subtly different. As I see it, the "primary purpose" of the Fed was to deliberatelycreate inflation. Why?

Let us assume that, in an environment of inflation you buy a property generating rental income of (say) $100,000 p.a.; and that you buy it at a "capitalization rate" of (say) 10% (for ease of illustration). You will pay $1 million for that property.

Let us also make the following assumptions:

  • You enter into a leasing contract with your tenant to pay rental of $100,000 in the first year, escalating at (say) CPI (Consumer Price Index) plus 2%.
  • "Inflation" is built into the equation by the Fed at around 3% p.a. (ie They increase the amount of unbacked fiat money in circulation by an amount which is virtually guaranteed to give rise to an increase in CPI of at least 3% p.a.)
  • You borrow 80% of the purchase price of the property, and only use 20% of your own money.
  • You pay interest of (say) 8% p.a. on your mortgage.
  • You sell the property after five years at a capitalization rate of 10%

If you look at the following simple Internal Rate of Return Calculations done on an Excel Spreadsheet, you note that when gearing is applied to asset (property) acquisitions in an environment of inflation, you can use "other people's money" to build your own capital.

What we are essentially doing here is we are "piercing the veil" of the game that the Establishment Elite have been playing since fiat money was first invented. We are looking at nothing more nor less than a game of "Materialism" (Read: Monopoly), where the "bankers" in the game control the inflation rate which they deliberately create and manage for the sole purpose of enriching themselves (and anyone else who wishes to play the game).

The beauty of this game is that anyone can play. There are no significant barriers to entry and, provided you play by the rules, you are virtually guaranteed to amass riches. Of course, if you wish to buck the system in any way, or if you try to outsmart the banker, or if you refuse to play by the rules of the game - you will find yourself ejected from the game.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NAME of this game is Materialism. There is no way that the game of Materialism can be played - and enjoyed to its maximum potential - without inflation. INFLATION is a "core requirement" of the game.

Let us now refocus on the 600 year silver chart.

The primary reason it has been pointing down is that, if you are predisposed to participate in the game of Materialism, you would be an idiot if you chose not to play by the rules. Why would you do such a stupid thing? By merely accepting the simple rules of this game, you too can become as rich (and as powerful) as Croesus, and maybe as rich as Midas himself .

It follows that in an age of "Materialism" the underlying value of precious metals will most certainly be eroded over time because the last thing in the world that a banker (or anyone else playing the game) will want is an "external discipline" that will eradicate inflation. That would be just plain DUMB!

Now, as anyone who has ever played Monopoly knows, the game ends when someone lands up with all the property and all the money. When there are no longer any assets to acquire, the landlord with the best properties will inevitably land up with all the cash.

Now what?

Well, at that point, the game is over, and a new game begins. Alternatively, one petulant and spoiled kid who lost the game might throw a "hissy fit" and tip the board over. All the pieces will land up on the floor, the cash will go flying all over the place and, after a temper tantrum like that, none of the players will have an appetite to play the game again for a long, long while.

So, who are the people who are hoping for the gold price to "explode"?

Well, you can bet your bippy that they are not the guys who own Mayfair and Park Lane. In reality, they are probably the guys who own Kent Street and are highly irritated (jealous?) when they see the wealth that is being amassed by the guys with the purple and green properties. But, ladies and gentlemen, let's recognise here that many of the people who are "fighting" for a gold standard are really only frustrated Materialists in disguise. They too would like to own Mayfair and Park Lane or, if they are idealistic, they want the indigenous people in the gold mining countries to have a shot at owning Mayfair and Park Lane. What? Did you think they were fighting for truth, justice and the American way? Shame on you for making such a silly mistake!

When you cut through all the crap, we are dealing with people who are also driven by, or place a value on materialistic possessions, and who for whatever dumb reason they can rationalise, just want to change the rules of a perfectly simple game - which they too could play if they so chose.

Which now brings us back to the 600 Year Silver Chart and the Mayan Calendar.

When will the silver price reach zero?

If conventional charting theory (which reflects conventional human behaviour) holds true, we should experience one final explosive up move in the silver price - to the point that it connects with, or gets close to the falling trendline at around US$30 per ounce.

That might happen at any time in the next (say) five years - which could take us to (say) 2010 at the latest.

Thereafter, the silver price should pull back again to resume its downward journey to zero which, whaddaya know?, seems quite possible to happen in or around 2012.

Neat huh?

So, are we facing Armageddon or the Age of Aquarius? Which is it?

Well, there may be some of you who have heard of Indigo Children. For those of you haven't, you're about to.

What these kids have which most of us do not is "connectivity". They are "plugged in" to a whole new paradigm of existence. (

These kids are beyond clever. They just "know" things.

So, in the end analysis, maybe those of us who are praying for an explosion in the gold price should avoid "sweating the small stuff". The game of Materialism is coming to an end. I know this for a certainty, because there are no longer any significant assets of value available for acquisition, and if you don't believe me on that one, just ask Mr Warren Buffett.

And no, it's not just a cyclical phenomenon in the sense that we are used to thinking about.

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