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"Mfkzt" - A New Dimension in the Value of Gold

January 20, 2006

Let us add another dimension to the perceived value of gold. It is a value applied to an alternative source of energy, higher states of consciousness, space-travel, health and in all likelihood, more. This value emerges from a science apparently once known to the ancients, now being rediscovered. In what follows, let me state that I am, for the most part, merely condensing a much larger discussion of the subject by Lawrence Gardner (Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark).

"Mfkzt" (sometimes pronounced "mufkuzt") is the ancient Egyptian name for a transformed state of gold. By a special process of arc heating, gold and other platinum group metals can be turned into a single atom or monatomic substance - a form of powder - that has superconductive properties. The process was rediscovered starting in the late 1970's through the efforts of David Hudson, a large landowner and farmer near Yuma, Arizona. The high sodium content of much Arizona soil makes it crunchy and impenetrable by water. Hudson was attempting to use sulfuric acid to combat this, and in the course of analyzing soil constituents that were not dissolved by the acid, a strange substance began to emerge. Curiously, it was observed, when exposed over time to the hot sun, small chunks of the soil that failed to dissolve would suddenly burst in a blaze of light and disappear. An expert in Arc Emission Spectroscopy was engaged. This process involves placing a sample in a carbon electrode cup and bringing another electrode down above it to create an arc. As the current flows, the elements in the sample literally boil off (ionize), giving off their specific light frequencies. Once the electrode burned itself away (about 15 seconds), the standard process still left a glowing white bead yet comprising 98% percent of the sample, but registering (to the spectroscope) nothing! Using a special, Soviet-designed version which encapsulates the process in an inert gas such as argon, the elements of the soil sample again boiled away - small amounts of iron, silica, aluminum, titanium, etc. For 70 seconds, all readings stopped, then came palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium and at 220 seconds, osmium - the metals of the platinum group (PGM).

The tests continued from 1983-1989, at Hudson's expense, with highly qualified experts. The substance was heated at 1.2 degrees C per minute, and cooled at 2 degrees C per minute. In the heating process, at the moment the sample changed from its original dullness to the whiteness of its bright bead and subsequent powder, its weight fell to 56% of the original. The other 44% was inexplicably missing. Further heating at 1160 degrees in a vacuum resulted in a wonderfully clear glass, and a return to 100% of the original weight. Repeatedly heated and cooled under inert gases, the sample rose to 300-400% of its original weight, but when heated again, it weighed less than nothing - below zero. At this point, the sample would disappear from sight. A voltmeter with live electrodes touched to ends of the substance (when visible) revealed no conductivity whatever. The substance was a high temperature superconductor.

A superconductor does not allow any voltage potential or any magnetic field to exist within itself; it is a perfect insulator. But it is extremely sensitive to magnetic fields of infinitely minute magnitudes and will respond to extremely small magnetic forces. Within such a conductor a single frequency light flows, liquid-like, at the speed of sound. Its null magnetic field repels both North and South magnetic poles, but it can absorb high magnetic energy, producing even more light. The Earth's magnetic field can give sufficient energy for it to levitate. This is what was happening to the apparently missing 44% of weight. And when the sample registered as less than zero, the material was in a full state of levitation. The field produced by the flowing light, which excludes all other fields, is termed a Meissner field. When two superconductors are linked by their Meissner fields, over any distance, the two can act, instantaneously, in a process termed "quantum coherence." For two particles in a coherent state and separated by a great distance, a change in one particle, for example its spin state, is instantaneously communicated to the other. This is despite the fact that given the classical limitation of the maximum velocity of communication at the speed of light, such instantaneous communication should not have happened.

As more light can continually "pour" into the same space, any amount of energy can be stored in a superconductor, and transmitted over any distance via a quantum wave which knows no boundaries of space or time. You can start a superconductor flowing by applying a magnetic field. It responds by flowing light inside, building a larger Meissner field. Drop the magnet and return in 100 years, it is still flowing. Indeed, in the course of his efforts, Hudson had made contact with scientists, at the time from GE, who had realized that a monatomic superconductor could enable the perfect, environmentally friendly fuel-cell. Hudson planned to start a manufacturing plant to produce the critical monatomic component.

According to a theory of physicist Hal Puthoff, at the point in heating when the powder (now termed by physics "exotic matter") disappears, it resides outside of space-time, in another dimension. Proof of this was ascertained by attempting to disturb and scoop the substance off the pan while invisible, so that it would be in a new position when again seen. This did not happen - the substance always returned to the same position.

Discussions of exotic matter and "stealth atoms" began to appear in the scientific journals in the early 1990's. Physics refers to the monatomic high-spin state as "asymmetrical deformed high-spin nuclei." A correlated subject is the manipulation of space-time. Alcubierre (Journal of Classical and Quantum Gravity, 1994), stated flatly: "It is now known that it is possible to modify space-time in a way that allows a spaceship to travel at an arbitrarily large speed by a purely local expansion of the space-time behind the spaceship and a purely local contraction in front of it - a motion faster than the speed of light reminiscent of the warp drive of science fiction." Szpir (American Scientist, 1994) reconciled this with relativity's theoretic limit of velocity to the speed of light, arguing that when in "warp" mode, the craft would not really be traveling at all, for the true rate of acceleration would be zero. Making Szpir's relocation of chunks of space-time possible - "exotic matter," i.e., matter which has a gravitational attraction of less than zero.

Let us turn, for a moment, to the past. In 1904, the great British archeologist, Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie, discovered a massive cave in an area of the Sinai he believed to be the biblical Mount Horeb. Within was an ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess Hathor. The associated artifacts and inscriptions, to include a metallurgist's crucible, indicated it had been in continuous operation for 1500 years. Hidden beneath the flagstones was a considerable quantity - many tons - of a pure white powder. Within also were innumerable references to "bread" and the traditional hieroglyph for "light." In one of a whole class of similar depictions, Hathor offers the emblem of life to the pharaoh, while behind her, her treasurer holds a conical loaf of "white bread." The conical loaves were the "shem-an-na, " the bread of life, associated with increasing longevity and with travel to the realms of the afterlife. This was the province of the kings and nobles. It is now known that monatomic platinum group metals will resonate with deformed (or cancerous) body cells, "relaxing" and correcting the DNA, while iridium is tuned to the ends of the DNA strands, turning the DNA itself into a superconductor. "Mfkzt" was listed in the Egyptian lists of precious substances, while the locality of the king in the afterlife is called the "Field of Mfkzt." It seems there was a precise reason that Moses ground the golden calf to a powder, put it in water and fed it to the unruly Israelites (Exodus 32:20) - it was to raise their consciousness.

The Israelites themselves, it has been argued, were the Hyksos. Expelled from their kingdom in lower Egypt, they took their technology with them. The Ark, with its thick outer and inner plates of gold, both sandwiching a layer of insulating "shittim" wood, formed a massive capacitor. The solid gold lid alone is estimated to have weighed 2700 pounds, excluding the two golden cherubim perched on top, serving as electrodes when connected to the inner and outer plate respectively. Just sitting, it would have accumulated a massive, deadly charge. Within was placed a golden container of mfkzt/shem-an-na or manna (see Hebrews 9:4). The bible makes it clear that the Ark was capable of levitation and had destructive powers. Recent works have suggested that after the First Crusade, the Templars, apparently the custodians of a secret knowledge passed on for generations, recovered the Ark from its hiding place in the cavern-vaults beneath the Jerusalem temple, and hid it again before the demise of their order in 1307. Near a door of the cathedral of Chartres, a Latin inscription reads: "Here is yielded up the Ark of the Covenant." On the floor of the cathedral, there is the famous figure/design of the labyrinth. A 4'6" diameter copper plate once was fastened over this (the bolt studs are still visible). Copper is a type 2 superconductor (allowing some penetration of external fields). Directly above, from the roof, there once hung a massive lodestone. Laced with iridium, as is common for these extra-terrestrial stones, it would have been a powerful type 1 superconductor (no external field penetration). Needed to start a powerful tubular flux between the two was a source of voltage, and the Ark, with its mfkzt within and itself a superconductor with its own Meissner field, was such par excellence. Gardner speculates that the Ark itself rests precisely yet in Chartres - in another dimension. If so, it is surrounded by the mysterious stained glass of the cathedrals with its wonderful, etheric inner light - a glass that perhaps only now can be duplicated.

By 1995, at the demand of the patent office, Hudson was able to demonstrate the reverse process. From a sample that registered as iron, silica and aluminum, there emerged an ingot that analyzed as pure gold. The alchemists, to include Newton himself as modern scholars have uncovered, were apparently pursuing an ancient possibility that was once quite well understood. But Hudson's story ends predictably. He refused the advances of an "investor" who was traced to the DOD. He was told that his projects would never be allowed to complete, and eventually was shut down via "natural" (OSHA, EPA, fines) red tape. As Gardner, notes, " is now destined to become a science of big league players at government and corporate levels. Consequently, the stakes are high and the precious metals markets have moved on to a new platform of strategic operation. As oil begins its downward slide to become the fuel of yesteryear, the future masters of the globe will be those who control the gold and PGM supplies." Gold is the new oil. Rather than being produced from the soil of earth through Hudson's process, the decision has been made: the source of the monatomic powder and its vast profits will be controlled by those who hold the existent stores and control the mining operations. A case can be made that it was to this end - control in the "proper hands" - that, beginning in 1999, gold was devalued and systematically sold off by the Bank of England and other central banks.

There is much more to this subject. Please do your own diligence.

Got mfkzt? Or the metallic form thereof?

Stephen Robbins, PhD.

20 January 2006

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