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Mr. Magoo's Name Will Rot

June 6, 2001

Never have so few, lied so much, to so many, for so long. Me thinks Mr. Magoo will have this engraved on his tombstone if he's lucky. Heck, why stop there, this is the epitaph for the whole filthy, rotten, stinking system we live under. Our leaders wouldn't know the truth if it kicked them in the rear end, although they might be more discrete in their lies if the dazed and confused American public used a baseball bat between their shifty eyes. At any rate, considering they have lied about Waco, Ruby Ridge, TWA Flight-800 and especially Oklahoma City, a little economic corruption seems inconsequential. America has come full circle: our first president George Washington couldn't tell a lie; our recent ones couldn't tell the truth. In fact, I doubt if few in political, economic, media or cultural leadership positions even know what the truth is anymore. Our "leaders" would do well to note the Biblical sentence upon such institutionalized treachery and deceit: "the memory of the righteous will be a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot". Proverbs 10:7 NIV. The legacy of our leaders is slated for the compost pile of history in my opinion.

Nowhere is this contemptuous disregard for truth more evident than in our economic affairs. Whether they know or not isn't even the issue anymore: they simply don't care. Mr. Magoo doesn't care he has created a huge speculative bubble. Mr. Magoo doesn't care the fiat funny money has lost 95% of its value since 1913. He doesn't care because he's 75 years old and figures he has already gotten his. Mr. Magoo has gotten all the gravy he's going to get off this gravy train. And I think he's vain enough, arrogant enough and corrupt enough not to take much notice of it all. You see, Mr. Magoo, your name is next on the targeting list for collapse. Mark my words well Mr. Magoo, your name will rot in future generations because you have played the economic whore and court jester. The great speculative bubble of the 1990's will be your legacy. Mr. Magoo will have the looming economic depression pinned on his reputation and name. Mr. Magoo has the distinction of being not only the tail pinned on the donkey, but the donkey as well.

But enough of Mr. Magoo, although it's fair to say that at his reputation already is melting faster than an ice sculpture in hell. What prompts this tirade on the follies of Alan the Magician and his court clowns? Nothing in particular, except perhaps Mr. Magoo's fetish about productivity. His whole scam has been increases in productivity, non existent increases in productivity I might add, make everything hunky dory. Take away his productivity scam and riff and you are left with a huge speculative bubble, fueled by massive credit and fiat money creation, political manipulation, corruption and a gullible public leading to economic disaster. Gee, isn't that exactly what's been going on for the last few years? Now it seems to me people are starting to wake up that Mr. Magoo has conned them, or more truthfully, they've allowed themselves to be conned. A wise man once said a people determined to be rich are beyond rescue, or something like that. Mr. Magoo hasn't been shy about taking credit; it's only fair once the manure starts to fly he steps up to the plate.

The economic statistics are grim. On a global basis the economies of nation after nation are tanking. Whether it's South America, with Argentina melting down, Brazil rationing power, Columbia in chaos and Venezuela going Communist, or Africa being decimated by war, AIDS and famine things look bleak. Japan has the stock market bouncing off 13,000, versus 40,000 in 1989, Indonesia is in the death spasm of collapse and China is making noises about currency devaluation. Once China devalues its currency, economic life as we know it will cease, to borrow an old Y2K phrase. Germany and France are both slowing down with the potential to take Eastern Europe and Russia with them.

Whatever our economic problems are here in America, they pale in comparison to what's going on globally. What we are seeing, for the first time since 1930, is a global economic slowdown. A global economic slowdown during a time of massive debt, slumping earnings, increasing unemployment and collapsing business investment. Trust me: the political chaos will follow the economic chaos- just like World War Two followed the Great Depression. Economics and Politics are linked together the same way a locomotive and caboose are. Derail the economic locomotive and the political caboose will soon jump the tracks. Remember the graphic train wreck in the movie "The Fugitive"? You get my drift.

Meanwhile, back here in the comatose USA, a few rumors of economic disaster are making it into the New World Order whore press. Specifically, the comics of all places. Now, isn't that an interesting commentary on current American culture? Anyway, the April 5, 2000 Airgonian has Doonesbury interviewing an Internet CEO as follows: "Any regrets Dutch"? Just One: I regret I didn't bail on my company months earlier! If I'd sold then, I'd be on the "Fortune" billionaire list right now. "But no regrets about the small investor who got soaked making you rich? Uh, who? The next panel shows Ma and Pa Kettle types sitting at the farmhouse kitchen table with the husband asking, "You bet the farm on what?" She replies, "Pure Internet plays, I was trying to "get it." Another comic strip, FoxTrot, shows another Ma and Pa Kettle sitting at their kitchen table with the man holding the stock section of the newspaper upside down. The wife says, "Our investments are not going straight up, dear." He replies, "Humor me, please." The comic strip Non Sequitur shows two men sitting on the sidewalk with signs in front of them. One says Not My Fault and the other says Please help me spend again. The caption says Modern Economic Wizards. One of the former stock wizards, explaining why he's on the street, says to the other, "Based my entire portfolio on a ten year projection of nothing bad ever happening." The other replies, "Unreasonable investors expecting my company to show a profit." Yo, Mr. Magoo, still think people haven't noticed the several trillion dollars lost on the markets? Hey, McTeer, think buying a SUV, hopefully one without exploding tires, will save the economy? Did I mention I've seen reliable reports of a MidEast Regional War by the end of June?

Why wait till the end of June for a MidEast war? I was going to continue and dazzle you with economic sizzle and pop, but events of the last 24 hours have preempted me. I will go into more detail about just how bad the American economy really is behind the feel good propaganda spewed out the NWO press nostrils in another essay. For now, I have to tell you just how close the MidEast is to the kind of holy war which will leave burning buildings and charred corpses on a scale likely to stun the world. First, our global masters have planned a brief, controlled, productive war. Unfortunately for them, they simply do not understand the passions seething and boiling over into anarchy. Coal for a heart and shit for brains: that's the New World Order in action. The globalist plan is for enough of a war to terrify the world's people into accepting United Nations "peacekeeping" troops garrisoning Jerusalem, but not enough of a war that nuclear, biological or chemical weapons are used. Both Arafat and Sharon are ready to play along the script, but the NWO types misjudged the popular passions among the common people. Our NWO shit for brains types don't really think a 15 year old Arab teenager means it when he says he will die to liberate Jerusalem. They should. Our NWO shit for brains types don't really think Jewish settlers are willing to die for their right to live in Judea. They should. As for the rest of us, we should be very, very aware that the jockeying over Jerusalem is quite capable of triggering a war involving weapons of mass destruction. I don't imagine the average American or European is mentally prepared or psychologically able to accept walking into a line of teenagers and blowing yourself and 18 of them up. In our advanced, decadent, corrupt and boring existence, we don't believe in anything much at all. And we certainly have no comprehension of true believers, people holding to a code, religious or secular, that disciplines their lives and makes their deaths part of a greater cause. While we watch Britany Spears and overdose on junk food, they quietly dream of taking a few of us with them to the other side.

Our NWO shit for brains leaders think they have a controlled fire on their hands. They have measured the wind direction and speed. They have called for extra fire trucks and aerial tankers just in case. No doubt they have planned well and feel the loss of a few thousand human lives is acceptable for their globalist consolidation agenda to succeed. I'm sure the fire crews last summer near Los Alamos felt the same. They probably were quite relaxed until their controlled burn became uncontrolled and nearly burnt the nuclear storage bunkers. In real life, controlled fires have a way of going out of control. They have a way of reacting to unexpected events, forces and trends in equally unexpected ways. I'm sure our NWO SFB's have done all the computer risk analysis, plotted all the foreseeable results and think a quick little MidEast war is just what Dr. Kissinger and cronies ordered. Except.

Except they have no idea of what will happen once the cork is popped. None at all. They think a short stock market blip will happen. Instead, they very well could trigger an economic collapse. They think gold is safely muzzled and will not rise up. I say that when this MidEast war breaks out we will put precious metals to the acid test. Either they will finally surge forth from the dungeon the corrupt financial system has locked them in, or they will not. If they do not, then I doubt they ever will. It took the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 to unleash gold and silver. I believe that if the looming MidEast war is bad enough; out of control enough history will repeat itself. However, if the NWO types pull it off, with minimum bloodshed and no weapons of mass destruction, they will achieve their goals of conquering Jerusalem as an international city garrisoned with United Nation troops. If they can do that, then precious metals will be crushed into oblivion and become irrelevant. The new cashless society they will shortly announce after their victory, along with a save the planet political, economic and cultural platform, will render much of what we know now as obsolete. Along with private gun ownership, personal privacy and freedom, religious belief and a host of other things, ownership of precious metals will be banned, restricted or harassed by Star Trek's Federation come to life. If you doubt me, or think the NWO will not use any means it takes to seize and maintain control of this planet, you are hopelessly naive.

We will soon see how Israel reacts to the butchery of 18 young teenagers at a disco. Mr. Arafat has ordered a cease fire and we will see if any Arab obeys. The NWO shit for brains types are smugly staring at their computer monitors while their risk analysis software runs. I'd keep my eye on that 17 year old Arab in a Tel Aviv basement praying to Allah. Is that a suitcase in his hand? You know the one I'm talking about don't you? It's got those flashing lights and words in Russian. Don't worry, things are under control: don't our leaders and media tell us so? And we know they never, ever lie to us.

Gold was first discovered in U.S. at the Reed farm in North Carolina in 1799, a 17-pound nugget.
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