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One Big Steal?

September 23, 2013

Life (these days) as a precious metals commentator is a study in exasperation. Fundamentals mean nothing. What passes for “mainstream analysis” ranges from the merely inane to the totally insane. Financial crime in the sector – officially sanctioned – is rampant.

A particular point of frustration is attempting to dissect the current scenario. Extreme (illegal) price-suppression of precious metals has led to out-of-control demand for bullion in Asia, the near-total destruction of the supply-chain (mining), and (inevitably accompanying that) the decimation of physical inventories of bullion.

As has been explained in several, previous commentaries; the only mechanism for healing these raped markets and re-building the supply chain is higher prices, much higher prices. And it is now very clear that the Banksters will never allow another significant rally in this sector; at least not while they still maintain control of precious metals prices via their paper-fraud markets.

While the divergent Voices within this sector are rarely unanimous about anything; there is consensus here: the current situation “cannot last” for any length of time. However, while this Road to Bullion Default (or Decoupling) appears counter-productive – if not self-destructive – from most perspectives; there is one anomaly which stands in contrast to this.

North American bullion demand (and bullion ownership) has been pushed down into a trough, arguably the lowest trough since right before/during the Crash of ’08. And here, perhaps, we see “method in the madness” of the One Bank.

What if the Banksters simply no longer care what happens in bullion markets next year? All they are concerned about is one variable: minimizing the amount of North American capital  (i.e. wealth) stored safely in physical bullion today, in order to maximize the amount of North American wealth being stored in paper today.

Framing the parameters in that manner, a clear strategy emerges: preparations for One (last) Big Steal. The fleecing-to-end-all-fleecings for the flocks of oblivious Western Sheep.

Having herded all this capital into easy-to-steal paper form; we now see the Shepherds pulling out their Shears. As noted in previous commentaries; preparations for another (staged) “crash” couldn’t be more obvious – in both Canada and the United States. Except this time we have “bail ins”: the potential for infinite/unlimited stealing of paper assets.

The fact that B.S. Bernanke, the Boy Who Cried Exit Strategy failed to “pull the trigger” (yet again) on reducing U.S. money-printing – and detonating the crippled U.S. economy – suggests that the Banksters lack the courage to “crash” the U.S. economy (and other Western economies) through blatant, overt action. Rather, the crash and subsequent Shearing will be caused by, and blamed on some exogenous (staged) event.

The one thing we can be certain of is that some sort of “crash event” is inevitable, and coming in the near future. Obviously the One Bank did not go to all the trouble of staging its Cyprus Theft, getting all its Minions in media and government to declare it “a precedent”, inventing “bail-in” frameworks for most (all?) Western economies, and then herding as much of that capital as possible into paper form not to steal it.

With complete certainty that a Big Steal is on the way for most (all?) Western economies, and with it impossible to predict (i.e. guess) what sort of pretext will be used to “justify” all of the stealing-to-come; all this leaves us is trying to narrow down when this crime will take place, and what will be the consequences in the aftermath.

With respect to “when”; this must happen sooner rather than later, for a variety of reasons. At the top of the list is the rapidly decaying U.S. economy, epicenter for the paper Ponzi-schemes of the One Bank. In our Business Cycle economies (i.e. the rotating “booms” and “busts” instigated by the Banksters), clearly the U.S. economy is now on its way down.

While what has transpired over the past 4 ½ years cannot be called a “recovery”; it still represents the high point for the U.S. economy (i.e. ‘dead-cat bounce’) following the Crash of ’08. And there is no better proof of how fragile is this Ponzi-Scheme Economy than yet another capitulation by Bernanke on an exit-strategy.

As previously explained; this would have been the perfect time to stage an economic crash in the U.S., with its equity markets at bubble-highs, leverage in those markets at bubble-maximum, and the “business cycle” already leaning/pointing lower. Yet even with the Wall Street Vampires drooling in anticipation, the One Bank refused to allow Bernanke to pull back on its supply of free money, and detonate the crash.

The only apparent explanation for this failure of the Banksters to profit from this crash opportunity is a fear (certain belief?) that the U.S. (and the other, Western domino-economies) could not survive another ride to the bottom. The “next crash” of these economies will be their Last Crash -- before the inevitable historical event known as Debt Jubilee, where debts are wiped clean (and Ponzi-schemes can begin anew).        

If, indeed, the next crash will be our Last Crash (for these economies in their present form), then obviously the “next Steal” by the One Bank must be the Big Steal. Not only can the financial system itself not survive the exponential stresses which would result from another crash (staged, or not), one must suspect we are getting close to another one of our inevitable, repeating, historical events: the Revolt of the Serfs.

The problem at this point is that the rapacious One Bank has already stolen so much, and hollowed-out our economies to such an obscene extent that our Traitor Governments are finding it nearly impossible to dole-out enough crumbs to keep the Serfs’ stomachs full. And (History tells us) when the Serfs get hungry, that’s when they finally notice all of the stealing that has been perpetrated against them – and they pull out the pitchforks and guillotines.

Next on the chopping-block for U.S. Serfs are their pensions. Some have already been plundered, many more are about to follow. With the global food-inflation crisis continuing to spin of control (a direct consequence of obscenely excessive Western money-printing), the surviving U.S. micro-pensions will not be not be enough to keep those large, American bellies full – even with Food Stamps. And already there are many Republican Grinches in the U.S. demanding that Food Stamp funding be slashed.

Infinite paper-printing in the U.S. (all given to the subsidiaries of the One Bank, for free), but rationed food. “Let them eat paper,” shout the Republicans to their once-adoring Serfs – oblivious to the fact that the Serfs are getting fed-up (fed-down?) by their elitist hypocrisy.

The ultra-powerful Oligarchs behind the One Bank didn’t get to be ultra-powerful Oligarchs without learning when to lie low. Once the pitchforks and guillotines come out, their stealing will end abruptly (and temporarily). If the Banksters themselves are now sensing that their next wave of plundering will bring a temporary end to their financial pillaging, then it only stands to reason that the next Steal will be the One, Big Steal – to bring all their precarious paper Ponzi-schemes to a putrid pinnacle.

The ultimate “bullish explanation” (in terms of precious metals) for the current actions of this financial cabal is that there is no “long term plan” -- of any kind. Simply steal, steal, steal today, and duck-and-cover tomorrow. Take their money off of the table once their One, Big Steal is perpetrated; and then simply watch from the sidelines as our hollowed-out economies collapse into economic rubble (and chaos).


Jeff Nielson

Jeff NielsonJeff Nielson is co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada; a website which provides precious metals commentary, economic analysis, and mining information to readers/investors. Jeff originally came to the precious metals sector as an investor around the middle of last decade, but soon decided this was where he wanted to make the focus of his career. His website is

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