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Paperman and Goldman

June 21, 2002

Paperman was rich. He had influence beyond most imaginings. He was revered everywhere in America. Paperman's tentacles extended into everyone's life, be they rich or poor. Paperman, like Superman, could lift tall buildings in a single bound, stop powerful locomotives, and build fast airplanes. Paperman was carried in everyone's wallet and bought everything that was for sale. Paperman's prices were on every single item. He was all powerful, and universally accepted. Paperman was supreme.

While Paperman's figures were necessary, his values came into question, as the years progressed. A few bold sojourners discovered that Paperman had no value at all. Nothing backed his acceptance but government urgings, legal tender law, and habit. Paperman's government began printing, loaning, distributing, and spending beyond all reason and necessity, which caused Paperman endless concern. "How can I be all powerful and strong, if you keep printing me be endlessly, and sending me everywhere to the undeserving," cried Paperman one day, but no one listened. "Look government, I used to buy a hundred times more than I can buy now, because you print me endlessly. Won't you have some mercy on me? I am becoming a laughing stock! People will paper walls with me eventually, if this continues. Look at what has happened to foreign Papermen over the years. Won't you stop this endless printing and giving me away? I am losing strength and prestige every day. People used to think I was as strong as a piece of steel, and now I am being relegated to a laughing stock. Please stop the presses." No one paid a bit of attention.

Paperman's government, which was responsible for his losing face and strength, said they would "control inflation" by a public relations program, and urging the people to "fight inflation," but Paperman knew this wouldn't work, because as his number increased, his strength decreased. Like all previous Papermen of foreign nations, American Paperman watched his strength be sapped daily. He tried vitamins, minerals, and exercise, but Paperman continued to lose purchasing power as each new batch of welfare checks and foreign aid ran off the presses. It was said that 57 million weren't paying their income taxes, and the presses had to run even more to pay for government's increasing bills and spending. Poor Paperman! In the background, for over a thousand years, was Goldman and his close friend Silverman. They lurked in the shadows, as a shield against the various Papermen's demise. Papermen always went down the tubes, because their governments always found out their people could get re-elected and be popular, by printing the Papermen. It was a free ride for politicians of all nations. The Papermen of Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Japan, and a host of all other lands on earth, all resided in various cemeteries, where they were soon forgotten. A few reminders existed, but were roundly ridiculed for their lack of acceptance and power after their fall. Americans laugh at the old Papermen, and say to themselves, "Boy, my Paperman won't go the way the rest of them did. I just know my Paperman will always be strong." Papermen always seemed to be so chic, with their rulers and founders faces on their well engraved bills. Everyone thought they were a pillar of strength, and saved their surplus assets in them, so strong they thought they were. Eventually, everyone lost, but it was grand while it lasted.

Goldman, and Silverman always were there when the Papermen failed. Wise investors turned their Papermen into Goldmen and Silvermen when they had too many Papermen, and when Papermen went to perdition, the Goldmen and Silvermen were there to provide purchasing power, beauty, and reliability. Paperman had huge support in America. The central Paperman bank and various other bankers loved Paperman, because they could actually create Paperman out of nothing, and fool everyone…for a while. Goldman and Silverman couldn't be created out of nothing, but required huge capital expenditures, effort, exploration, and expertise to find them, as they were hidden in the earth. Goldman and Silverman didn't burn, and couldn't be counterfeited either, which always made Paperman jealous. As Paperman's strength oozed away gradually, and prices in Paperman went to the heavens, an increasing number of people decided to stop saving in Paperman, and converted their Paperman into Goldman and Silverman. Bankers laughed at them, and refused to handle Goldman and Silverman, but grandly touted their Paperman, and reduced the interest required to borrow him. Eleven times, the Paperman central bank reduced the interest rates required to borrow Paperman, but the economy continued to dwindle and wilt, as an unwatered plant in the hot sun.

As more and more people switched from Paperman to Goldman and Silverman for savings; Goldman and Silverman obeyed all the laws of economics and went higher and higher in the Paperman prices that had to be paid for them. No one worried about that though, since Paperman had no value anyway, and wasn't backed by anything. There is no limit as to how high in Paperman prices, that Goldman and Silverman can go, because there is no limit on how weak and feeble Paperman can become. If history teaches us a lesson, all the Papermen in history have become valueless eventually. Not a single one survives, except in museums. All nationalities saved in their various Papermen, and all lost their assets eventually. Those who left the Papermen and switched to Goldmen and Silvermen survived to live another day.

The moral of this story, is that one should not put ones trust in Papermen of any age and nation, as they all come to an inglorious end…eventually. All citizens of those nations whose Papermen declined to zero, had faith in their Papermen, saved in them, and did business with them, until they reached zero. As the Papermen lost their strength, there was always a shortage of them, and more and more Papermen had to be turned out. Finally, the Papermen were so weak, that it often took a wheelbarrow full of them to buy a loaf of bread.

As of April 5th, 2002, the Official Paperman debt of America was $7,937,463,000,000, (seven trillion, nine hundred thirty seven billion, four hundred sixty three million) and increasing at about $1,000,000 an hour, it is said. If you had gone into business the day Jesus was born, and your business lost a million dollars a day, seven days a week, you would not have lost one trillion dollars until October 2737.

Ever see a sick or injured animal? A sad experience. You know it will die, and there is nothing you can do to save it. It happens a thousand times a day, but it is still sad, knowing there is nothing you can do to help. It will die, and you know it. Paperman is crying out in his death throes for someone to help. He wants to live and be vibrant again, but all his government does, is continue printing him endlessly. Different colors and designs aren't going to give Paperman new life, or extend it. Paperman's government is controlled by its politicians, who love to spend and buy elections. No one will admit the truth that Paperman is going to the dust bin or museum status of all the previous Papermen in history. Bankers won't admit it, government won't admit it, and both are responsible, along with the Central Paperman bank.

History always seems to repeat itself, and a man who won't learn from it, is doomed to repeat it. What else is new? Protect yourself…from the Paperman and his accomplices.

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