The PM Future

May 10, 2008

This afternoon toward the market close a poster on the Gold-Eagle Forum, Silverik, asked me when I expected Gold to get on its way, higher. I suggested that in my opinion, Gold would likely show it was ready to run by Thursday afternoon. In that light, I thought I’d give you a brief glimpse of what I think the immediate future might look like for the Precious Metals stocks.

In the chart, below, I have constructed a blue and a red highlighted area on the left. The blue area is the area on the chart that I have built the case (in the last couple of editorials) for as the most likely template of how the PM stocks, Gold, and Silver might trade in the immediate future. The red area is an alternate possibility that I could give an explanation for, but it might take a lot of words. Given that sometimes in the past Half_Monty has suggested that I tend to get a bit verbose, and considering that some say a picture is worth a 1,000 words- I thought I’d just leave you with a picture. Who knows? With such strong Precious Metals fundamentals at hand, maybe we’ll get both “blue” and “red” before the year is out.

Please note the charts of GG, AEM, KGC, and AUY at the bottom. This might be the shortest Gold-Eagle editorial in the history of GE.

As we have noted we will be moving our work to a subscription site, though there has been a delay with the site, itself.  I apologize for the delay, but do not have control over creating the site.  I would again like to thank readers for the many kind comments that I have received.  We are compiling an e-mail list to contact those who wish to be notified when our new site is up.        [email protected]

For the moment…………..Goldrunner.

Below, is a link to the Goldrunner Index which includes links to the recent series of editorials we have posted.

Again, I’d like to thank all of the posters at the Gold-Eagle Forum for their daily input.  This thank you is especially extended to TQ and to Grininbarrett who have positively affected my growth over the years, along with posters  Pittrader, Trader_Vic, and Mr. Aholbroke.  Special thanks go to Dr. Vronsky and Westerman for creating the Gold-Eagle site and for editing my work.  A very special “Congratulations” go out to Dr. Vronsky and Westerman after Gold-Eagle saw its hit counter ring up to 286  million this last week. 

Here is the link to a site I use to research the warrants of Precious Metals stocks.  I will be discussing some aspects of the leveraged use of warrants later in this editorial series.

Another very good site that is dedicated to investments in Silver belongs to David Morgan, and his site can be found here…………….

The average human body contains 0.2 mg of gold with the bone containing .016 ppm and the liver .0004 ppm.

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