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Precise Targets If All Hell Breaks Loose

November 8, 2016

Lest we be seduced by the wishful notion that the FBI Comey rally could be the bull market’s dying gasp, consider the chart featured with this tout. It suggests that a nearly 1500-point rally to 19728 is possible for the Dow Industrials if all hell breaks loose. In fact, a theoretical buy signal for a ride to that target has already been tripped, and the DOW Index need only spike through the red line, a key Hidden Pivot resistance that lies just 132 points above Monday’s high, to make the target an odds-on bet.

A lesser, bullish pattern with the potential to hit 19509 would trip a similar signal if buyers touch 18305. That’s just 42 points above this morning’s high. In any event, we shouldn’t underestimate DaBoyz’ ability to turn a merely nasty short squeeze into a rabid one.  Even they don’t know at this point whether this is possible, but you can bet they will leverage to-the-max whatever occurs on election day, especially if Hillary wins. Both of the rally patterns have three Hidden Pivot levels that can be used to get long or short with little risk, depending on your mood. For a detailed look, check out the recording of today’s ‘impromptu’ tech-analysis session online, since it offers precise, tradable coordinates for the Dow that are designed to take the randomness out of whatever nuttiness is about to ensue. I’ll post a link to the recording in the chat room shortly.


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