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June 19, 2002

It's hard for me to believe I have eighty essays covering a four year period here at Hopefully, it's not hard for you to have read all of them, as I have enjoyed writing them. My essays are my children; if some of them turned out to be stinkers, well that's life. What parent hasn't produced a child who isn't a brat at times? As long as they don't grow up to be Republicans, a parent can feel they accomplished something. If they grow up to be Democrats, then may I suggest either exile or suicide? At any rate, I'm in a looking back mode for this essay. I'm going to take a look at my track record, which I happen to think is pretty damn good.

My second essay was called "July 4th Surprise" and predicted an economic collapse in the summer of 1998. Truly, it can be said that I've been Doomer Doug from essay two onwards. Ah, you will say the economy didn't collapse. Oh really? What I said was the ripple effects from the Asian Contagion would eventually take down the entire global economic system, unless Mr. Magoo waved his magic fiat wand. This is exactly what happened. On August 19th, 1998 the Russians defaulted on their bonds and shook the world. Long Term Capital Management began a free fall that eventually required Mr. Magoo to take unprecedented steps to save the entire debt based derivative system from collapsing. What I said would happen, happened; it happened when I said it would, for the reasons I said it would and had the effects I said it would have. These effects were aborted by Mr. Magoo during the time frame I gave, before the November elections, and by the people I said would do it, the FED. Pretty good predicting ability I'd say.

After that I got sidetracked into Y2K, mostly due to a Gary North interview I heard on Art Bell during Memorial Day weekend of 1998. Most of my Y2K essays were attempts to figure out what was happening and what they likely effects were going to be. Some of the essays are still accurate if you substitute the word terrorism for Y2K; some of them are hilarious now. Doesn't phase me in the slightest, since computer experts many more times intelligent than moi got it wrong too. Given the lack of credible information from authorities and their whining demand that we trust them implicitly, considering Clinton's record, I understand completely why I felt the way I felt when I wrote those essays in 1999. I don't trust the system or the pigs; I didn't then and I don't now.

My distrust of the pigs has proven accurate time and time again in economic areas. After Y2K, I began a series of essays in 2000 on the NASDAQ. By the way, these essays are all still up on's web site to verify what I'm saying now. When the NASDAQ began it's collapse in March 2000, I was one of those, although not the only one, who said the illusion was through. If you had taken my essay's advice in April and May of 2000, you would have avoided the drop to 2600 by year's end. So, I got the NASDAQ collapse right also. My essays followed it right into the ground over the last 2 years.

Some of you are annoyed that my words are harsh and savage at times. You are distressed that I say we are ruled by an insolent, arrogant and corrupt oligarchy that despises all that is decent, honorable, true and right. I have said for several years now that the system is a fraud and a farce. I have said that the people in charge are liars and cheats. I have said the economic and political information they provide in the mainstream press is misinformation and lies. And I have said people who do these things to enrich themselves are whores and scum. And some of you don't like it. Apparently, calling someone a liar is worse than being lied to in our new politically correct American landscape. So be it.

The issue for me isn't whether it's nice to write these words. The issue is are they true or not? It doesn't matter whether Doug McIntosh says the Wall Street Steers, a brilliant essay title, are liars and cheats. It only matters whether they are in fact liars and cheats. Did Merrill Lynch agree to a $100 million dollar legal settlement admitting exactly what I wrote about two years ago? Was Arthur Andersen just convicted of a felony or not? Did Tyco, Qwest, ImClone, Global Crossing and a host of others cook the books or not? Is the F^###$$ system rigged and corrupt or not? Has there been a criminal conspiracy among the elite to rig the markets, use the media as a cheerleader and reap the benefits for the political classes or not? I say yes and have been saying it for a looooooong time now here at If you don't believe me, then go back through my essays and tell me whether I proved prophetic or not.

It seems to my overwhelmed brain these days that many of the economic and political issues I dealt with over the last few years are now mainstream news. Where were the watchdogs when I was barking away in the wilderness? They were at the pig trough oinking happily away. Oh now the SEC and the lot are investigating to reform the system. Now the Wall Street Journal and the like are whining that nobody believes in their lies anymore. It's so pathetic and contemptible to watch the way these scum are scrambling around howling about how to reform the system. Let me tell you something dear reader. The system is corrupt, unaccountable and neither capable of, or worthy of, being reformed. It will be shattered and then replaced, but it will not be reformed. You say you want to save the status quo? Why, the status quo in America these days is Britney Spears. The economic system will be replaced, either with a gold backed system or a electronic debit one. The current oligarchy will collapse and be replaced with either democratic city states or a centralized global fascist state. Of course, Art Bell told me Friday that Planet X will zoom by earth in June 2003 and Portland will be in Panama. I will bring some gold, my shotgun and some sunscreen and do quite nicely. I could use a vacation anyway. Being a doomer isn't hard work these days with even the mainstream press whores stealing my shtick, but it's difficult to keep up with all the insanity these days. What's a doomer loony to do in such a target rich environment as the planet earth these days?

"Therefore, by objective standards, the leading managers of the
U.S. economy...are collectively, clinically insane." Lyndon LaRouche

In the Aztec language the name for gold is teocuitlatl which means "excrement of the gods."
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