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They Just Don't Get It

July 29, 2001

From a sociological standpoint, watching people react to the current economic situation is fascinating. The media is sinking even lower in my estimation as they continue to shill for the corrupt elite running this planet. The media aren't even real prostitutes; they are transvestites playing the part. The exterior looks nice until you check the plumbing underneath.

They will admit the economy slowed from a 1.3% to a .7% yearly growth rate in the last 90 days, a nearly 50% drop you might note, and then talk about why it doesn't matter. The recovery is just around the corner they imply. Bushocio really believes his $40 Billion tax rebate checks will save America's economy. If things weren't so insane, they would be comic. Bushocio is such a nothing that he thinks a $40 billion cash infusion into a $10 trillion dollar economy will matter.

Facts like the S; P 500 average company profits have declined 17% so far this year don't matter. Facts like we have had back to back declines in spending for both plant and equipment and computers don't compute. A decline of 13.6% for the former and 14.5% for the later in the second quarter. The only thing, and I mean the only thing, holding the economic barbarians at bay is consumer spending and housing spending. Not commercial real estate, which is collapsing into a sea of landlord panic. Not the Stock Markets which are in chaos globally, Japan's Nikkei is now below 12,000 and where it started when the new leader took over. Not personal savings, which are nonexistent. Not corporate earnings which are in freefall. Not the global economies of Singapore, Argentina, Japan, Turkey which are in recession; not the economies of Europe which are starting to slow.

Not to worry though, Bushocio to the rescue. Bushocio is certainly better than that Robot Monster escapee from the cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space called Gore, but not by much. In my opinion the Imperial Lords have interbred too much and ended up with people like George W., Al Gore and Prince Charles. Prince Charles, the result of the House of Windsor breeding program, once commented that he would like to be reincarnated as a virus so he could kill people. What a guy! Is it any wonder that with economic leaders like this we're screwed? Bushocio and his chief economic jester Mr. Magoo have called out the Praetorian Guard to man the palace gates. All 40 billion of them fiat dollars, supported by the American consumer are making a last stand at the entry to the economic palace. If they fail, chaos and anarchy, looting, pillaging and the collapse of the fiat fantasy system will not be far behind.

But, what's this? The American consumer actually heard 31,000 high tech jobs were cut last Thursday alone. They've noticed their 401k plans are melting away in the stock market collapse. The American consumer isn't listening as intently to Mr. Magoo's chief clown McTeer. They are starting to run out of the debt ammo needed to fulfill the banking cabal's vision for a feudal America. They are starting to hear the Rebel Yell of the crack debt collector divisions marching towards the gate. Will the Praetorians and the American consumer hold the gate and lead Mr. Magoo into the new promised land of permanent productivity? Will they run away when they run out of credit card machine guns, home equity grenades and debt bullets? Or will they find some new supply of debt ammo to keep firing at the barbarians who would destroy the American way life: debt, debauchery and decay?

Oh, I have such fun writing these essays. We are indeed sliding into a global dictatorship run by idiots and fools, but I intend to have a good time while I'm around. All that is left is consumer spending. And unless I'm wrong, the full fury economic events will turn on this. Stay tuned.

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