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Unrestricted Warfare

November 6, 2001

"Execute unrestricted warfare against the forces of Imperial Japan" were the orders of the day for December 8th, 1941. America has now issued another unrestricted warfare edict after our second Pearl Harbor on September 11th, 2001. As the weekend concludes, thousands of armed Pakistan Pashtun tribesmen are flooding into Afghanistan; the Pakistan government teeters between civil war, military coup or an out of control armed conflict, possibly nuclear, with India over Kashmir. Winter will seal Mr. Bin Laden warm and snug in his cave within two or three weeks. The British defense minister tells us the Afghan war will last at least three or four years. There is talk of the United States having to drop tactical nuclear weapons, allow a larger combat role for Russian troops and attack Iraq eventually. The United States is in chaos over Anthrax; Bushocio has ended the American Republic and replaced it with a police state and the economy is in the middle of sustained collapse; yet, the stock market doesn't even notice.

I hope the reader will excuse me if I seem somewhat dazed and confused. The world has gone quite mad. The present events manifest a deep seated psychosis that is erupting into what we call reality. In fact, what we call reality is really a form of lunacy that will lead to the deaths of millions and billions of human beings.

The global system has, in the words of Julius Caesar, "crossed the Rubicon." September 11th was the defining event in modern American history. It's said that we are now at war. No, the reality is now America realizes it is at war with militant Islam. Was the October 1983, Beirut, Lebanon barracks attack, which killed 241 Marines via truck bomb, not an act of war? Was the Berlin disco bombing and the subsequent bombing of Libya not war? Or the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia? Haven't Americans been dying for nearly twenty years at the hands of terrorists? Last October, the USS Cole was attacked in Yemen and the American party went on undisturbed.

The American people are like the ancient Romans who partied until the very hour the barbarians showed up at the gates, burning, looting and pillaging. Isn't this the same country that turned Pearl Harbor into a Disney movie last May? Isn't this the same country that watched while the last surprise attack was turned into a media event? In my opinion, America set in motion spiritual forces with such a show of moral corruption and arrogance.

Mr. Bin Laden has certainly given the American, and by extension the global, economy a severe case of economic plague. While I personally feel Mr. Bin Laden's role in destroying the global economy is being overstated for political reasons, let's give the devil his due. No reasonable person can doubt Mr. Bin Laden has driven the stake into the 1990's economic bubbles. The bubbles were collapsing well before September 11th; however, the actual terrorist strikes, the resulting psychological stress and the ongoing chaos are his babies. What I saw as the great withering is now showing signs of being the secondary waves from a explosion. The waves from September 11th are shooting out unchecked into all aspects of our economy, politics and military. Remember the Y2K essay I wrote about the WW2 movie's sabotage of a Yugoslavian dam? In fact, I suggest you go back and read many of my Y2K essays. If you substitute the word "terrorism" for "Y2K" they will prove most relevant to our current situation.

One gentleman emailed me and praised my bravery for leaving all my Y2k essays up, presumably for people to laugh at. Well, are you laughing about my essays on Martial Law? Anyone rolling on the floor reading my water system essay, now that Portland shut its system down to make sure pollen in a reservoir wasn't anthrax? We've got armed guards patrolling the reservoirs too.

I must confess being confused about American stock market investors. Last Thursday saw a sequence of horrible economic news that was stunning in its breadth, depth and implications. Period. Last Thursday gave clear and convincing evidence the American economy is imploding. What was the response of the stock market investors? Large gains for the week in both the NASDAQ and the Dow. Mr.V, please explain to me how there can be such a disconnect between objective economic reality and investor sentiment? Anyone care to take up the challenge? I would really like to know how reputedly intelligent, savvy investors can look at the same data I saw and come to the complete opposite conclusion? Are we talking brainwashing, stupidity, delusional thinking, inertia, mass psychosis or hyped up patriotism here? I honestly don't know what it will take to crush this stock market. It will be crushed, of that I am absolutely certain. It will be shattered and ground down to 500 NASDAQ and 5000 Dow. It will be smashed down until the very mention of the word stock brings howls of derision. It will be utterly humiliated to the point where CNBC bulls will be hunted down and hung from lampposts if they mention the word stock. When Blodget and the like become gold bugs, then, and only then, will I listen to talk about a stock market bottom. Until that blessed moment, I watch in utter fascination as the stock market caboose starts to roll away downhill from the economic train. Like the great Charles Bronson movie, "Breakheart Pass" scene, the stock market caboose picks up speed and hurtles down the track, speeding towards its destiny with a curve. Faster and faster, until the moment it leaps in the air and tries to fly like a bird. Be sure you aren't the investors inside the caboose when this happens. The soldiers in the movie didn't do so well as I recall.

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