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Unveiling the Wizards of Oz

Part - I

December 21, 1998

Humanity holds its breath in an uneasy anxiety that tugs at our hearts as we stand on the edge of an abyss that represents either salvation/peace or eternal damnation. The U.S. and Britain have launched their second volley of cruise missiles against Iraq and President Clinton awaits his impeachment vote tomorrow in Washington; a President fighting a war on two fronts which history teaches is the kiss of death. The world seems close to an epiphany. The potential for chaos looms on many fronts whether the threat of nuclear war, a global financial collapse, an ecological collapse, the Y2K storm, and Clinton fighting against impeachment. And yet we must go on in the hope that the goodness of humanity will win the day and triumph over the evil and unfettered powers of those who play a high stakes game of power, money and dominion that involves the very salvation of our souls. In a moment we may face personal revelations and choice between embracing good or the evil which is manifest in our insatiable hunger for money, power and material consumption.

Welcome to Orwellianville

One of the most telling signs of our times is that Orwell's book 1984 lists as one of the top selling fictional novels. There is something profound about this fact. Could it be that intuitively his bleak portrayal of future world mirrors our own reality? Why do we clamor and labor every day in the "mines" of the world running wild in a squirrel cage of money and consumption that ultimately provide little rest for our weary souls? How much of life's precious energy is wasted in the anxieties over money, wealth, and material goods? Can we protect ourselves from these anxieties? Is it possible that these anxieties and stampeding of the masses are manufactured so that the spirit of hope of millions of people are slowly eroded in a river of angst, sorrow and despair? Can we leave the whir of the squirrel cage if we can name the origins of its momentum?

We are bombarded by the pop media and rhetoric of words like "globalization", "the market", and "free trade" blindly believing that such forces are driven by some invisible hand in the glorious temple of the market place. However, as David Korten ("When Corporations Rule the World") has noted, the notion of the market place no longer exists, as Adam Smith described it, but has instead been replaced by a ruling closely-knit global corporate network of enlightened elites whose economies of scale have made the notion of local markets and communities irrelevant, subjugating even our very basic enterprise, the households of the nation. The word "economy" comes from the Greek meaning "management of the household or state"; indeed our very households no longer free, they are under new management.

Dumb and Dumber

On another front we have been bombarded by a steady stream of noise, information and "news" to the point most have been dumbed down and incapable of understanding the meaning of the "words" in the news thus incapable of discernment and wisdom. We have evolved to a society in which millions are enslaved to the pop fiction and soap operas of which we are fed a steady diet; many who cannot cope simply become slaves to alcohol and mind numbing drugs. Our very consent to their subtle invitations to "keep up with the Jones", to consume beyond "enough", and to behave as if the earth is an unlimited store of real wealth, has allowed these corporations to flourish. Our own inability to extract ourselves from the numbing squirrel cage of consumption feeds the corporate machines.

Wizards of Oz

Frank Baum's famous book children's book The Wizards of Oz is an appropriate metaphor in referring to those global corporate central "planners" whose close-knit network of business interests include finance, oil, gold, computers, telecommunications, and food production distribution. The word "Oz" is of course short form for the word "gold." Ironically, Baum's fictional novel of a Wizard who lived in Oz and lived behind a veil to hide his identity from Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tinman and the Scarecrow were really characters of a real life drama unfolding at the time of his writing involving the financial elites of the U.S. who were struggling over the role and power of money, gold and silver.

Modern day Wizards of Oz include more public figures such as Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger but also include the ghosts of the past, the Rothschild family, the Rockefeller and the J.P.Morgan dynasty who devised the most sophisticated cloaking devices using numerous layers of veils. These ghosts of the past, have become so hidden that even outspoken authors who allude write about these corporation rulers, including Noam Chomsky and Dr. David Korten (Harvard), simply refer to them as "THEY." Korten notes that "THEY" are served by layers upon layers of minions who carry out executive orders through systems of hand shakes and backroom deals in Davos, Switzerland, London, Washington, Paris and Hong Kong.

Their goals are simple: the sustained dominion of their corporate interests in merchant banking, money creation, oil, gold, and other material commerce. They play a game of dominion and corporate rule that has made many nation states redundant and enslave millions upon millions of the world's households. We consume their products and services everyday; even this article is written using Microsoft product, as I sip on a Coke, tapping the heal of my Nike runner, gulping down a Big Mac, as I dream of my morning Starbuck's (Phillip Morris) coffee, while I drive my car (with GE electronic systems) fueled by Exxon gas, and pay for it all with my VISA gold card, whose owners are faceless. This is the world in which we live even where the most sacred aspect are increasingly commercialized. There is now even talk of the privatization of water infrastructure and thus the eventual commercialization of water. When is ENOUGH?

Sadly we are lousy students of our history. Most of have never studied the Great Depression and those who lived it are on their way from the world's stage. The parallels of the 1990s with the 1930s are everywhere and at long last some commentators, including MIT economist Paul Krugman, are beginning to read the seismic charts properly. The rest of us consume the drivel of pop journalists who feed us pulp fiction who themselves work for "THEY", asleep at their laptops incapable of understanding what history teaches to shine a light on today's slippery dark slope to leads to the edge of an abyss. Perhaps "THEY" don't want us to rise from our slumber and complacency!

"THEY" – The Committee of 300 – The Oympians

Dr. John Coleman, a former MI6 British secret agent has written are remarkable book titled "The Committee of 300" which provides a chilling Orwellian account of these Wizards of Oz, their modus operandi and their agenda. These are the Olympians, the enlightened ones, the men/women who carry the "thousand points of light" that George Bush referred to. They follow in the tradition of Adam Weishaupt, the German founder of the Illuminati in Bavaria in the 18th Century.

According to Coleman this Committee of 300 includes an elite group of royalty (the Black Nobility of Europe), industrialists, merchant bankers, and political leaders from all corners of the earth. THEY operate through many channels and find fraternity in the common pursuit of global capitalism. Something unique, like a spirit or luminous light or energy seems to permeate bind them and hold them together. They seek common objectives of the "pieces of silver" which represent power, wealth and security. While obvious competitors in their own right, THEY find reason for fraternal brotherhood serving some higher ORDER or SPIRIT whose origins are as old as creation itself. Malachi Martin in his most recent book Windswept House provides a very important and insightful view of THEY're world which operates on both a secular and spiritual plane, much like Weishaupt's Illuminati and today's 33rd Orders of Freemasonry.

THEY control production, commerce, money creation, finance, trade, finance, military production, and food production and distribution. Their tentacles extend to every corner of our lives. THEY act as if they are immune to human mortality. THEY despise the average man, woman or child as worthless "eaters" and consumers of precious capital yet benefit each day from the enslavement and exploitation of their life energy. THEY remain unaccountable to the Higher Power of Creation and engage in production and commerce that is ruining the "the garden" which we inherited as a trust. Their final betrayal of humankind is now being acted out in a final act which has extended in increasing intensity over the past 100 years.

In previous articles I have attempted to draw threads (golden ones) together that may describe more clearly the global quilt are perspective rarely offered in our pop media culture. Coleman's remarkable writings provide considerable golden thread in creating a loose if incomplete patchwork quilt.

The Veil Begins to Fall

Missy Kelly's commentary on Clinton's remarks in Ireland reveal the extent that THEY are in completing the final brush strokes of their masterpiece. Clinton has served THEY're purpose and become irrelevant. Missy Kelly's account of Clinton's remarkable words for the WorldNet daily news (as per the above quote), an account that was otherwise missed by the mainstream pop media, illlustrates my point. Fortunately there are still thoughtful journalist like Missy Kelly who noted "By his (Clinton's) own admission, he was a front with no power to make decisions. By his own admission, they were made for him by 'someone else.' Bill's job was to pretend – maintain the façade of a virtual president in a virtual democracy where a virtual rule of law exists. In fact, the levers of power were already controlled as to make the president irrelevant, controlled by people who have never been elected to office, and whose names we do not even know."

THEY effectively "manage" the households of virtually all nations through their corporate tentacles. THEY are becoming bolder and begin to reveal their faces; afterall THEY are human beings like you and I with families and friends. THEY influence money creation and gold markets, including gold trading through the LBMA in London. THEY remain intimately involved in the trading of oil for gold and cash. THEY are involved in the age-old Opium-Heroine trade that the East Indian Company began so many years ago, through the ports of Hong Kong, involving gold as the medium of exchange. Coleman's account of this intricate web is beyond words and beyond comprehension.

The media has reached an unusual place where THEY no longer exhibit a curiosity of what Clinton or Greenspan "mean" when they "speak" and instead are content to parrot only "what" is said. This presumes that the audience is equipped to understand the meaning of the words. Where commentary is provided, it is not always clear whether this commentary provides honest and balanced insights into what was said. To a large degree we have been dumbed down and incapable of original thought.

It is perhaps not surprising that Missy Kelly's account did not make the headlines of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post. THEY have their hands in these disseminators of information and knowledge. Missy Kelly is speaking the unspeakable, about the levers of power and control in the hands of unelected individuals who have made even the President of the United States of America redundant and irrelevant. Who are these individuals and what is their pearl of great price which motivates their actions of such power and dominion?

The Wizards Who "Manage" the Garden

The temptation for money, power and wealth are the strongest, most tempting fruits of the "tree of knowledge" in the garden we have inherited. These, mostly men, have chosen a path in life that seeks to gain and maintain power and wealth trapped, as Judas was, in pursuit of "pieces of silver" yet knowing in their hearts that such fruits bring little comfort, both secular and eternal. Anxious of both gaining and maintaining power in a ruinous game of currency trading, speculation and corporate mega mergers, their hunger for unbridled control plunges millions of Indonesians, Koreans, Japanese, Russians, and Brazilians into poverty and despair. Yet they remain callously indifferent and publicly unaccountable. Yet having eaten from the tree of knowledge, their hunger for more control to "cloth themselves in their nakedness of anxiety" becomes insatiable. They have become more lowly than the snake on the ground in a pitiful state whereby all of their accumulated control and power brings no peace of mind to their soul. Consider how the state of the soul of Baron Rothschild or John D. Rockefeller would compare with Mother Theresa!

Few realize how close Bill Clinton came to revealing the real and hidden powers who control global monetary policy levers that extend their influence over the most powerful offices of the U.S. President, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Charles A. Lindberg Sr., Louis T. McFadden, and JFK (see On the Side of Golden Angels) all spoke about the influence of these merchant banking Wizards whose unbridled influence in the U.S. Federal Reserve would lead to an "invisible government by money power" (McFadden) whereby one day "the banks and corporations will grow up around them (the American people) and deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered" (Thomas Jefferson). Are we at this stage that Jefferson warned about?

Billions of dollars are traded every day in currency markets; some accounts peg the daily global financial trading at U.S. $6 trillion….compared to almost $5 trillion in the personal consumption expenditures by all Americans in 1997. Currency speculators are so powerful that their games of chance can enslave millions of people in Asia, Russia and elsewhere where nations are increasingly held at ransom by these thieves who both have designed and control monetary policy and money creation. Few realize that these same wizards who once sat in private on Jekyll Island when the Federal Reserve System was established are still very much at work today progressively gaining control over millions of unsuspecting Indonesians, Koreans, Japanese, Russians, Brazilians and even Americans. They include the merchant and commercial banking dynasties including the Rothschild banks (N.M. Rothschild), Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Rockefeller), Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris, Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers Bank of New York, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, and Golman, Sachs Bank of New York. In addition, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Smith Barney, Bank of America, and Citicorp contribute to this cadre of banking and financial service powers. Many of the founders of these immortal institutions had a hand in brokering the deal on Jekyll Island that established the U.S. Federal Reserve system and are to this very day collecting dividends from the creation of money behind the legal veil of the legal entity called the Federal Reserve (see "On the Side of Golden Angels").

The secrecy of that famous meeting on Jekyll Island continues today behind closed doors and at secret meetings at Davos, Switzerland and elsewhere. These illuminoids -- merchant bankers, modern day industrialists (like Bill Gates), and the royalty of Europe – meet as the Committee of 300 without media or public scrutiny or accountability. They discuss corporate governance and development of global unions that entrenches their capacity for centralized control over the kingdom of capitalism: a Global Union. In the process, they perpetrate crimes against humanity and God's children that will never be judged in a World Court, which THEY have designed to ensure enslavement is complete.

These Wizards of money, gold and oil have brought humanity to the very gates of hell; to the brink of an abyss where the Garden which we were entrusted to tend and nurture is on the verge of ruin and purification by fire. The intensity of the fire will be equal to their greed and lust for power and wealth. Their crime is their unfettered control over the creation of money that so enslaves millions upon millions of the human family. Even now they seek to expand this control further through revisions to the articles and conduct of the IMF, an institution originally established to provide safeguards against such excessive and unbridled dominion by private banks following World War II.

More Evidence of THEY

Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, writing for the COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform) Economic Reform newsletter (December 1998, volume 10, p. 8-9) presents evidence of the current influence of these merchant and commercial banks. "Global banks are craving for access to inside (IMF) information. Successful speculative attacks (on national currencies) require concurrent implementation on their behalf of 'strong economic medicine' under the IMF bailout agreements. The 'big six' Wall Street commercial banks (including Chase, Bank America, Citicorp and J.P. Morgan) and the 'big five' merchant banks (Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and Salomon Smith Barney) were consulted on the clauses to be included in the bailout agreements." Chossudovsky goes on to note that "the hidden agenda behind various initiatives (of these merchant and commercial banks, through support of the Amendment of the Articles of the IMF relating to liberalization of capital movements that would render opposition to the MAI meaningless) is to gradually transform the IMF into a full fledged bureaucracy which more effectively serves the interests of the global banks…The ongoing financial crisis is not only conducive to the demise of national State institutions all over the World, it also consists in the step by step dismantling (and possible privitisation) of the post War institutions established by the founding fathers at the Bretton Woods Conference in1944…institutions intended to safeguard the stability of national economies."

The concrete foundation is being laid by those constructing the grandest centralized global union of financial powers in history. The ultimate outcome is the complete control by private banks to control the issuance of currency where banks and their affiliated commercial corporations will as Jefferson warned "grow up around them (the World's people) and deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." Today, many South Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian men commit suicide out of disgrace and despair having lost their jobs and their source of dignity; while others play "god" in a ruinous game of chance for less than a few pieces of silver.

In 1792 the U.S. Congress adopted a bimetallic standard (gold and silver) for the new nation's currency - with gold valued at $19.30 per troy ounce
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