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Which Way Will They Make Gold Go Now?

June 2, 2017

“History is a vast early warning system.” - Norman Cousins

…And every time history repeats itself, the price goes down before it goes up.

Gold Bugs now expect prices to take off and I expect prices to rise as well...someday. Today ALL is rigged and manipulated, the news, the markets, public opinion, politics, stock markets, you can’t believe anything. Common sense is in short supply when the masses can’t see an impending stock market correction is in the offing and the manipulators will NEVER allow precious metals to move higher until they CAN’T. Historically when markets correct so does gold, at least temporarily! If they did allow gold to rise, EVERYONE would have a place to flee to seeking safety and refuge and the stock market would never stabilize.

The globalist’s game is to rule the ignorant masses through division while repeatedly stealing the wealth from those that create it. We are in an ‘Everything Bubble’ and our stock/bond accounts, our home valuations and bank accounts are next. When the markets drop this time the whole system will implode taken down by the world’s $2.25 Quadrillion in derivative debt. The banks will have once again spread their wasteland through the doling out of unrepayable student loans and Ninja (no income/no job) car loans. You the tax payer will again be on the hook for the politician’s failure to control the hands of corporations by failing to make protective laws doling out jail time and hefty fines to deter any future corporate misdeeds.

Some believe Trump’s tax cuts, cutting government spending, rebuilding infrastructure to employ millions and closing the borders will be enough to put the train back on the tracks. Slow down the train possibly but impossible to fix anything when the obstructionist left constantly attempts to confuse the true issues and facts with media support. In the end governments are ALWAYS forced to re-denominate their currency made worthless due to their spending. Trump’s forte in his personal businesses has been his ability to renegotiate his mortgages on most all of his casinos, hotels and golf clubs by using strong arm negotiations with banks that understand, tis better to get something than a lump of coal. I recall Trump saying years ago, “Our nation’s debt of $7 T can never be repaid!” Now I’ve read that someone in Russia had found mountains of wet and rotting old U.S.S.R Soviet rubles stashed and rotting in a cave presumably by the former government? Russia is currently on their 7th re-denominated currency since the early 1900’s.

You see this is the way things work; the masses do ALL the heavy lifting of work while the few globalist elite bankers deal out their stealth monetary wars of printing, inflation, ZIRP (zero interest rates) and unfair taxation by using politicians through the guise of governance. Politicians and their poorly public educated serfs never awaken to the truth that no amount of economic engineering can ever grow an economy. Next we pursue wars against nations by creating false flags for us to fight and die for to steal their gold, commodities and natural resources while leaving behind mountains of their paper fiat currencies. Currently we have a military presence and role in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, and Yemen just in case they need to create some turmoil.

Bound as our lives are to the tyranny of time, it is ONLY through what we know of history that we CAN be delivered from our bonds and escape into time. -A.L. Rowse, The Use of History

Fast forward to today and we see the Progressive Left (actually regressive left) using their worthless left hand to attack, blame, and disgrace and defame anyone whom disagrees with them. They are right and you must be destroyed and there are many of us whom have already felt the venom from vicious rabid attacks on our reputations for speaking the real truth. They won’t even discuss or consider a viewpoint other than the media and social diseased media plants to ruin those of us who speak the truth. O’Reilly is gone and Sean is being attacked and many of us whom have stood up to educate the people are being leveled as well. You simply won’t feel their hatred nor understand until it happens to you.

They will never be happy until they destroy our countries history and our foundation as seen in recent removal of a bronze statue of the great General Robert E. Lee on horseback in the south. We cannot allow those who paid for our great country with much blood, sweat and tears to be forgotten for creating the strongest and freest nation still standing . The Left is so full of hatred because they have NEVER had to do anything but to be lucky enough to be created and born to exist in this the United States. They never paid a price, nor a limb or life given and often give no work to secure entitlements. Maybe if we ignore them and allow them to do as they demand, to destroy themselves through debauchery, gay rights and abortion the left will topple with few bodies, dead or riddled with disease. The rules our creator made for us were for our well-being not for our sinful desires. The Left is so educationally flawed concerning history that they fail to understand why others flock to our open borders. They need to visit Venezuela, North Korea, Haiti or a hundred other ____ holes and receive the education of their lifetimes to experience and end their ridiculous demands for change here. They have too much time on their hands with no jobs and nothing better to do so they protest too much. Their spokespersons are inane airhead actresses whom write their own ridiculous scripts and prove they are just a pretty face with killer bodes unable to think critically for themselves. Most will never discover and understand their missive until their children’s schools are bombed, their children die, or their wife or mother is beheaded while out shopping or the M-13 gangs shoot their children in their car. Experience, you see, is always the mother of all education.

If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. - Pearl Buck

Preservation of your life’s labor can only be retained by owning physical gold and silver. My two gold charts present polar opposites of what could happen yet only one will prevail! The desire for growth has shaken out the hands of many whom have moved back into the casino markets. They follow the herd in irrational exuberance even when price to earnings ratios of 41 to 1 for my favorite chocolate bar company are the norm.

The other possibility is that the derivative debt of $2.25 Quadrillion and growing destroys the dollar and the world. Gold would then skyrocket immediately. The magicians behind the curtain, George Soros or others, will have completed their mission to destroy yet another currency. Their manipulation of the people of menial mental acumen will ultimately be stolen, the lifetime savings, of those whom do all the work. The few workers now 40% (120 M) do the labor for the other 60% who receive some form of federal paycheck, the retirees, the subsidy collecting farmer and others, the disabled grown to 15% since 2009, the chronically displaced unemployed male between 25 and 54 and the lazy welfare lifer. The power masters have seen to it that they never have to labor at ANY physical work.

I’d suspect our nation is about to fall into a deep depression as we have NEVER seen before that may well last decades, think Japan. I’d suspect gold will drop further as sales have languished and the world will become further disenchanted with shiny pieces of metal they fail to understand is money. Gold may continue to move sideways below $1000 for potentially twenty years before it skyrockets to $10,000 and higher. The central banks as well as China, India and Russia will have done their job by stockpiling metals at historically low prices while the masses continue to believe that gold and silver are but barbaric metals and no real store of value. Even today most don’t recognize where to place their savings. I hope I am NOT right, but it is a distinct possibility as the chart below presents the historical path of gold in the past.

Consider that, “History always repeats itself and often rhymes.” Gold and silver pricing may very well wax and wane just as it did from 1980 to 2000 through more rigging.

The US is no longer the land of the free…but rather the land of free stuff! The problem soon will be, THERE IS NO WHERE TO HIDE!

Roxy Lewis writes articles at  a Better Business A+ rated reputable brokerage offering silver and gold at transparent pricing at just 1% or less commission. I hold a B.S. Degree from Iowa State University and 35 years’ experience in human resources, management, investments, personal property development and entrepreneurial business development. I write to awaken and educate the populace to become self-sufficient and abandon and remove themselves from a failing system in order to defend and preserve their life’s assets.

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