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"Long Hot Summer Ahead"

May 3, 1997

One of our features at The Astrological Investor is our periodic glance at National Horoscopes, as well as the birth charts of important personages and institutions. We look for planetary aspects (relationships) coming up that could alert us to activity of a newsworthy nature. Being forewarned is, of course, forearmed. Especially if you're a goldbug eagerly awaiting the possible end of the world. Market participants and international observers of all kinds may find it helpful to keep their eyes and ears open, and their wits about them, as the time windows mentioned below begin to approach.


Jupiter opposing Israel's Pluto/Saturn conjunction in the 10th house during March and April has been a classic significator of trouble for the "Leader" (10th house characteristic). Benjamin Netanyahu's personal political, and settlement-building troubles seem to have eased somewhat as Jupiter passes, but the expansive planet will retrograde (apparent backward motion) and return to hang there resolutely in opposition once more during the second half of September, and ALL of October. Sorry Bibi. Mars then comes by to align with Israel's natal Jupiter on the 5th and 6th of November, while opposing Israel's 9th house Uranus. Possible interpretations: Major problems for the PM, or Israeli domestic aggressiveness, while telling foreigners to "butt out!"


We note the newfound importance of Italy to European monetary union, so we took a look at its horoscope. End of May, and early June caught our eye, when Saturn opposes Italy's Jupiter in the 2nd house. The 2nd is the "money" house, so we see this as significant pressure to be more conservative with finances and central banking issues. Mars conjuncts Italy's Neptune (the planet of inflation) in that beckoning 2nd house, the first week of July. Could bring things to a head.


We have been following events in North Korea for a couple of years now, and while we were concerned with aggressiveness for a long time, we must admit we could not foresee the dire events unfolding there now. This is a human tragedy, and another reminder of what unbridled state power, interference with free markets, and isolation from the open human family of commerce and ideas can bring to a nation. Jupiter opposing N. Korea's Pluto is passing, but Mars comes in to square (stressful 90 degree angle) the country's Uranus at 0 degrees Cancer around June 19 and 20. Mars then goes on to conjunct Mercury on Saturday and Sunday, July 5th and 6th. End of June and early July are thus potential flashpoints in a destabilizing situation here.


Storm clouds brewing here? Jupiter is conjuncting Iran's Mars now, and goes on to barely contact its 22 degree Aquarius Sun at end of May, early June. Then it backs off in retrograde, but comes on again for a full conjunction the last days of December '97, and the first days of January '98. Watch late July for clues when Mars conjuncts Iran's Pluto at 19 Libra (this could be explosive). Parenthetically, as this happens, Mars also opposes New York Stock Exchange's Moon, which is our significator for silver! With Saturn conjuncting NYSE Moon as well, this action could be significant for the precious metals.


For this beleaguered African nation, Mars is also on the way. It lines up with Nigeria's Sun at 7 Libra on July 5th and 6th, and then goes on to square its Saturn on July 15th. We want to look for possibilities related to aggression, disturbance, and war here, with Mars being the instigating culprit.


Folks with interests concerning Uganda want to be on their toes mid July. Domestic matters may be disturbed by the Red Planet's transit across Uganda's Mercury, at 10 Libra, and then its Sun at 15 degrees.


We are fixed on June 19, 20, 21 here as Mars conjuncts Saudi's Sun at 0 degrees Libra. These three days are also a period of transition through the Summer Solstice, and represent the period of "longest day," or most extended daylight, of the year. Potent energies as a background to this potentially aggravating aspect for Saudi Arabia. The weekend of June 7th and 8th may be a tipoff as to what's to come, when Mars passes Saudi's Mercury at 25 Virgo. Watch the news here. End of June features several other aspects falling into place.


Mars is at it again with a conjunction to US's Neptune (planet of illusions, ideals, psychology, oil, inflation) in the 5th house at the end of May, beginning of June. Mars then goes on to conjunct USA's Saturn at 14 Libra in the same 5th house on July 17, 18, 19. 5th house traditionally relates to children, and speculation. Somehow, with everything else we're picking up, we think there might be some developments on the oil and inflation fronts here. There is potential for positive business news, however, but stock market participants may want to watch warily for a potential "bubble-pricking" of some of their inflated illusions.

Now for our Astrological Aspic:


We are fixated upon the Saturn conjunction with NYSE Moon at 19 Aries in July. Last time that happened, in 1968, the Tet offensive exploded and so did silver. But get this: Saturn will also be opposing US Treasury's Neptune, 19 Libra, and aligning with the US Currency's Mercury/Saturn conjunction at 19/20 Aries (yes, currencies have a date of "birth" too!). In the midst of this, Mars squares Chairman Greenspan's Pluto, Venus conjuncts it, and Saturn squares his Mars! Meanwhile, in the Fed's 'scope, that transiting Saturn makes a powerful T-Square to Mars and Jupiter (a double whammy - twin 90 degree angles to not one, but TWO planets at the same time). Could events emerge that corner the Fed into a lose-lose situation? July will be HOT!


Look for volatility windows May 22, 23 as Mars conjuncts Inception T-Bond Contract Mercury. Another, lesser possibility is June 10, 11, 12 when Mars hits T-Bond Ascendant. And potentially EXPLOSIVE July 14, 15, when Mars hits T-Bond Pluto at 12 Libra.


We don't want to forget Mr. Clinton, always an important player.

That ol' devil Mars lines up with his natal Mars/Neptune conjunction at 6 Libra the first week of July. Then Mars goes on to hit his Venus (Hillary?) at 11 Libra July 12, 13. Saturn flirts with opposing the President's Jupiter in July, but doesn't quite get to a direct opposition before it goes retrograde. Erupting international crisis? Intensification of charges against him? Gets off again? However it does return to do a full number in April of '98. With the President's Jupiter in the 2nd house, the house of money, one possible astrological interpretation for '98 is: The law finally coming down on Mr. Clinton over finances. Another possibility is a grave worsening of a world crisis in development.

We realize there's a lot here that's virtual "mumbo jumbo" to visitors unfamiliar with astrology. We ourselves LIKE our mumbo JUMBO! We felt compelled to mention the planets, positions, and aspects involved for those disposed to follow along in their handy ephemeris. We wanted to be in some way systematically accountable for the reasoning behind our pronouncements. To us, astrology is an art based on science and not a game to trifle with, though, like most things, we needn't approach it with undue seriousness or dour demeanor. Perhaps the best way to utilize, or follow up on this report is to print it out and mark each set of dates with a yellow highliter. Or magenta, if you are understandably skeptical about yellow.

In any event, mark your calendars, troops! This is of course just a smattering of discernable events in the many horoscopes we have access to. We would be happy to entertain suggestions concerning astrological readings on institutions, corporations, or people from visitors. The Astrological Investor will democratically take note of the more popular requests and, allowing for availability of necessary data from which to cast a computerized horoscope, will endeavor to serve visitors when possible and appropriate. Please contact us directly at our e-mail address below.

There are some interesting things for the next few years, but we were taught in the Army that when on guard duty, you first look at what's going on right around you, rather than at some distant hillside. There's plenty of time to react when you see the hordes coming over the horizon, but you don't want to miss the commando crawling up behind you with that dagger in his teeth!


Caveat: The Astrological Investor is not a financial or investment advisor. Material presented herein is journalistic commentary for the astrological and metaphysical edification of investors and market observers. The writer of this article may have a position in the investments mentioned. Market investments are subject to unforeseen fluctuation and no predictive strategy may be accurate in determining future values of any investment vehicle. Not even debt instruments or currencies of sovereign nations, including those issued by the Treasury of the United States, or the U.S. Federal Reserve, may be depended upon to retain their value, or purchasing power, relative to other currencies, commodities, or any other thing upon this earth.

In 1934 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt devalued the dollar by raising the price of gold to $35 per ounce.
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