Why The “Gold Price Is Ready To Explode Higher Any Day” Narrative Hurts The Truth Movement About Gold

May 21, 2018

I have long lamented the incessantly click-bait “gold ready to explode higher any day” and “silver ready to explode higher any day” headlines that torment the precious metals community frequently throughout most years.  I have always kept hedging strategies in anticipation of these large price raids, and notification of bottom price targets and notifications of reversals in prices exclusive to my clients, though I certainly have released my share of general warnings about lower prices in opposition to those have called for imminent breakouts higher on my blog here and through my various social media (skwealthacademy) channels, most recently calling for lower gold and silver prices on the way on my SnapChat channel (skwealthacademy) before rising prices could be sustained.

The unfortunate part of click-bait gold and silver headlines is that they almost never come true and they raise serious skepticism about other solid information such websites that release such click-bait type of headlines generate, especially regarding the manipulation of PM prices lower by pro-petrodollar, anti-gold, anti-sound money Central Bankers. Consequently, it is of my opinion that such click-bait gold and silver price headlines perform massive damage to the understanding of reality and truth about gold and silver prices in the precious metals community as they erode all confidence about other articles that promote truth (even ones that appear on the same website).

To begin, such headlines have almost zero beneficial impact to anyone, as exact breakout dates of gold/silver prices are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to predict. Thus, the release of articles that gold/silver price breakouts will happen “any day” is almost guaranteed to compel wrong decisions that lead to losses by the type of naïve investors that place all their faith in such articles. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with articles that state that consolidation patterns are forming that point to higher prices in the intermediate term with no implication that a massive breakout is on its way in just days or a couple of weeks. Many click-bait gold and silver articles are clever enough to never name a specific date while implying that the breakout is just days to a couple of weeks away. And these are the ones that perpetually damage the truth movement in gold and silver to the point where one can show GATA discovered documents whereby bankers make admissions of manipulating gold prices lower, show them to a skeptic, and still have a skeptic dismiss them as rubbish.

This is the result of a brainwashing process that ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmeanov elucidated, whereby one could drag a skeptic of government-committed atrocities to a gulag, show the skeptic dead bodies and solid evidence of these atrocities, and the result would be the skeptic claiming that the whole scene was fabricated, with dead bodies flown to the site by those that wanted to fool him into rebuking his loyalty to the State. So this is my sincere request for all those in the gold and silver community to cease writing such click-bait headlines as we need to eradicate all these type of articles if we really want to properly prepare people for the time when the bubble of everything (BOE) collapses. This is not a call to eradicate any articles whereby opinions are provided, as everyone, including yours truly, has been wrong about intermediate-term predictions in the past, as it is humanly impossible to have a 100% positive track record. However, this is a call to eradicate all articles in the gold and silver community about specific price predictions with specific dates, as those types of articles are near guaranteed to be 100% wrong, and to eradicate all articles with sensational headlines, as those types of articles are nearly 100% guaranteed to lead green investors into bad decisions. Even if one 100% believed that a higher breakout of gold/silver prices is “imminent” within days, a better way to write such articles to protect against the possibility of such events not materializing, as is the case almost all the time, is to caution against excessive optimism until the breakout has been confirmed.

And in response to the recent wave about imminently higher gold and silver prices, here is a warning for those positioned for an imminent breakout. My own analysis shows that there is a strong possibility for further significant falls in gold prices, which would likely drag silver prices down further as well, before the big breakout happens. Will this prediction be right? Again, this is just my opinion as of 21 May, when gold prices are at $1,290 an ounce and silver prices are $16.42 an ounce as I write this sentence. For those of you that follow me on Snapchat, even as silver prices rose at the end of last week in contradiction to falling gold prices, my Snapchat followers know that I warned that intraday spikes higher in silver and gold prices were likely temporary, with the bottom not yet in, before the big downward spike in gold prices happened last week. However, as I re-assess my position every day based upon further data, this is my opinion as of right now, and it could change or be reinforced further based upon additional data over the next few days (and I will inform my clients as such). Sometimes, downward falling gold and silver prices can quickly reach a bottom, and on occasion, violent reversals in PM prices do happen from a bottom. Still, you won’t find me predicting crashes to $1,200 gold or $10 silver or parabolic rises to $10,000 gold or $100 silver, because sensational predictions to the downside serve about as much purpose as sensational click-bait headlines to the upside. Besides driving traffic to the upside, they provide little to no education about the future of gold and silver prices.

Before I end this article, I want to state that I 100% believe that manipulation lower of gold and silver prices is real, with manipulation to the upside occasionally taking place as well, though manipulation lower is far more common. If manipulation was not real, then YouTube/Google likely would not have censored my YouTube channel to the point where they choked off nearly all views on my channel from 20,000+ views per video with less than 15,000 subscribers to just a few hundred views per video even though my subscriber base more than doubled to 30,000 subscribers. Secondly, Google wouldn’t have refused to pay me my rightfully earned substantial accumulation of thousands of dollars of Google Ad revenues on this very blog years ago (after which I removed Google Ads from this website) while refusing to answer of my inquiries demanding an explanation for their decision had this blog not contained information that threatened their world order. But have no fear, I will continue to upload more content on Steemit and D-Tube as well as my The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, which you can find on iTunes, in the near future. Remember, all, even though people with money will always try to silence the truth, we have different avenues open to us to pursue and we don’t need to stay on Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Facebook to address our audience. In fact, we shouldn’t.



JS Kim is the founder and Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent research & consulting firm with a focus on Precious Metal strategies to combat the wealth destruction of quantitative easing and Central Banks’ currency wars.

The King James Bible mentions gold 417 times. Not once does it mention a paper currency.

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